image Is there a war on freedom? Is there an attempt to make it impossible for anyone to live outside the control of the Progressive nanny state’s control and influence? Is there a way to escape the control and influence of this Progressive nanny state despite its best efforts to hemm us in with its insane laws and regulations?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you’re walking around blinfolded in a minefield.

Speaking especially to my fellow Christians: what we see happening isn’t meant to happen and it can be overcome. But as long as you fail to see that we live in the Kingdom Era and have a mandate to disciple the nations things won’t change for you.

In general, I speak to everyone, if you want freedom you have to LIVE freedom. Elections and politicians are not the sole or even the BEST response to freedom takers. The war to reclaim our freedom and dismantle the power of the nanny state in our lives is personal, then familial, then socio-cultural and economic, and that primarily through what we should see as freewill covenant associations between individuals.

Freedom is the daily and disciplined exercise of personal, familial, and local self-government in our social, cultural, economic, and civil lives with the realm of the sacred left to individuals and their faith communities. Too much politics and government, for whatever allegedly “good” reason, and freedom shrinks.

If you want liberation from the nanny state you have to live freedom in your mindset, in your actions and choices, in your relationships, in your associations, in your economic life, and in who you choose to form community bonds with.

Freedom is a choice, a philosophy, and a discipline!

There are four core ideals which are the greatet foundation of governance and, if followed, make any relationship or asociation of people strong, capable, and durable.

These ideals (UPDR Ideals) are Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law. When followed TOGETHER in balance and in conformity with the proven ancient truth of Scripture, backed up by historical experience, they provide a rock-solid basis for a secure, free, and prosperous enterprise. If followed properly, they work and they work well. when groups of people apply them as a common standard, they will give those groups a huge competitive egde over even the Progressive nanny state.

This is the basis of a Christan-based governing philosophy called “upadarianism”, after the initials for these four core ideals (UPDR): it is a choice, a philosophy, and a discipline learned and adopted through a systematic approach based on easily comprehended ideals (the UPDR Ideals), a core vision (cooperation, sustainability, and consensus), a core ethic (welfare, justice, autonomy), and other unifying principles and practices.

None of these things require a vote or winning an election to utilize for the advancement of your freedom and that of your family and your community. You can follow them right now, on your own: they are “the new common sense” for a “new civilization” that will emerge from the heart and from people choosing to “make covenant” in common unity with other like-minded people. This is how freedom grows- it is LIVED.

Against this the Progressive nanny-state hasn’t got a prayer and if you don’t believe we can win back freedom by simply LIVING freedom, then you are a sad sack for sure. I’m glad I don’t live with such a dark cloud over my head any longer.

The key is the four core ideals: if you understood them and applied them to your life and relationships you would become better and better equipped to find and fulfill God’s BEST for your life.

Freedom cannot be restored and then maintained by simply voting and winning elections: freedom must be lived. That is how we experience liberation, or personal decolonization, from the control and influence of the Progressive nanny-state and its war on our freedom!