People who decide to support and align themselves with our national vision will be supporting the building of a model community called Riqueday Village.

Nestled in the mountains of north-central Pennsylvania, this village will house key national leaders, Society members in need of affordable housing, people ministering to residents, refugees, and even the general public. The village will also include Riqueday Castle, the national headquarters for the Society and a regional support hub to promote the creation of Round Table Groups as the genesis of multi-family extended covenant households.

A key aspect of Riqueday Village is the hosting of and ministering to primarily Christian refugees, helping them to assimilate and eventually settle somewhere in the region, ideally within a local chapter of the Society which will further support their integration. When the village is established, it is hoped up to 500 refugees at any given time will be hosted for anywhere from 6-18 months.

As much as possible, Riqueday Village will be a model community demonstrating the application of Christian ideals for governance and civic authority through a private, intentional community that is open to and integrated with its surrounding physical community and the regional Christian community.

Owned by the Society, spaces will be provided for free to refugees and people in crisis as well as people ministering to them or participating in the missionary activity. Other spaces will be provided on the basis of mutual assurance and cooperation to Society members.

Finally, spaces, including housing and business space, will be set aside for market-based leasing that complies with the Fair Housing Act. In fact, the “publicly leased” spaces will ultimately offset or cover the costs of the facility itself, making it self-sustaining.

The village will also have the capacity to host as many as 2500 Society members and 2500 members of the general public on a short-term emergency basis. One of the benefits of Society membership will be a guarantee against homelessness and complete bankruptcy due to medical reasons, job or business loss, or persecution.

Riqueday Village will begin with part of the castle, the Keep, which will house key leaders, national offices, and meeting and training spaces as well as 30 guest suites for visitors. It will grow in phases until it looks like a medeival castle village, albeit one that is totally self-contained and self-reliant.

This aspect of the village will make it a tourist attraction and a net economic gain for the region where it is located. In addition to the style of building, the village will host immersive historic re-enactments including ancient, medeival, and world war two events.

A market space will host flea market vendors and shops and efforts will be made to nurture local businesses, with a focus on Society members, fellow Christians, and the disadvantaged who might need a hand-up to start their own business.

When people come to Riqueday Village they will see how open, welcoming, and nurturing a community can be if its underlying principles are Christian.

This is a powerful and effective witness to the nations of people around us that goes beyond theory and mere politics and that cannot be described by any fair person as imposing our views on anyone else. Even if you do not live in Riqueday Village after it is built, you will benefit from its existence because it will be an example in plain sight that you can use to demonstrate what it means to serve God in your whole life.

You will also be able to visit the Village and participate in training for members that is designed to equip you to become independent of the current godless society while being an effective witness for Jesus to that society.

Riqueday Village will be a regional mission and ministry support hub, a model community based on Christian values and beliefs, and refugee support facility. Supporting the creation of this village will help to turn the vision of a new Christian nation into a burgeoning reality.