America’s inner cities are not the product of the people who live there. A legacy of racism directed at the children of slaves coupled with the false promises of leftist utopianism have made it virtually impossible for the captives in these environs to obtain social justice. In short, the depressed state of their lives is not simply a matter of their work ethic, and it has nothing to do with their inherent abilities or worth as human beings.

The inner cities are filled with mostly good and disadvantaged people who have never had a fair shot at success. They have been looked down on by others and they are hamstrung by patronizing policies that encourage dependence rather than empowerment. Their neighborhoods are policed by outsiders. They are often denied the right and opportunity to protect themselves. Their schools are used for social experiments that have failed to educate. Their pop culture is dominated by the lowest form of immorality all propped up by white millionaires who profit from the cultural decay.

Of course as Christians we believe that everyone is responsible for their own actions. Full stop. But we also understand that oppression, racism, and exploitation and their effects are not the fault of their victims- and it is high time someone says that for the black man or woman, especially those living in the inner city, there has been massive social injustice!

It is no longer reasonable to think that the solution to these ills is the Democratic Party or the existing crop of so-caled “civil rights leaders” who are mere shills for that Party which is beholden to rich, white millionaires. Nor is just turning to the Republican Party the answer. Their message is “you are not victims, fix your own problems through the free market.” Some message! No, it is not a good idea for people in the inner city to embrace the GOP. In fact, things could be worse under GOP control as this is a party that is totally blind to the living reality of modern day racism.

The people in the inner city need Jesus, and they need to take direct control over their neighborhoods. They need to be organized from within, without the national civil rights “leaders” taking away their thunder, to control their streets, to determine their culture, and to enact the policies they feel will lead to empowerment.

Our heart as a Fraternal Christian Refugee and Missionary Society is to address the African-American “nation of people” with a message of redemption and hope, and to stand with them and for them against the racism and social injustice being directed at this nation, whom God loves and wants to call His own! God has better plans for the African-American nation of people than anyone can imagine, and He desires to liberate them from oppression.

But if Jesus Christ and His Word, and its principles, are not the basis of a fundamental social revolution within the African-American Nation of People, then things will not get better. By centering their goals and practices on the Person of Jesus Christ and His Word this nation of people will be able to overcome all obstacles and become a truly great nation in this world.

It is time, high time, for the African-American nation to be treated with the respect and honor it deserves (minus the patronization from the leftists) and for all Americans of whatever nationality to which they belong to rise up and demand better for our fellow Americans.