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Escape The Influence Of This Society- But Remain A Witness For Jesus
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Empowered To Serve

Through a FREE Candidate’s Round Table you will learn how to unleash the power of a nation whose God is the Lord to both escape the control and influence of a society which has turned against God AND YET REMAIN an effective and powerful witness for Jesus to your neighbors. Even if you do not JOIN our Society, you will walk away inspired, informed, and ready to take more control of your life,

Connecting In a Revolution Within

Through the FREE Candidate;s Round Table you will learn how to connect with fellow Christians where you live, work, and worship for mutual support, to work on converting the lost, and to be an influence for Jesus to the greater community. We want you to be able to connect habitually and effortlessly with all Christian wherever you can to extend the Kingdom of God among men!

Creating A New Nation!

Through the FREE Candidate’s Round Table you will learn about ┬áthe role and blessings of nations, why they are not to be confused with political states, and how our Society will be modeled on the concept and practices of a nation of people whose God is the Lord, a nation that is a witness for Jesus to the nations!