I keep seeing the face of that man of God from Charleston and tears well up in my eyes. This man was a alive, vital, and a force of nature. He led these Christian people. He no doubt knew some would die as this maniac brandished his gun, a 1911 45 caliber pistol with an 8 round magazine.

These people died because they were black. Just because of the color of their skin.

These were good, decent, caring people who deserved to be praised and protected. They were killed instead as this thug intoned the old racist libel “you rape our women” and “you’re taking over this country”, and so “you have to die.”

I hate race-baiting and I hate it when people deny that racial hate exists. It is always wrong. It is wrong when anyone hates anyone or prejudges them over race. Statistics say that racial stereotypes still exist: many whites think bad things about blacks, many blacks think bad things of all whites.

But I want to address my white friends who DO have bad attitudes about black people. I hear it too often, I see it in comments, and I am always offended by it. When you post your videos of a black person doing something dumb and comment about monkeys and gorillas, you are going down a road that leads to murder.

I don’t know if the so called racial divide is our biggest issue, I know for these folks who were killed because they are black, it was the biggest issue! Now, think about that. If you cannot see a human being and judge them ONLY on the basis of WHO THEY ARE, of their character, not their skin color or who their ancestors were, then you are traveling down a road to murder.