It is the year 2147 and we are writing now to document the rise of the new civilization, known by some as the UPDR Civilization and to others as The Upadarian Civilization. It is a civilization rooted in what is referred to as the four core ideals of Christendom, or of Christian civilization. Some call them “the UPDR Ideals” or the Upadarian Ideals.

These ideals are Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law. Their application based on a Christian worldview and in balanced harmony with one another form the basis of the “lifestyle and governance discipline” of “UPDRism” or upadarianism as it is pronounced. Despite the seeming simplicity of these ideals, their application in practice has proved of such consequence that whole countries and many institutions based on them became fundamentally different, even revolutionary.

What follows is the overall timeline.
2017-2027- This is the beginning of a time of upheaval in the West especially, but disruptions of culture and technology throughout the world are also becoming more widespread. The Upadarian Society begins to plant roots here and there with members from all over, and on a more informal basis, we see the first upheaval, a crisis that some feel will lead to collapse, but it does not. It does, however, lead to a broader receptiveness to the message of the coming of a new nation of people, a new civilization, and, among Christians, the coming of a new era, the rise of a global Christian civilization and the emergence of the Ecclesia as a spiritual city-state. Some call this “the Kingdom era of the Ecclesia” because of its emphasis on the Kingdom of God and the Ecclesia together. After this time, though bright spots and reprieves are experienced, the hostility of the larger Western culture to Christians grows, which drives more and more Christians to the Upadarian orbit.

We do not know the number of Upadarians who were connected at this time. The Blue Book of Upadaria is published in a short run in 2017 and a number of people connected to the virtual community or through informal commitments, but this is likely the year people first started to become “Upadarians“, even if informally
The Upadarian Society of America preaches to America to embrace its destiny and adopt the next logical stage in what William Penn and the Puritans conceived, making the USA a “Union of Popular and Democratic Republics” and following the four core ideals and the original spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights as well as a new understanding of freedom that balances moral virtue, personal liberty, and local independence

During this time, the Upadarian Society is firmly established with at least 20,000 core members in the United States. A Upadarian Manor is established in West Africa as the first overseas mission, while the first stages of the creation of the first intentional community and world headquarters of Upadaria occur.
During this period it was deemed possible that for American Upadarians, the Upadarian nationality would basically become a sub-ethnicity within the American ethnicity. But this was based on the hope that the “American nation as a PEOPLE” could be revived by defining it on the basis not of race, birth, or citizenship in the state but by loyalty to the destiny and way of life as conceived by William Penn and the Puritans, albeit in a 21st century setting and in light of the value of hindsight. The key element was the UPDR Ideals, which were presented as both America’s spiritual constitution and as the guideposts for America’s true “manifest destiny” as a witness to the nations for Jesus Christ.

Much energy was spent trying to promote the revival of the true and spiritual American nation. But this was for a time and a season, once that was rejected, Upadarians no longer counted themselves as Americans by ethnicity. By 2024 (this matter was settled, though it is easier to see that in hindsight. Basically, by the year 2024, America rejects this message in most areas but it takes root in many pockets throughout the northeast. In the south, racism in the form of racial separatism and a new form of ethnonationalism spreads while many adherents of this idea, from diverse “races’, migrate to communities in the south.
Meanwhile overseas– The new Upadarian tribal identity (coupled with the new Upadarian language) becomes a tool in West Africa and India to escape tribal wars, Upadarian refugee communities are established in West Africa, efforts begin to launch a “Upadarian” movement throughout West Africa and in Ghana, Biafra, and Liberia in particular to help those nations find and fulfill God’s call, teams which includes locals and folks from the US conduct “campaigns” teaching “Upadarianism” as a lead-in to the Gospel, and plant Upadarian “Manors” among locals who adopt the new “nationality” and renounce the old tribal identities with all the baggage they include- Upadarianism is seen as a “peace movement” in the region. The Manors become intentional communities and places of refuge in some cases or merely local chapters in other places that act like an intentional community.
During the time the Upadarian language is “finalized” in its initial form.
West African Upadarians go throughout the world, beginning throughout Africa and India, planting Manors wherever they can and at some point “Africans” and “Indians” are the largest Upadarian “sub-ethnicity” (as a purely cultural and freewill construct, Upadarians renounce the very concept of “race” beyond the human race). After 2020, a series of what are seen as tribal wars erupt throughout West Africa. These wars threaten many lives. For millions of people, joining the Upadarian “tribe” in West Africa is the “way out” from these wars because the tribe has its own automous communities, it is not engaged in the wars, and generally has good relations with diverse tribes.

India also sees the devleopment of tribal and caste wars which are complicated by religious tensions and foreign interference, especially from Pakistan and China. As with Africa, the emergence of the Upadarian tribal identity, coupled with its autonomous communities and its connections to the greater world, becomes an option for Christians seeking a way to avoid the conflict and remain safe.
After 2024, many Indian, Pakistani, and Burmese Christians flee to what becomes The Upadarian Kingdom of Kawthoolei, a city-state based in the Andaman Islands that eventually includes parts of Burma on and near the Malay peninsula, but this is at an indeterminate time in the story.
The Rise of Upadarian Communities: After 2021, Upadarian communities (from Upadarian Society groups around the world who need a free space to send their refugees) began to build technologically autonomous and self-sustaining refugee communities on Anticosti Island and on islands in a lake in Suriname. These refugee communities housed Christians who came from very dangerous areas and who faced ongoing threats.
By 2027, the Society develops and broadly uses its own trade script, the Upo, and is allowed to opt out of federal health care, social security, and other programs on the basis of its mutual assurance, sustainability, and participatory ownership programs. Also during this time the refugee community of Riqueday on the Franco-German border is “made public” and is given special status by France and Germany. Ultimately there will be four main communities- on Anticosti Island, on a lake island in Suriname, on the Franco-German border, and in the United State.
The Crown Principality of Upadaria on Anticosti island is established as an autonomous intentional community and world HQ of the Upadarian Society. It is initially a protectorate of the US and Canada.
The Society becomes an NGO in 2027 also, at the same time it gains Domestic Nation status in America and the lands owned by the Upadarian Land Trust are deemed to be “reservations” in the eyes of the US Federal Government. Through the strategy of avoiding partisan politics and focusing solely on lobbying for special status and standing for the Society, the Upadarian Society of America is not a target of what becomes an increasingly left-wing government.
Riqueday Castle is built in New York City as the Society’s “embassy” to the UN and as a missionary center for New York City.
During this time the Upadaria “mesh” system is developed for secure encrypted “comms” between members.
In 2026, a Upadarian “castle village” called “Arsinoete” is built in Malta and given status like unto the Knights of Malta. This becomes a central hub for planting new Upadarian “Manors” around the Mediterranean Sea including Gibraltar, Corsica, the Balearic Islands, Lebanon, the Sinai, and other locations
2027-2033 The beginning of a time of troubles occurs as Upadarian communities emerge globally becoming autonomous and self-sustaining intentional sanctuary communities. These are legally defined in the US as “Fraternal Communities.” After the Upadarian Society of America gains recognition as a “domestic nation” in 2027 by the US Government, many other countries give the same status while treating its communities and facilities like a distributed “reservation.” More broadly, the concept of a “national sovereignty” based on sociocultural and spiritual similarities starts to gain more acceptance and legal recognition in the form of NGO’s which gain a formal seat in the UN alongside political states, “domestic nations” and “reservations” within various countries where members of a national people dwell, and “fraternal communities” which allow for greater local autonomy for communities based on a shared nationality.
The Crown Regency of Upadaria, centering on the Crown Principality of Riqueday, in parts of western New York and central Pennsylvania, while not an official entity, develops a “ mirror government” both for members and to interact officially with county and municipal governments.
The US government becomes increasingly leftist/progressive and hostile to Christians. the Social Progressives become dominant and Christians retreat from society. But the government continues to show favor to the Society.
This period sees: the beginning of the collapse of the US financial system, the diminishment of central government authority, the emergence of an “opt-out movement” at local levels. While overall the writ of DC declines, the system still exists on paper, and few realize this marks the effective end of the American Republic as their parents have known it.
More and more local governments in the Northeast adopt the UPDR model and local Upadarian Chapters, organized as Shires and Regencies, fill in the gaps left by failed federal, state, local services and programs which begin to stop functioning properly. The influx of refugees from abroad to Upadarian fraternal communities also contributes to a population shift even as more left-leaning people begin to migrate to areas dominated by Democrats or just to escape the economic downturn, ironically caused by many of the policies they embrace.
Upadarians studiously stay out of the upheavals during this time, viewing the government as neither an enemy nor a friend. The goal they pursue is to prevent this collapse and breakdown.
The Society develops strong roots in the Northeast. As things spin out of control Society Manors and villages are oases of stability that dot the landscape in many hundreds of locations.
AT NO TIME does the Society advocate for secession. As the center cannot hold people were drawn to the Society, especially in the northeast, which is hardest hits by riots, economic depression, and crime waves.. But ONLY AFTER the total collapse of the central government as a resource in the regions and only after and many of the State Governments start to openly defy the Federal government do people organize this new regional government based on the UPDR model. But even then, their goal remains to keep the whole USA intact but secessionist and foreign intervention prevent that from happening.
All throughout these days, the Unitarians urge Americans to get back to their core roots, discarding the bad and keeping the good, to actually fulfill America’s promise of freedom through moral virtue, personal liberty, and local independence by following God’s righteous standard for the nations and adhering to the original spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights.
2035-2040- During this time a regional compact between local governments and groups which follow the UPDR model emerges as a “Crown Regency” that stretches from the Finger Lakes region and Southern Tier of NY, down Central and South Central Pennsylvania, bounded on the west by the State College are and to the east by the Wilkes-Barre PA area, and in the south be the PA/Maryland border encompassing Chambers burg PA over to the bottom or York County PA. People and local government even turn to this unofficial “Crown Regency: in the face of collapsing federal authority and possible foreign intervention or massive banditry.
A sort of “mirror” government emerges as the Crown Regency of the Society is looked to for leadership by local government which are led by members of the Society- the regional population are mostly supportive of the Society and its aims and a formal “Upadarian Freedom Alliance” (UFA) which includes many citizens who are not part of the Society, emerges as a vehicle for advancing “Upadarian” political initiatives and goals.
This coincides roughly with the regional chapter of the Society called “The Crown Regency of Upadaria” which becomes the popular term for the region during the future times of upheaval.
The Upadarian Policy is to support restoring government and the federal government is not viewed as an enemy or a threat- its collapse is viewed as a bad thing and efforts are made to reverse things and restore the Union on the basis of the UPDR model and the original spirit and intent of the Bill of Rights.
2042– The Social Republic of America is declared, Washington DC is renamed “Kennedy”, and Christians, as well as “Free Conservatives”, are persecuted. The Society, with its unique status, is not interfered with, but one can see the writing on the wall in terms of the long-term intentions of the progressives. The Crown Regency of Upadaria is also untouched, mostly as the SRA has other problems, including civil disturbances and financial woes. Many Christians were martyred during this time and sought sanctuary in Upadarian communities.
It is believed by Upadarians, that during this time, God protects the Society, its members, and its various communities supernaturally, before any action could be taken against the Society God moves against the SRA government to prevent it from acting. There were no uprisings or violence initiated by Upadarians. This may be the real reason, according to historians, that they especaped remarkably unscathed.
The Declaration of the SRA and the elimination of the States would spell the beginning of the unraveling of America as a united nation. Violent reactions began almost immediately after the unilateral declaration. While the SRA dominated officially, the various factions which emerge and carved up the former USA were already well established, many as armed insurrectionist groups, although the Upadarian groups were not armed and did not participate in violence.
2047-2051-These period sees what we now know was the rapid unraveling of Western Civilization in Europe and Northern America.
Massive upheavals begin in the Western world, including wars between Germany and France and Germany and Russia. These wars denuded central and northern Europe of an estimated 90% of their population.
As with America, the Upadarians warned that these events were coming, They beleived that if Germans would accept the Prussian virtues of thrift, discipline, virtue, and tolerance and eschew imperial impulses realized through finance and the EU condominium, as well as the very concept of “race”, they could avoid the coming upheaval, preserve their nation, and witness a rebirth of a Christian “Germania.” Barring this, the Upadarians proclaimed that it was also possible to see a rebirth of Prussia as something quite separate from apostate Germany (The Prussian Kingdom). Indeed, the Prussian Kingdom which exists today is the result of a number of members of a the Treuen Deutschen (Loyal Germans) movement who both rejected rightwing neo-nazism and the Eurosecularists.
This is when the events in the “Battle of Riqueday” history occur. In this history, contained within The Blue Book of Upadaria but also offered as its own volume, we find the whole story.T
The“Free Co-Principality of Riqueday” faces a scenario where France and Germany go to war and demand that Riqueday take a side. The people of the principality refuse to take sides and are attacked by both nations. While the people do resist, ultimately it is seen as miraculous that the two powers finally decide to put a “cordon sanitaire” around the principality while they engage in a bitter war. Riqueday becomes a destination for many refugees and grows in size as Germany and France tear each other apart. The war ends in a German victory, although the Germans are hurt badly, and Paris is destroyed in a massive conventional bombing and shelling, it is plowed under and becomes a wasteland. Millions die.
Riqueday in Europe becomes The Upadarian Kingdom of Riqueday and during this time a new “Kingdom of Prussia” centering on former East Prussia and Danzig emerges and also adopts their own version of the UPDR system in concert with The 26 Prussian Virtues.
2042-2053 The story of The Decline and Fall of America involves the ultimate emergence of the Upadarian Commonwealth of America, which is modeled on a 21st century version of the Pennsylvania constitution of 1776 and the vision of the Puritan founders of New England but which includes the concept and nomenclature of the “Nobility of Merit”.
This unravels begins as the “Crown Regency of Upadaria” emerges to take on official roles in the face of a collapse of Federal and State authority and a foreign invasion from “UN Peace Keepers” led by Russia and France into the eastern US. But the rise of the Regency was a symptom, not a cause, of the unraveling.
The Regency was forced to fight the foreign invaders because no Federal or State forces were able or willing to respond- this marks the unraveling of the United States as it was once known. The region involved initially is heavily “Upadarian” as not only many locals join the Society but over a 20 year period, from 2029 to 2049, over 500,000 mostly Christian refugees from around the world are brought to the region by the Society. Most all of them adopt the Upadarian nationality.
The Crown Regency of Upadaria begins as the regional organization for the Society, but becomes a compact of local governments and free associations based on the UPDR model, grows as neighboring regions develop similar compacts and adopt the UPDR model and is led by Upadarian Society members organized locally, opting into a larger Compact which becomes “The Crown Republic of Upadaria” and then the Upadarian Commonwealth of America.
This was clearly not meant to be “independent state”, but, rather, a COMPACT arrangement between many member Counties/Municipalities and, eventually, States which agree to follow the UPDR model and work towards restoring the Union. As a regional compact, it would oppose secession, revolution, or civil war. Upadarians continued to urge peace between the different factions and urged a confederal reform that would preserve the Union. Throughout this period, their policy remained peace and unity for the Unites States.
All these efforts ultimately fail. The US starts sorting out into post-federation states including “The Upadarian Commonwealth of North America” which becomes a regional coalition or compact of all of the states in the Northeast as well as most of Virginia and West Virginia. Up until 2052 the whole effort of these states involved trying to restore the Union. Even to this day, the officials stance of the UCA is that it is the rightful “translation” of the American nation and champion of a restoration of the Union.
The Upadarians never really stop proclaiming that this can be avoided if the US adopts the four core ideals and a “UPDR” form of government making it a “Union of Popular and Democratic Republics.” In reality, “Upadaria” in America becomes a place people try to get to as America comes unraveled. The vision for a restored Union remains elusive.
As the SRA lost its writ in different areas, left wing and right wing tyrannies started to emerge, including ethno-nationalist states from which many minorities are forced to flee, often seeking any “Upadarian” lands where they know race is not even recognized. One of the anecdotal accounts included in the Blue Book of Upadaria involves a young mixed race couple who flee the south to “Upadaria” which, at the time, is limited to the region called The Crown Regency of Upadaria.
The three People’s Republics on the east cost (Kennedy, New York, and Vermont) are aided by foreign troops under the UN flag who attempt to break out into the rest of America, including the UCA, and are fought back as foreign invaders by the populace. The contributing nations include Russia, China, France, and Brazil. After the defeat of France, however, by the Germans, this collapse.
The SRA opposes the foriegn intervention, which it had initially sought, after seeing it as an attempt to colonize Ameria. The SRA became governed by more moderate Progressives who, after their “war on Christianity”, tempered their persecution and continued to allow members of the Upadarian Society in their territory to live free. But during the invasion of the East Coast by the UN forces, the SRA lacked the forces to help- an invasion from Mexico and a similar UN force aimed at California maintains the SRA’s attention.
In 2052 the Upadarian Commonwealth of America became formally, and reluctantly, independent. It will eventually join the Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria but is allied to various emerging Upadarian entities, including the former Free Principality of Riqueday which becomes The Crown Regency of Riqueday, and a number of other crown republics and principalities (city-states). The region covered by the UCA never rebelled- as the SRA faced economic woes and a military tied up with protecting a heartland, it simply could not maintain security or protect many regions. These regions, through their local and regional governments, joined the UCA in order to maintain regional security. This included protecting against the “People’s Republics” in the north and a new version of the Confederate States of America in the south, This ethno-nationalist, right-wing tyranny, presses on the fringes at the edge of the region.
It must be noted, this new state emerged in a vacuum, it didnot come into being by fighting any existing state or government. It is popularly acclaimed by a vast majority of the people who live there in the absence of a national government. The SRA became a rump state (compared to the old United States of America) centered on a region ranging from California to Illinois/Ohio (from west to east). It is strengthened as many Progressives flee other areas to join the SRA..
Elsewhere around the world, many conflicts took place, including tribal and racial conflicts.
In 2053 The Upadarian Commonwealth of America grows to include New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and parts of Quebec Province.
2047-2070- Between 2047 and 2060 we see a lot of new states emerge, even as the Society grows and eventually includes nearly 300 million people around the world.
Some of these new states include:
Ygali (an Arab and African city-state in the Persian Gulf which joins the UCCU, a royal family converts and in one night executes thousands of Salafist reactionaries)
Assyria becomes a Christian influenced state and ally of Israel.
Egypt is taken over by the Copts and denuded of Arabs after a bloody and terrible civil war.
New Byzantium (Macedonia, Greece, Western Turkey, Cyprus- the seven churches and their cities are restored as great centers of a Christian culture and places of learning for Christian theology that is Christ-centered and Kingdom focused) an independent Scotland (which eventually adopts the UPDR model and joins the UCCU),
A Chinese Christian State (Tien Tao) on Hainan Island emerges as a refuge for Chinese Christians.
Arsinoete becomes a Crown Republic based on Malta, Gibraltar, the Balearic Islands, Corsica, Northern Lebanon, and the Sinai Peninsula, sharing the Suez Canal with Coptic Egypt. Northern Lebanon becomes its own Upadarian Principality, called Bethadon, which has a global focus on preaching the Gospel to Jewish people, Many Arab Christians and Messianic Jews join Bethadon. Bethadon operates the city of Bethlehem as a “Consular Community” with many Messianic Jews and Arab Christians in the area choosing to live there.
The Imperial Commonwealth of Byzantium emerges out of Greece, Macedonia, most of Western Turkey, Crete, and Corsica as well as Bulgaria and the Crimean Peninsula and is formally declared in 2050.
Ghanibo emerges in West Africa consisting of a region on the border between Liberia and Cote D’Ivorie, what is now Equatorial Guine, Port Harcourt in Nigeria, and Sao Tome Y Pincipe (and possibly other locations).
A revived “trunk” Roman “empire” emerges in Italy/Southern France, although the Venetians secede and form The Venetian Principality. The Nova Roman Empire includes parts of North Africa, most of Italy, Sicily, Southern France, and most of Spain. It s led by the Catholic Pope directly,
A Greater British Commonwealth including Ireland, England, Wales, Brittany, Australia, and what is left of Western Canada is a more or less “concervsative” Constitutional Monarchy
The 17 “Bergs” of Riqueday plant 17 refugee communities that become 17 city-states. For instance, Jubal Uhuru is a city-state that exists in what is now the Cape Province of South Africa (this also includes Yigali, Arsinoete, and Tien Tao).
The Rise of the Upadarian Empire in Europe, The Death of Germany– By this time, Islam as a major force in the world has run its course, a new form of moderate Islam dominates and as many as half of the Arab world are converted to Christianity. This does not mean that Islam will never rise again, or radical Islam, but since this time, the radical Islam that was a factor after the Cold War burns itself out and more and more people either adopt a very moderate Islam or Christianity. A massive Christian revival among Arabs also takes place.
The children of the many millions of former Muslim migrants to Europe begin to convert and, facing persecution from within their own communities, become internal refugees who find sanctuary in Upadarian communities.
Russia goes to war with Germany over German hegemony over the Ukraine and in order to take over the Kingdom of Prussia which the Germans claim to be in their “sphere of influence.”
Groups from Riqueday in Europe’s 17 “Bergs” set up sister communities as refugee centers all around northern and central Europe to initially to help refugees from the Russo-German War but, as more of the world comes undone, people from all over are sent to these locations. Along with these refugees, many former Muslims in other Europen countries make their way to these cities of refuge as they face persecution both from their own communities and from increasingly ethno-nationalist regimes.
These cities, many of which started as small refugee camps, grow after the Russians invade Germany. Despite “winning”, the Russians are exhausted and the war dead far exceeds that of world war two. Being too weak and decimated to occupy the land, the Russians retreat leaving a land denuded of people. Russia remains a nation and becomes an Empire under a Czar, but its population is reduced to around 33 million.
Together, the city-states and other states which adopt the UPDR governance model proclaim the Upadarian Crown Confederal Union, with Riqueday as its capital, in 2060. A Upadarian Confederacy was in operation prior to that. This becomes known as The Upadarian Empire, although later some use the term to describe the whole Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria, of which the UCCU is a member.
In 2067, Upadarian states are globally organized as “The Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria” (the CCU) (NOTE: the CCU consists of many small city-states and primary states, such as the Upadarian Crown Confederal Union and the Upadarian Commonwealth of America.
The Kingdoms of Prussia, Bavaria, Poland, Belgium, and the Netherlands join UCCU. The UCCU emerges as Germany collapses. Russian attacks and German counter-attacks denude much of the population and refugees from around the world come to Riqueday in Europe, the Kingdom of Prussia, and 17 “city-states” set up as refugee communities throughout central and northern Europe which become safe havens from the ongoing Russo-German war. Germany as a nation disappears. In short, a Germany reduced to around 10 million souls with as many as 30 million non-German arrivals, mostly identifying as Unitarians, disappears as a county.
The Upadarian Crown Confederal Union is established in 2060 and is loosely modeled on the Holy Roman Empire with a more enlightened and 21st century charter that conforms to the UPDR model of government. As the UCCU emerges, after the Russian withdrawal, it faces a renewed Russian invasion in 2062 and is forced to fight for its life, it is pushed against the wall, many cities being under siege, but ultimately prevails through attrition. A truce is agreed to in 2064 but no peace treaty is signed.).
The UCCU, once established, is attacked in 2065, one year after the end of hostilities with Russia, by a consortium of world powers. This war (which devolves into a free-for-all between various powers) ends 10 years later and many millions die, world population is reduced to 2-3 billion. As historians generally note, “in 2065 the cork come loose.” This war becomes the mjor impetus for the creation of the Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria in 2067 as many Upadarian states faced new challenges.
During this time Scotland adopts the UPDR model and joins the UCCU as The Crown Republic of the Scottish Nation.
Between 2067 and 2147-
This was a TIME OF TROUBLES that lasted for 80 years. While the major war ended in 2075, at least for the CCU, many wars and conflicts continue all over the planet.
This is detailed in “The Secret History of Upadaria” which explores all the various conflicts around the world that take place as Christians endeavor to maintain a witness and go into the darkest and most forbidden places to preach the Gospel. It is mostly characterized by the emergence of the “The Kingdom Era of the Ecclesia.”
The Imperial Commonwealth of Byzantium emerges out of Greece, Macedonia, most of Western Turkey, Crete, and Corsica as well as Bulgaria and the Crimean Peninsula at around 2063. It is initially ruled by a secularist Imperial Prince who is hostile to all forms of Christianity other than a pseudo-Orthodox doctrine that is rejected by many Orthodox Believers. Eventually, the Empire’s Christians unite politically and in 2079 topple the Imperial Prince installing a popularly elected Emperor and establishing a Senate.
As noted, the CCU is formally declared in 2067, at the beginning of this time of troubles, and grows over time. Many world powers defy this commonwealth which must use a strong Navy, diplomacy, and economic leverage to both avoid war and protect members of the Society who live outside the CCU as well as persecuted Christians.
The Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria and some bastions of freedom are the only places of sanctuary and many millions of Christians become martyrs between 2067 and 2147. But in the end, the nations and the political states which are hostile to religion and Christianity are softened. Persecution eases and MANY political states eventually adopt Biblical standards of governance, It is not possible everywhere around the world to preach the Gospel on a face to face basis and Christians are never more free than during this time.


NOTES: This is a fictive history. It is a sort of alternative history which in the broad outlines provides prophetic insight into a possible future, but it is not written as or meant to be a “prophecy” as far as I am concerned.
These dates will pass, and some events may or may not coincide with these dates. This is a fictive history with prophetic insights. The timeline from 1982 has not happened exactly, as, for instance, in 1982 there was no refugee camp called Riqueday on the Franco-German border. Originally, I wrote about the reunification of German in late 1987, it happened in October of 1989. I wrote about the fall of the USSR in 1995, it happened in 1991. I wrote about the break up of Yugoslavia happening in 1989, it happened in 1991.
What is prophetically inspired is that God will judge the nations and states of the West who defy Him and He will establish cities of refuge around the world as safe havens for the persecuted. This is supernatural, it cannot be manipulated by man, and it is AVOIDABLE if we preach the Gospel and people repent. The stories about Upadaria are meant to impart the concepts and principles, the actual emergence of the entities described is not prophetic, although I cannot rule them out, and my brief remains the focus on the Society and the nation as a stateless nation, which can exist and grow quite independent of this fictive future history.
I wrote about God’s punishment on Belgrade with fire coming down from the sky, I did not say when it would happen, It happened in 1998-1999. I wrote about the liberation of the Karen Nation before 2017, it happened this year (2014). I wrote about a coming period of peace after the Cold War lasting around 10 years followed by a low grade war against a non-state actor that would attack us in non-conventional ways and lead to a never-ending war- the “inter-regnum” between the Cold War and the War On Terror lasted from 1991 to 2001. So I expect the future will be like the past. I should note- I knew FULL WELL that the refugee camp on the Franco-German border did not exist but I still believe that such a thing will exist in that area in the future.
I see this as much as an alternative history as a possible future history. For the Society it is important to learn lessons and values from these stories, not to duplicate them. If no physical “states” ever emerge as described but the Society has an NGO status and good relations with supportive free states, well, this is actually IDEAL. But this is what I saw, as I saw it, and, as noted above, enough of what I saw has happened to merit sharing the rest of what I saw. It would be WRONG to interpret this as any kind of an “agenda” or direct prophecy- it should be seen as teaching lessons and principles as well as providing a warning of what could come to the nations and states of the West which continue to defy God.
If the Society grows and its message is heard, much of what follows, including the break-up of the United States and the denuding of the European population in a series of bloody wars, can be avoided. THIS IS OUR HOPE AND OUR AIM!
In the future, whether it happens like this or not, many states WILL adopt the UPDR model and a globally dispersed Upadarian PEOPLE, organized as an international Christian fraternal, refugee, and missionary Society that models this “Freedom Empire” (some will argue if it is basd on freedom it is not an “empire”, but this is merely a play on words) based on the vision of Upadaria as a FICITIVE STATE will exist and have influence on the nations as a witness and as a salt and light example and voice for true freedom and God’s righteous standard for the nations.