The National Covenant of Upadaria- all persons who are Peers, by freewill covenant association, of our fraternal Christian missionary and refugee society as a stateless nation of people whose God is the Lord, are governed within the Society in their conduct and in governance by this national covenant.


The National Covenant of Upadaria

Part One- Preamble and Intent

     Section 1- God alone ordains the nations. He orders them before they are created among men. He establishes their length of days, when they will rise and when they will fall, even as men whose days He alone numbers. God establishes the boundaries of their habitation and he ordains who among them will be called to lead, raising up men as kings and priests or throwing them down into the shambles: all authority is ordered by God and exists by and for His purposes.

     Section 2- The purpose of Nations has been ordered- they exist as People whose lives, relationships, associations and shared way of life empower, and enable, men and women to find and fulfill God’s best for their life. They are blessed if they tend toward this purpose and they are cursed if they deny or refuse to obey this purpose- but as with individual people, God gives nations of people the freewill responsibility to choose the way that leads to life.

     Section 3- So then in 1982 God revealed to one of His servants what was to become a new and stateless nation among men upon this earth, as a witness for Jesus to the nations, and He gave it a name: yoo-pah-dare-ee-ah (Upadaria). This nation would be born among men and women who joined in freewill covenant association to act as a nation of people whose God is the Lord and to so organize themselves as extended multi-family covenant households as to constitute a new and unique people with their own and most Christian way of life. Moreover, the promise was extended- this nation and its people and their lands, distributed all around the world, would be preserved by God’s favor and protection even in times of trouble which must come come, from time to time, upon this earth.

Part Two- Becoming A Candidate For Naturalization

    Section 1- Whoever determines in their heart that God has called them to become a Peer of our Nation, by Making Covenant, shall pass through a Naturalization Process whereby we might, as peers one of another, confirm them as true followers of Christ, for ours is a Christian nation in the most orthodox sense of Christian doctrines and morals, and as truly being comitted to our way of life and our national mission.

    Section 2- We shall not be bound by blood oathes or terrible oathes of any kind, nor by secret oathes or doctrines, and whoever at once freely makes covenant in association with our Nation owns the right to withdraw from that covenant association as only our commitment to Christ is for eternity and only our covenant bond to our husband or wife in holy matrimony is for life.

    Section 3- To be qualified to become a candidate for the Peerage of Upadaria one must have demonstrated to any local or virtual body of at least 12 Peers their full faith and commitment to Jesus Christ and, if they are married, they must obtain the consent of their spouse.

    Section 4- Upon becoming a candidate of the Peerage of Upadaria, married persons whether one or both are members, must renounce all past sins regarding marriage or infidelity and committ to abide by a standard of marriage by which unless for separation due to abuse beyond 6 month’s separation without redress or for adultary or abandonment there shall be no divorce- for our nation is built on the sancity and holiness of family, of fatherhood and motherhood, and of marriage between a man and a woman who are not closely related. This defines who we are and how we live, and we own a right to uphold this way of life together with others.

    Section 5- All applicants as Candidates must stand before their Peers and sponsoring members and renounce sin, the devil, the flesh, and the world and commit, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to walk in the love and righteousness of Christ through the Grace given at the Cross. All Candidates must confess our Common Creed, which is the orthodox Christian doctrine and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Candidates may substitute an acceptable declaration based on their Confession or Denomination.

    Section 6- Persons who are not Christ followers in word and deed may associate with our Nation as Friends and Associates but only confirmed Christ followers may become Peers.

    Section 7- Candidates may not attend upon Court at or within their Shirehold but may otherwise attend all meetings and activities remembering to keep confidences and matters of genuine privacy but also remembering that we have no secret oaths, secret agendas, or secret doctrines.

Part Three- The Naturalization Process

    Section 1- Upon becoming a Candidate, the prospective Peer shall commit to a path of learning to be overseen, in a spirit of grace and love, by a Sponsoring Peer who shall be responsible for ensuring the Candidate has every reasonable opportunity to acquire knowledge and demonstrate mastery of the same.

    Section 2- The Candidate shall have access to The Blue Book of Upadaria which explains all the elements of our Nation, of its future history, of its noble ideals, of its mission, and of many other matters of importance and it their mastery of the knowledge contained therein and of this Covenant which shall gain them Peerage at the acclaim of 12 or more Peers who certify their confirmation.

    Section 3- As and when necessary courses and training material will be developed and made available to the Candidate to ensure they have full access to the knowledge they need to both decide to become Naturalized and to successfully function as a Peer of Upadaria, a Christian nation that is a witness for Jesus to the Nations.

    Section 4- Upon Confirmation of Peerage the individual will be celebrated by their Peers, preferably in a public ceremony wherein they will receive the Instruments of their Peerage, including a silver overload lapel pin which they have a right to wear in public and, if they so choose, a National Name to be used among their Peers.

    Section 5- The Naturalization Process shall not exceed 12 months nor shall it be concluded before 3 months from the date of the Candidacy, which is the day the member publicly proclaims their Christian faith as a Candidate.