Because “Blessed Is The Nation Whose God Is The Lord”

By Bill Collier- If you are sick of the lies, the moral depravity, the corruption, and the resulting loss of freedom, prosperity, peace, and security that are characteristic of this dying civilization, then I have GOOD NEWS for you! You can rise ABOVE this decadent and dying civilization by appropriating the blessings of a nation whose God is the Lord.

Well, how do YOU appropriate a blessing that is meant exclusively for a nation, not an individual? Though this involves a simple concept it requires a process that stand upon a total rethinking of your way of living, but a very possible rethinking and re-making of your chosen way of living. The concept is simply this: you appropriate the blessings of a nation whose God is the Lord by choosing to be part of such a nation.

I want to talk to you about two kinds of nation you need to choose to be part of, and the second nation is nested within and subordinate to the other. Here they are: an eternal and universal nation we will simply call the Kingdom of God AMONG Us and temporal nations, of which there are a large array of diverse possibilities. Of course the Kingdom of God Among Us is eternal and universal and one’s temporal nation cannot be one whose God is the Lord unless that eternal national identity is the foundation of one’s temporal nationality and the King of that eternal nation, Jesus Christ, is the king of that temporal nation.

When I say NATION I have little doubt that most people will have the wrong image in their mind. They might visualize a country outline on a map, a marching band of soldiers, a politician, or some important political document. Those things represent a political state and while political states and nations are often connected, in fact every political state contains one or more nations, but if you conflate the political state and a nation then you have completely missed the point, and the possibility, behind the Biblical admonition, “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

Think of a NATION as the people who, by freewill alone, choose to form a covenant association centered on a unique way of life, culture, value system, norms and standards, and perhaps even a language all built around a national identity with a common vision of the future and some sort of common history.

A freewill covenant association is a freewill covenant, or agreement, that provides expectations, mutual obligations, and defined benefits and responsibilities for as long as those in that association choose to abide by the terms and conditions of their covenant relationship.

Unlike marriage, freewill covenant associations are not binding for life, they are in force as long as the individual chooses to remain in association, and nobody is held against their will to remain in association. Freewill covenant associations are not controlling or legalistic and they do not include surrendering your individual autonomy to some hierarchy of “anointed leaders”: they are natural and mutual in many ways and their “enforcement” does not go beyond merely ending the association standing of the “offending party” in the very worse case scenario.

While political states have come from nations, or, as I prefer to say it for clarity, “nations of people” (because nations ARE people), nations are freewill covenant associations which people CHOOSE by adhering to the common values, way of life, vision, and et cetera of that nation’s official or even unwritten but very real covenant.

Take, for instance, America as a nation of people and a political state. As a nation of people the values and unwritten covenant were rooted in the Biblical and Christian worldview of the Pilgrims and the Puritans in particular and that unspoken covenant was expressed in such things as the original spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights.

That nation of people gave rise to the American political state which was to also have the same foundation in freedom via the original spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights (which guaranteed religious freedom even to non-Christians within the political state- the nation was Christian, NOT the state!). But as the people in the American homeland chose to walk away from the unspoken but very real covenant of the American nation, the American political state behaved in ways that were antithetical to the former American nation- this started even when the American nation of peole embraced the inherent equality and liberty of all people while the American political state defined the African slaves as three fifths of a person with no rights. The divergence of ethic between the nation of people and the political state has led to the triumph and dominance of mere politics over culture and this has led to the demise of the original American nation as a Christian nation of people.

Even to this day many of the enemies of the true spirit of the American nation use the acts of the American political state to deconstruct and delegitimize the American nation and all who might wish to revive that nation as a Christian nation of people today. They fail to understand the difference between the nation of people and a political state that, from its begining, often contradicted the values of the nation of people which initially gave rise to that state.

It remains an outstanding question as to whether the original American nation of people has any adherents today. I do not mean that nobody agrees with the American nation’s way of life and et cetera, but the current culture is hostile to that nation of people’s worldview and way of living. What is more, there is no line of distinction that is accepted in which one says “you are not a part of our nation” because that individual’s values and beliefs oppose the unspoken covenant of the American nation.

When a nation of people cannot or will not draw a line of distinction between those who are in covenant as “nationals” and those who are NOT in covenant, then such a nation, lacking distinction, has ceased to exist even if there remain people who still embrace the values and beliefs of that nation. Those ideals and values, the beliefs and core lifestyle, often “convey” in whole or in part to NEW nations of people whose God is the Lord. So, in order for some American Christians to live out the values and way of life they associate with the original American nation they need to embrace a new nation of people in whose national covenant those same ideals and et cetera are conveyed.

To be part of a nation of people is a choice, a choosing of a way of living. If your temporal nation of people does not line up with your eternal nationality as a Christian then you experience conflict within. To walk in ALL the blessings of a nation whose God is the Lord your eternal and temporal national identities need to line up, with the latter lining up with the former.

If your temporal nationality is essentially Christian but you are not appropriating the reality and truth of your eternal nationality then there is also disharmony. You can get to heaven and be spiritually blessed if you only walk in your eternal national identity as a citizen of the Kingdom of God, but you cannot experience the temporal blessings of a temporal Christian nation if you are neglecting and not appropriating your “Kingdom citizenship in Christ.” EVERY Christian temporal nationality must point its people to Jesus Christ!

So walking in the blessings of a nation (of people) whose God is the Lord is a simple concept, you do so by being an active PART of both our eternal Christian nation and as a part of a temporal Christian nation. In the past, American Christians had the Kingdom of God before them and they shared a unique temporal national identity as Americans. Their eternal and temporal national identities lined up and the powerful blessings accorded them cannot be denied! But the American nation as a Christian nation exists only in the history books, the distinct and Christian American nationality has been broken and the American political state has become as hostile to the very MEMORY of that nation of people as any foreign nation or state ever has. I believe this is the reason why a NEW nation of people, though global in its reach, is going to be raised up beginning initially with American Christians who look to that original American nation for inspiration.

Today’s American Christians, like Christians of most Western political states, seem to have both lost their way regarding their common eternal nationality as citizens of the Kingdom of God and they have no temporal national identity that can be called Christian!

The idea here is to bring the external and temporal things of our daily lives together into alignment with the internal and eternal reality of the Kingdom of God. It is not about us forcing others to submit against their will to societal norms that are in harmony with the universals of the Kingdom of God. It is about our own lives being made to align with our eternal nationality and, on that basis, being a witness and salt and light influence for Jesus to the nations of people around us.

From the Tower of Babel, and possibly from the begining, until the eternal future, God has ordained MANY nations of men to occupy this earth. (The temporal nations of today are not necessarily going to exist in eternity- they are temporal and not eternal. I do NOT believe the temporal nation I have seen emerging in the near future will exist in the New Heavens and the New Earth which is to come.)

Political states are the vehicle by which some nations of people, often multiple such nations within a political state, protect themselves from external interference. Often nations  of people have some sort of formal relationship with political states in order to obtain their physical protection. For instance, American Indian Tribes (still the official designation), are “domestic nations” in the United States of America and their lands are “reservations”: they have a carve out from certain national and state laws meant to ensure that their way of life is preserved, though they have no political state independent of the American political state.

But political states did not always exist as they do now, they may not take the same exact form in the future as they do today, in in Etetnity, nations remain but not political states. But a nation (of people) whose God is the Lord comes under the “pomerium” (sacred boundary) of God’s protection- in other words God is their defender, and God is bigger than any political state. (Read “The Sovereign Individual” for thoughts on how even political states in the future are likely to change dramatically in form and structure, as they always have, largely due to technology.)

For the Christian who approrpiates his or her eternal nationality, obtaining a Christian temporal nationality is about three possibilities- finding an existing Christian nation of people and entering “in covenant association” with its members, preaching to and converting one’s existing temporal nation of people, or forming a whole new temporal nation of people around a covenant association.

Nations are not just “good ideas”: they are ordained by God. He gives them a time and a place in which to exist and empower their members to find God if they seek Him. (See Acts 17:36.)

You don’t just up and decide “I’ll start a new nation”, you have to receive a call and a mandate to do that, because nations are ordained by God even before they exist. Moreover, you don’t just join any old nation: you need God’s direction because He has also determined WHO will be part of each nation He creates. I believe that ALL temporal nations were created by God with this in mind: that they would serve God freely together with one mind and empower their members to find God is they seek Him.

In 1982 God began to reveal to me His vision and plans for a NEW nation of people whose God is the Lord. I also saw how the ideals of that nation would influence political states and how they would be integral to a new Christian civilization. Over the years this was confirmed to me and my understanding grew, often through a process that involved missteps born out of my own misunderstanding and lack of experience. So I know some people will feel called to help create this new nation according to what God has ordained, a nation of people whose God is the Lord organized as a fraternal Christian missionary and refugee society with distributed communities of its “peers” all over the world acting as missionary communities and refuges for people in need or crisis.

This nation is nested within a shared eternal Christian nationality, our shared Kingdom citizenship in Christ, which unites all Christians as one eternal national People or “nation of people.” Christian nations cannot be divided against one another and remain right with God, our unity with one another, as an eternal nation of many distinct temporal nations which all harmonize with our Christian identity and way of life, cannot ever be set aside.

So for you who are reading this, if you understand that being part of a Christian nation is important and will enable you to rise above the current dying civilization’s decadent culture and corrupt society then one possibility is that God has ordained that you are currently without a temporal nationality because God has provided for a new temporal nation of people with which you can “make covenant” to follow Christ together.

If you are even curious about this, spend some quality time exploring and learn about this new nation of people which I will be founding at God’s behest along with the first core of “nation builders for Christ” whom God calls out to establish this new nation of people. To become a “Upadarian national” is to become, at a deeper level, an active and engaged “citizen of the Kingdom of God” which has come, which is among us, and which is to come in full Glory!

When your temporal nationality empowers you to live out and experience your eternal nationality in Christ then YOU will experience the blessings that come to a nation whose God is the Lord. If God calls you to be part of this new nation, Upadaria (organized as a fraternal Christian missionary and refugee society), then you have a good chance to walk in these blessings and become an effective witness and salt and light influence for Jesus to the nations of people around you and around the world.