The Grand Duchy of Riqueday- This is the formal name for the “pioneer” regional chapter of the Upadarian Society, in the Harrisurg PA region in Central Pennsylvania.

Local chapters of the Upadarian Society of America adopt their own unique name, as opposed to being named after a region, which represents the idea that they are meant to be spiritually, culturally, and economically autonomous of the regional and physical community while being intentional about being a witness for Jesus to the people in their region or locale. 

Riqueday will be a distributed intentional fraternal Christian refuge and missionary community serving Christians in the Greater Harrisburg PA region, meant to empower Christian to thrive and be effective witnesses for Jesus even in the midst of a godless culture that has turned its collective back on Jesus Christ and which has become hostile to Christianity in general, It is a sub-regional chapter organization of the Upadarian Society of America, the Grand Duchy of Riqueday is styled as a virtual, non-territorial state established within and among the people and communities of Dauphin, Cumberland, and Perry Counties in Pennsylvania. It is based on spiritual as opposed to political sovereignty.

map of riqueday small

The incomplete map of the proposed first regional chapter, designated a “Grand Duchy” in the nomenclature of the Society.

Riqueday means “King David” and represents the Davidic promise and vision for an enlightened kingdom under the domain of God’s will and wisdom, although our vision is spiritual, cultural, and economic and does not involve political control over anyone who has not made a freewill covenant association with our non-territorial, but spiritually sovereign, Christian community.

The Grand Duchy of Riqueday shall be led by the Archduke and the Ducal Court of the five leaders who each head up the Magisterial (civic), Agoral (economic), Ethno (cultural), Ecclesial (religious), and Comunal (benevolent) Functions, and these will be assisted by the Lord Mayor of Regentsboro and the 17 Barons of the Shires of Riqueday.

regentsboro map

The Archduke also leads The Crown Demesne of Regentsboro (which includes parts of the City of Harrisburg, Susquehanna Township, East Pennsboro Township, Dauphin Borough, and southwestern Perry County), which is the home sub-chapter of the Grand Duchy. The Ducal House of Delegates will  consist of Delegates sent from every Precinct (there will be 85) with a Ducal Senate consisting of 2 Ducal Senators elected per Shire while the General Council consists of all Peers who have at least obtained the Khagis (Noble Standing by Merit) of Elector.

Non-territorial members of the Grand Duchy may participate in virtual activities and services, but territorial members participate in local face-to-face meetings and activities.

The Grand Duchy of Riqueday will welcome all persons regardless of age, race, economic status, or denomination to join as Citizens and will offer Peerage (noble status) to all persons who can abide by Christian Universals, who are Born Again Christ Followers, and who, of their own freewill, Make Covenant to adopt a new, Christian, non-racial, global “nationality.”

The Grand Duchy is a virtual to local, non-territorial safe-haven, or refuge, from a godless and unfair world system that will empower its citizens to live free and prosper through its services and that will also empower its Peers to become effective witnesses for Jesus to the nations of people within this region.

Titular Head- Archduke (Is in overall charge of vision and direction and appointing provisional leaders, represents the local chapter externally, and may be in the employment of the chapter on a part time or full time basis as needed.)

Privy Council– 5 Dukes who assist the Archduke in general in an advisory roe, although any 4 can veto the Archduke, subject to a 2/3rds majority confirmation of the veto by The Ducal Council of Censors

Ducal Court– the following officers will be recruited on a provisional basis to aid in the establishment of the Grand Duchy of Riqueday within and among the communities of the region we serve:

First Knight of the Magisterium
(The Magisterium is organized into 85 Precincts of equipopulous size with Captains, assisted by 5 Senior Guardians and as many other Guardians as can be recruited, and is responsible for tracking and reporting on political and police/crime related activity, providing safety and security resources, and generally keeping order through Guardians at meetings and events- also operates an official Ducal Newspaper for all Citizens and oversees marketing, public events, and canvassing for recruiting purposes)

Presiding Bishop of the Ecclesium
(The Ecclesium is organized into Congregations with Bishops, these Congregations are simply sub-regional networks and informal fellowship groups , not churches, overseen by a Bishop, responsible for teaching Christian Universals, providing Christian peacemaking, and overseeing efforts to share the Gospel, not tied to organized Churches)

Gildmaster Of The Agora
(The Agora, Greek for the public forum or marketplace, is organized into Gilds, each led by a Gild Warden with a Court of Assistants, the Agorate organizes Gilds as mutual assurance and aid for economic advancement and benefit among members of similar trades/professions and oversees The Ducal Market and the local issuance and management of Time Based Trade Script, the Gild Hall is the deliberative and decision-making body of the Agora)

Presiding Minister of the Comunis (pronounced co-myunis)
(The Comunis is the area of life served on a non-profit basis or which is a dis-economy and includes benevolence for the poor and needy but it also includes public works which benefit all in general, this includes facilities owned by the Grand Duchy for ministry to others and the use of Citizens and Peers. A Council of Ministers who have various functions serves with the Presiding Minister)

Chief Consel Of The Ethnium
(The Ethnium sets standards of conduct, ethical standards, and cultural norms and reflects both the Covenant of Upadaria and the ethnic sensitivities of Citizens and Peers, according to a Christian standard. The Ethnium consists of a Council of Censors, Peers chosen randomly by lottery to judge matters of ethical failure or deviations from the National Covenant of the Ducal Charter. Citizens are only bound by the Pledge of Common Unity and the Ducal Charter based on a freedom and liberty standard and cannot be made to answer for The National Covenant except in the areas of civic governance)

Lord Mayor of Regentsboro
(Assists the Archduke in the day to day administration of this local sub- chapter organization)

Other Provisional Leaders – These leaders will be provisionally selected from among applicants who actually live in the area covered by their sub-chapter (Shire) boundary. 

17 Barons (or Baronesses) of the 17 Shires- the titular heads of the 17 Shires

For more information, see our POST on this chapter HERE

How would one begin to start a LOCAL group as part of this community?

It begins with a Round Table Group of 5 or more Christian adults who agree to the following:

1. They make covenant together by freewill to adopt the way of life of a spiritual nation of people whose God is the Lord- this gives cohesion and unity to their effort and ensures that everyone knows the common norms and standards, expectations, obligations, and even benefits of their freewill covenant association. In our case we have the Kha Yasa, our national covenant as a Society, which will guide every local group who then add their own practices and standards suited to local needs. It is the Kha Yasa as a pledge of our common unity, and not an organization, that will bind us together as a Christian People.

2. They agree to learn and commit to practicing core essentials of Christian community, not only together, but with other Christians wherever they interact, to the best of their ability.

3. They pledge themselves by all reasonable means to support and uphold one another in their rights, persons, and property against all hazards through cooperation and mutual assurance- they formally agree to treat one another as “kin by covenant choice” and take this seriously.

4. They either devise or utilize a basic Blueprint for creating a local “multi-family extended household” with fellow Christians who share their chosen national way of life and socio-cultural norms. In our case, again, it is the Kha Yasa, which provides a basic blueprint that can be adapted and modified to meet local needs. It is important to have a road-map and framework in place, but to also be prepared to make course corrections and, for those who will be part of our Society, to share the knowledge of those experiences in order to increase our knowledge base.

So, apply for citizenship in the Grand Duchy of Riqueday to become a Candidate and you can be part of this first regional chapter. If you do not live in this region, you can be a non-territorial member, if you live in their area, you can be a territorial member and participate in local gatherings, meetings, and events.

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