In a nutshell, Upadaria is about creating a worldwide “nation of people”, whose God is the Lord, as a witness for Jesus to the nations. It’s definitely “out of the ordinary” to be talking in such terms, but so much of what God is going to offer people through this vision becoming reality is about getting yourself untangled from old paradigms and ideas that no longer apply, while remaining rooted in ancient truths that ALWAYS apply, and that have been overlooked for the past 50 or so years.

You may feel like there’s no “up” for your life. You may wonder why you, as a Christian, just can’t seem to get a break, even though you believe you are doing the right things. What God showed me, what I want to both impart to you and invite you to be part of, is an answer to those questions, a unique and powerful, and ancient, answer to those problems.

Let me take this to a place of meaning for you.

I want you to imagine, close your eyes and do this after you read it, the people who live near you. Imagine that you know 20 people within a short walking or driving distance of your house who actually believe your success and welfare is as important to them as their own. Imagine you feel the same for them. Imagine how you would act, how they would act, and how, together, you all would be a powerful witness for Jesus to your neighbors.

Keep that image in your head. See yourself talking freely, in a spirit of trust and love, rooted in Christ, with these people. Imagine figuring out ways to save money on food, or planning an outreach to share the gospel in your neighborhood. Image the next time an insurmountable problem arises you share that with these folks and they figure out how to help you overcome that problem, or at least lighten your load.


This is the secret, a lost secret.

Of course, there is more to it than this, but, in the end, this is how it feels to be connected to people as a nation of people whose God is the Lord. A REAL nation of people is something real and tangible, though you can’t point it out on a map or describe it as some political thing.

I know this not because I have experienced it, but because I have seen it in my spirit, and it has driven me throughout my life to find it: as if it were a lost city I would one day discover. But what I have discovered is that it must be built intentionally, within us and among us, and right now!

The problem of the hour is that we live among nations of people whose God is not the Lord: their ways are not the ways of God and yet we find ourselves having to either follow their ways and compromise or not compromising and losing an advantage. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!

That’s where Upadaria, pronounced yoo-pah-daria, comes in. It is a nation of people whose God is the Lord. People who become part of this nation adopt its ways, which are the ways of God for nations of people who wish to enjoy His blessings and favor.

Regardless of your denomination you can become a Upadarian, you can adopt this Christian nationality, and everyone who does is equal in every way, there is no such thing as race among those who would be part of a truly Christian nation.

While the vision of Upadaria is global in breadth and scope, and involves so many things, at its heart it means: you WILL soon enough know at least 20 people who live near you and care for your welfare and success as much as they do their own and that, in and of itself, will make you a super powerful, effective witness for Jesus to the nations of people around you!