We need a social safety net to navigate through the minefields of a godless society that every day wages war on our religious freedom.

We live in troubling times as Christians in the West. For centuries our societies have been more or less supportive of living the Christian lifestyle, but that is changing rapidly. Ask yourself- upon whom can I rely if the surrounding godless society comes after my job or business because I refuse to comply with their demands that violate my conscience?

Part of the mission of our Fraternal Christian Missionary and Refugee Society is to replace dependence on a godless society’s systems and institutions with a Christ-centered and Kingdom of God focused social safety net.

Our approach is to go from virtual to local. This means that while we will begin with a “virtual homeland” based on our vision for a temporal (and stateless) Christian nation, we are aiming for the creation of local chapters of our Society. These chapters are the key to creating a local social safety net of people who share your faith, whose convictions match and allow for cohesiveness in collaboration, and who celebrate YOU as a child of God, encouraging you to find and fulfill God’s best for your life.

Recently, after the Supreme Court ruling on redefining marriage, many Christians discovered that the people around them were surprisingly out of alignment with an orthodox Christian view of marriage and sexuality. This was shocking for many.

But through our Society, candidates are screened to ensure that their convictions and behavior reflect orthodox Christian doctrine, morality, and ethics. When someone is accepted as a Peer there is no question of their belief in and commitment to adhere to, proclaim, and defend such life-affirming beliefs and values. So when you connect to a fellow Society member who has undergone “Naturalization” to become a “Confirmed Peer of the Upadarian Nation” you will know what they believe and you will know they have been confirmed in their beliefs by the acclimation of their peers. This shared experience of Naturalization will leave no doubt that a fellow Peer can be relied upon to steer a steady course and to stick to the orthodoxy of our Christian faith, beliefs, values, morals, and ethics.

Society members will celebrate one another, they will not be hyper-critical, and they will not be judgmental or legalistic, though they will abide by a shared commitment to common standards and a common mission to act as missionaries to the lost and to help refugees of all types recover and thrive. All of this will be built into the Journey of Honor whereby Peers earn standing for participation in governance and consideration for leadership- but advancing along this Journey of Honor will also equip you and empower you to be a more effective witness for Jesus to the nations. When someone has obtained a Degree of Noble Standing By Merit (Noble Degree) you will know they have been tested and confirmed in the skills and standards required for that Noble Degree and you will know they are commited to helping others advance along that Journey, for no matter how far along one is on that Journey every Peer is equal both with felow Peers and with every Christian in the world. Nobility is service, sacrifice, honor, and high moral virtue, for in the Kingdom of God, which our temporal nation must reflect, the greatest is the least and the least is the greatest and those who would rule must serve.

Often when groups form a few “leaders” make most of the decisions. In our local chapters there will be no steering or executive committees- everyone participates and their degree of influence or qualification for leadership are determined only by their Noble Degree, which is earned by merit and which everyone can attain. The aim of a chapter is to move as many members as possible far along the Journey of Honor, it should be that most members are very far along the Journey and only a few, usually newer, members are not very far along the Journey.

In short, our Society is looking for servant leaders who will be active participants and who will not be satisfied letting a few “at the top” call all the shots. We are ALL “kings and priests unto the Lord” within our Society. We will all follow the same standards, norms, and requirements, we are all responsible for our shared work, we will all make decisions within the framework of our National Covenant, which one must learn and commit to during Naturalization as a Confirmed Peer of the Upadarian Nation. God’s Word, then (totally subordinate to God’s Word) the National Covenant define God’s will and calling, for Christ is the recognized King of our (stateless) nation! Jesus reigns, not man: the method of our governance is to find and fulfill God’s best for our nation through the whole People finding and expressing the mind of God, which we know will not steer from God’s Word or from our National Covenant.

Within this broad framework local chapters will be their own constituent and sovereign body of people who must devise their own covenant association based on God’s Word and our National Covenant. The creation and alteration of the local covenant charter must be an act in which all Peers participate. While each chapter will begin with a standard provisional charter, it will be expected that they will develop their own unique charter at some point. Again, leadership and governance are not the domain of the few, we have no “elites”, in fact while we recognize an “Elite” standard, we believe everyone can meet that standard if they choose it. So, we will have no “elites” only an “Elite standard” which everyone can achieve if they choose it.

Some groups create an “equality” of standing regardless of qualifications or merit, just as some create “elites” from a few limited position closed to most people. Both approaches are wrong. Qualifications for participation and leadership must recognize those who have a greater demonstration of merit, but nobody should be prevented from achieving the highest qualifications and it should be expected that, through Christ, everyone CAN meet those qualifications and earn the same standing.

To create a practical safety net we need to ensure that we know where people stand and we need people who follow Christ as we do and who celebrate us as we celebrate them, encouraging one another to keep advancing along a course of honor in service to Jesus. Imagine being connected to 10 to 15 local families and attached single adults, as many as 40 adults, who behave together like an extended household which takes very real responsibility for the welfare and safety of each of its members. Imagine 3-4 such groups connected into a local chapter that pools the resources of all these groups and forms a larger extended fellowship community of such “households” for mutual support.

Surrounded by 120 or more committed Christians of like faith and conviction you will not be easy prey to some godless instrusion or attack on your career or livelihood because you refuse to bow to godless demands that violate your conscience.

This is the vision of a local chapter for our Society, at least from the perspective of a social safety net that affirms you and supports you without controlling you. It is a vision we can make a reality. It is a vision many will WISH they pursued and actualized, too late, when being persecuted they find they are surrounded by people they cannot turn to for help.