Will dialogue and diplomacy with the United States make a difference for freedom in Cuba?
The Castro-Obama meeting at the Summit of the Americas has been praised by many South American countries, especially socialist and anti-religious states like Bolivia, Venezuela, and, increasingly anti-religious, Brazil. While many are focusing on the communist ideology of the Castro regime and its historic hostility toward “American capitalism”, few are focused on the anti-religious aspect of this regime.

Cuba denies Christians basic rights. They cannot freely preach the Gospel and they cannot freely practice their faith, not even in benevolence wherein they care for one another rather than depending on the state. True Christianity, practiced in a familial and communitarian manner by freewill covenant association (koinonia) is essentially outlawed. It would be illegal to even meet to form a local chapter of our Christian Society as meetings of any size for any reason, unless under the direction of the Party, are forbidden.

It is therefore with alarm and dismay we greet news of these friendly overtures between the American President and the Cuban tyrant. The fact that religious freedom, freedom of assembly, and freedom of association were not discussed and made conditions for reapprochment indicates a lack of commitment to these rights on the part of the American political state. Indeed, the American political state is now very cozy with and supportive of many regimes that deny these basic human rights, including China and Saudi Arabia. Now, with moves to establish cordial relations with the Mullahs who tyranize Iran and the Communists who tyranize Cuba, the American political states appears to be sinking into its final form as an opponent of such freedoms.

As nations are people and not states, the American political state is betraying the national rights of the national peoples who are oppressed within the borders of these godless political states, even as, at home, the American political state itself is beginning to travel down a similar road. At home, the American political state denies Christians more and more of their basic rights to free spech, religious freedom, freedom of assembly, and freedom of association, often under the guise of “tolerance” for beliefs and practices the noble-minded Christian cannot help but reject.

So every step closer in cordiality with political states that commit atrocities against the Church draws the American political state closer in complexion to those same states. Freedom is not exported, only tyranny can be exported, because unless freedom comes from within the people at the level of the home and the community, then it is not real or genuine, but tyranny can be imposed from above by the powerful few over the many who are weak. So by association, and by turning a blind eye to those atrocities, the American political state’s leaders gain an appetite for the same power enjoyed by those regimes, a power gained and maintained only by atrocities.

The Castro-Obama friendship that is emerging, both men have praised one another, will potentially give new and dangerous ideas to the leaders who control the American political state but it will do nothing but harm to the Cuban nation as a People imprisoned by the Cuban Communist State.