The Revolution Within

     Upadarianism, the core Christian philosophy of this Christian fraternal Society, is a lifestyle discipline that will result in a spiritual “Revolution Within” that liberates you from the cultural and economic control of a godless society.

          Do you want to be spiritually and then both culturally and economically independent of the control or influence of a society that rejects God and that revels in its godless and immoral way of life? For too long, the common Christian approach has focused on either accepting things as a sign of the end time (apathy driven by eschatology) or they have tried to restore values and morals through political victories. The Revolution Within is a very different approach- it is from within, starting with YOUR beliefs and thought life, extending to your actions and relationships, based on a conscientious fidelity to both a clarified Christian lifestyle discipline and a personal constitution rooted in your own calling in Christ.

          What you will find here, in this virtual “missional Christian refuge”, are ideas and ideals that you can apply to your own life, right now, and to your relationships with other people. While the longest range vision of this revolution is the emergence, ultimately, of a globally dispersed new Christian civilization, the beneficial affects from this revolution can be felt fairly quickly among those who choose to pursue it in their lives and relationships.

          The heart of this revolution really involves how you view your own life in a conscious adherence to your own personal constitution and new ways of relating to others for mutual support through the intentional creation of local multi-family extended households which consist of people who are conducting this revolution in their lives in order to serve a common vision for missionary efforts and to help (especially Christian) refugees.

          Through your participation in such a spiritual “Revolution Within”, you will be able to become culturally and economically independent and you will be empowered to live freely and securely as a witness for Jesus to the nations. Your life can and will change- these principles you will learn as a candidate Peer in our Society, work because they are rooted in the Word of God and in millenia of the history of the Christian People on this earth.

          Stop being a PRODUCT of the subconscious “socializing agents” and the myriad of controls and influences inflicted on people by the godless leaders of this current society, and START on the path of personal decolonization from a civilization that is headed for spiritual, moral, and total destruction.