The vision of Upadaria involves three future realities which God began to show me starting in 1982. I saw the reality of many political states adopting a new form of government inspired by a Biblical worldview without in any way imposing Christianity on non-believers (Upadarianism as a lifestyle discipline and as a governance discipline). I saw the reality of a stateless nation spread out around the world whose God is the Lord (Jesus Christ) that acted as a witness for Jesus to the nations (Upadaria as a nation whose God is the Lord). I saw the eventual emergence of a new and Christian civilization (The Upadarian Civilization based on Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law) that will rise on the ashes of Western Civilization which is decadent and dying.

I realized that the part of this vision that I was responsible for was this new statelesss nation of people whose God is the Lord. The emergence of political states that utilize the governance discipline associated with this vision is not my concern, beyond sharing that discipline. The emergence of a coming new Christian civilization which will emerge as Western Civilization chokes on its injustice and moral depravity is merely something I proclaim in a prophetic manner.

But the sowing of the seeds of this new nation which God Himself planted in me is something for which I am responsible.

The concern of this site, and of The Upadarian Voice, which you are invited to subscribe to for free or as a paid subscriber (to support this effort), is with planting the seeds of this nation of people through the vehicle of a fraternal Christian Society. This Society will have a focus on missionary work and helping refugees to reach the nations for Jesus.

“Upadaria” as a “nation of people” is a “homeland of heart and hearth.”  What this means is that instead of owning a single peice of territory, like a “national homeland” (realizing that national homelands and political boundaries are not the same thing), Upadaria’s “homeland” is in our hearts and it exists wherever any member of the nation lives or on whatever land either they own, that they share through the Society, that is owned by a Upadarian co-housing mission community, or that is owned by a Upadarian land trust that sets aside land for the use of Upadarian nationals and for the national mission of Upadaria. The work of these missionary communities includes missionary work related to reaching the lost and helping people in need and serving refugees by helping them transition into a life of true freedom in Christ.

This is important to the vision because it is based on the concept of a “sacred border” protected by God, and not with the weapons of this world, where the powers of darkness have no sway so long as the way of God for this nation, its national covenant. These things are adhered to within those borders- in other words in the homes and shared spaced of Upadarian nationals. It is NOT a political boundary and it does not mean territorial sovereignty in the political or military sense, but in the spiritual sense.

In the future such stateless nations of people will be normally and formally recognized with an international status that protects the national aspirations and way of life of each of these national peoples. Indeed, thousands of such nations exist right now, sadly, without formal recognition or standing, as they should enjoy, and most remain un-reached AS NATIONS of people who have not come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We want to reach them AS A NATION of people whose God is the Lord!

The idea of formally recognizing them is a seemingly new but restored version of ancient nationhood which was focused on people, culture, faith, and family as opposed to states, politics, governments, and armies. I actually believe that such “nations of  people” will have formal standing, recognized by political states, like unto the “domestic nation status” enjoyed by Native American tribes in the United States. The best contemporary vehicles for such stateless nations of people include fraternal benefit societies, intentional co-housing developments, and land trusts. Eventually, I believe International Law will create a legal status for “nations of people” making them NGO’s and combining the provisions and rights of those three organizational vehicles into one new organizational vehicle.

Beyond seeking such a reform, the Upadarian Society, the main organizational vehicle of the Upadarian nation of people, has no political agenda and its supporters and members will be encouraged to vote for candidates who will support such a status not only for our Society (which represents a stateless nation of people) but for the almost 10,000 nations of people on this earth, almost all of which have no state and do not aspire to “statehood.”
So why is it important  that this is a nation and not just a religious organization, like a missionary society or church organization?

First, this body of people will not be limited to so-called “religious functions”, it will operate in many areas of human action and interaction, both for members and those it serves. Second, it will include people from many denominations and church backgrounds and is not in fact a “church” nor is it meant to replace churches. It is a nation and despite the fact that there is not a lot said or written about nations as ordained by God, a “theology of nations” if you will, nations are important institutions as larger scale bodies of people ordained by God on this earth, each with their own unique culture, lifestyle, national mission, language, and boundaries of habitation set by God.

For me, I know that God wants to sow the seeds of a new nation of people whose God if the Lord. Because I know this, and it took me many years to finally “get it”, that’s enough for me. In other words, I believe God showed me over the years through many experiences that this is His desire, and that’s enough for me. But I do understand that for YOU that may not be good enough, unless God also confirms it in your spirit by His Spirit.

God creates nations of people, “ethne”, for a purpose. I understand Acts 17:26-27 to give a reason: “so that men might find God if they seek Him.” I believe that nations of people whose God is the Lord adopt a way of life and cultural setting which is conducive to seeking, finding, and serving God. In short, they enable people, if they have a truly Christ-centered and Kingdom-focused socio-cultural value system, norms, and standards, to seek God, to find God, and to then go on to fulfill God’s best with excellence.

Nations have a unique role. They create socio-cultural, familial, and corporate norms and standards of conduct that both empower people individually in a positive and life-affirming manner and provide a connectedness for mutual assurance that acts as a safe-haven and support system.  Nations are NOT states, or “political entities”, though states might be associated with nations. When you think “nation” think in terms of culture, tradition, values, lifestyle, language, and governing standards that are agreed to by free association. States without a link to nations become aimless and despotic, but even when a state is associated with nations it should never be confused with them.

So then the role of nations is to create and maintain a socio-cultural reality and framework that is conducive to people being free to seek, find, and follow God and to thereby fulfill God’s best with excellence. Nations are socio-cultural and familial bodies whose existence is ordained by God- God raises them up and throws them down, and He blesses those nations whose God is the Lord.

I believe that every human institution ordained by God conveys blessings which can only come through that institution. The institutions of marriage, family, or the “ekklesia” (church) of the Elect are all God-ordained bodies of people which convey certain blessings unique to those bodies. In the world today there are nearly 10,000 nations of people, and only around 250 political states. So statehood and nationhood are not automatically connected, in fact they rarely are directly connected. I believe that even political states are ordained by God, as per Romans 13, but political states are not the objective of the nation of which I speak.

It may be hard to imagine or believe someone today could be called to sow the seeds for a new nation, especially one that will include people from multiple nationalities and which regards “race” as pure nonsense, and especially one that is to be formally organized globally through a fraternal Christian Society, a land trust, and a global association of intentional cohousing developments (which act as local “missions”). Often nations just emerge, but nations have been intentionally developed- this would include ancient Israel and the America of the 1600’s and 1700’s as examples.

Indeed, the nation of which I speak, Upadaria, is, I dare to say, the very nation of people truly envisioned by William Penn when he spoke of bearing the seed of a new nation within himself. One thing God has shown me about Upadaria- it is a continuation of the work planted in William Penn and William Bradford as well as William Booth (founder of the Salvation Army). I believe that I have the capacity to be used by God to represent the “fourth William” who will combine their visions into a single vision for a global and stateless nation of people whose God is the Lord as a witness for Jesus to the nations.

You don’t have to believe that! Indeed, I am not saying I am the sole heir of the visions and life work of these men, but their work is the foundation of this new nation, of that I am certain! I believe that Upadaria represents the fulfillment of the vision and life’s work begun by these three Williams.

When I was young it was prophesied to me regarding the work I was destined to do, and that I was the fourth William. I am the fourh William in my familial lineage and the prophetic words spoken to me came from the first William, but God has shown me, I believe, that I am the fourth William in another way, in that I carry the seed of a new nation that represents the combined and expanded visions of William Bradford, William Penn, and William Booth.

So there it is. The vision of Upadaria combines, expands, and is a continuation of the vision of three Williams: William Bradford, William Penn, and William Booth. It involves sowing the seeds of a new nation of people whose God is the Lord through the tangible vehicles of a fraternal Christian Society, an association of intentional cohousing developments which act as local missions, and a land trust which sets aside land all over the world exclusively for the members of and the national mission of Upadaria (a missionary work combined with serving refugees).

This vision foresees the eventual use of “Upadarianism” among many peoples and political states as a lifestyle discipline and governance discipline based on the four core ideals of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality and Rule of law. This will result in many individuals of many nationalities adopting Upadarianism as their philosophy for daily life and even political states adopting Upadarianism as a governance discipline or ideology.

Ultimately, between the rise of a Upadarian nation of people, the rise of a Upadarian lifestyle discipline, and the rise of political states that adopt a Upadarian system of government, a new Christian civilization, the Upadarian Civilization, will emerge.

If you can imagine a world in which Upadaria is a nation of people whose God is the Lord is real as a global nation with hundreds of millions of people living all over the world and coming from many different nationalities, you can imagine a future that, for me, is very real and very possible, though I may not live to see it.

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