As a Peer in our Society you will become part of a virtual and eventually a local community of people that acts as an extended family. While not every member will live in a co-housing community, like the one pictured, the spirit of our community and family lifestyle is more like a co-housing community than a social club or a religious organization.

There are three key ways your life will change if you follow this way of life together with others- you will have an intentional extended family of people, your economic life will be redirected, and you will more consciously and daily work to live and act as a missionary and help refugees recover.

Having an intentional extended family means that you will spend time in fellowship with these folks. It means that the welfare and safety of each member becomes the care of everyone. (This does not mean people lose individual responsibility!) It means you recreate and socialize together on a fairly regular basis. So, instead of spending dozens of hours every week just watching TV, you would spend some of half of that time “hanging out” online or in person with people in your intentional extended family.

Your economic life would be redirected. Through your local chapter you would participate in “buying cooperatives” to make bulk purchases as a group and save money. You would use a labor-exchange trade scrip to trade goods and services with other members, always “buying first” from fellow members, then from fellow Christians. You would participate in mutual assurance fund to cover your medical and health needs and emergency needs.

Your commitment to be a witness for Jesus to the nations might change. First, you would act as a missionary to the lost around you and in your neighborhood.  You would participate in or support local missionary outreach with a clear focus on converting sinners. You would support missionary efforts in other communities abroad: you might even go on excursions to help new efforts get started in neighboring communities or even abroad. You would directly help refugees who are being cared for by your local chapter and you would support efforts to help refugees abroad.

If you are adhering to Christian morals then the moral standards we follow will not be a major change for you, although our customs and how we celebrate those ideals, virtues, and the such might be different in outward form in substance, our moral standards are orthodox Christian morals.

Our Society will call on its members to LIVE MISSIONALLY, because our nation is a missionary and refugee nation, designed to spread the Gospel and convert the lost. Not only do we seek to HELP refugees, we also have the heart of refugees, recognizing that this is not our home- for we look for a city not made with human hands, a city whose builder and maker if God.

You should know up front that if you go beyond merely learning our concepts and practices and wish to become a Confirmed Peer Member in our Society that a change in lifestyle is most definitely contemplated. But that change in lifestyle is, we believe, the “radical necessity” of the age in which we live. To have an extended family as a social safety net, to redirect your economic life toward independence from a godless system, and to live missionally as missionaries and in helping refugees, all based on orthodox Christian moral virtues, may in fact be the primary way that Christians thrive even in these trying times while remaining witnesses for Jesus to the nations.

If you become an Associate Member or even just a subscriber to our virtual community, you may decide to pursue such changes or not pursue such changes with vigor.

If you choose to become a Confirmed Peer Member, however, you do so in order to receive the training, support, and social safety net from fellow Peers to empower you to pursue such a lifestyle. But even then, we cannot and will not ask you to make changes suddenly, to break previous agreements, contracts, or commitments, or to do anything rash and hasty that would be impractical and disruptive to you or your family. The idea is to move ALONG a pathway from where you are toward where you want to be, and to do so with the love, care, and mutual support of fellow Peers.

Here is the key thing- you do not follow “The Upadarian Lifestyle Discipline” in order to become a Peer, you become a Peer so that you be equipped and empowered to live this lifestyle discipline as much as is practicable, getting from where you are to where you want to be over time- and you do this in order to be a witness for Jesus to the nations.