W. R. Collier Jr.- When I first began to translate what I saw in my spirit in 1982 to paper, I first understood and expressed it as a fictive future history. I was looking backward, from 2147, to the history that would lead from 1982 to the ultimate rise of a global confederal union of free states, toward the development of a new national people, and the birth of a new Christian civilization.

But in describing what I saw I described the system of government, the economic system, the social and cultural norms, and a way of life centered on Christian values. These things, the ideals and principles, became the basis of a governance discipline, an economic discipline, and a lifestyl discipline which I often taught, over the years, without revealing to “storyline” behind them. But the story is important, more important than I realized, because it is exactly how God showed this vision to me, because substantial aspects of this future fictive history came to pass and have led me to realize these stories are prophetically inspirational, and because it really is easier to understand this through a fictive future history.

This last bit is important. What these stories “predicted” was a world that comes through a time of judgment and turmoil, mostly centered on Western Civilization, that is terrible in its horror. Over 90% of central and northern Europe’s population is wiped out, and the rest of Europe fairs only slightly better. America ceases to be a united country, something that, as a patriotic American I recoil at. The world grows darker than ever, but ultimately, by 2147, the genesis of a new Christian civilization has occured and things are beginning to improve.

What led up to this, what I saw as mere fiction back in 1982, has largely come to pass. Some of my oldest friends and family can perhaps recall that I predicted many things that are now our reality. Now, I want to caution you, I have never claimed to be a prophet and it is only in hindsight that I realized that ASPECTS of these fictional stories are prophetically inspired. The literal creation of “Upadarian states”, which is the theme of the micronational project, is not envisioned- I have always viewed that as something like an elaborate parable, a vehicle through which people are meant to understand the ideals and principles of Upadaria.

But the types of events I foresaw, including the rise of many cities of refuge and God’s judgment on the fallen Western Civlization, those things are prophetically inspired warnings. It is not a happy circumstance that results in, for instance, the creation of a “Upadarian Commonwealth Of America”, if indeed that ever happened it would mean America as a union of free states is no more, and that is not something we should accept or want. But could this happen, without the creation of an entity called “The Upadarian Commonwealth of America?” Yes, it could, and THAT is the warning I want to proclaim- not the existence of a fictive country designed to impart principles and ideals, but that God wants to preserve America if her people will turn to Him.

I don’t want to see these fictive future histories continue to be fulfilled. Nobody should. But, taking away the specifics of Upadarian states which are not prophetic, something like this can in fact occur and will occur.

So why go from fictive future history to micronation?

When I first saw this I tried to organize people around the “countries”, instincitvely, knoweingly. I “knew” that, fictive or not, the use of the structure and narrative of these “countries” was important for the emergence of a new national people who will definitely follow the way of life described in the story. But when I discovered micronations, especially stateless micronations, designed to have the internal look and feel of a “country”, I knew that this was the right way to express this idea and teach it.

Micronations “role play” the “reality” they imagine among their members. While most are just for fun, we know that fun is a teaching tool, and I always knew that I had to “teach this exactly” as I had received it: through learning about these fictive stories and then discovering their deeper meaning.

So that is why within this community there are “micronations” based on a future fictive history, but one must never forget that the deeper principles and ideals revealed is the true object. Sure, we can and will have fun imagining a new “country”, but our goal is not related to a literal creation of anything other than a Fraternal Christian Missionary and Refugee Society and the birthing of a new stateless nation of people that is in the vanguard of a new Christian civilization.