We are in the process of launching a VIRTUAL nation, loosely modelled on a political state so as to present the Upadarian governance discipline, that will potentially spearhead the global launch of our stateless nation organized as a Fraternal Christian Missionary and Refugee Society.

The Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria (CCU) will be called a “virtual micronation”, in keeping with the general concept and principles of micronations as alternatives to modern political “nation-states”, and it will have no aspirations to become a “political state” itself: though it will speak to and model values and principles of freedom that apply to political states.

The effort will involve recruiting Christian men and women to fill provisional leadership posts and invest time in creating a viable and active online community with both free and paid membership levels. This will allow us to promote the ideals of our shared national vision, it will provide funding for the Society, and, ideally, it may lead to providing pay for leaders and workers who will help develop both the virtual nation as an online community and the Society itself. The funding of the first “Upadarian Estate”, probably in Harrisburg PA, is also envisioned.

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