The surge of refugees from Syria and Northern Iraq into Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and central Europe has caused alarm bells to ring around the world. The chief concern, and suspicion, has come from the fact that over 70% of all those claiming to be refugees are, apparently, well fed, strapping young men between the ages of 17 and 30: precisely the demographic who are most likely to be members of ISIL or any number of Salafo-facist groups (both Shia and Sunni).

In fact the behavior of these claimants of refugee status has only added layers of suspicion and alarm. A shocking picture circulating the internet now shows angry young men waving the ISIL flag while fighting police. Video segments have circulated showing angry young man chanting slogans in Arabic and hurling explitives at police and civilians alike. As some have described many of these refugees, there is a sense of entitelyment aamong them and not a few have made it clear, according to eye witnesses, that their aim is to conquer Europe for Islam. This is a Salafist sentiment and harkens back to the days of the imperialist Caliphates of the 7th to 13th centuries which embarked on an international program of invasion and colonization against non-Islamic peoples.

The German government, whose Chancellor Angela Merkel had welcomed these refugees to the tune of 450,000 so far, has suspended its former open borders agreement within the EU and has stopped the trains and busses from pouring in to Germany. This follows an unexcepetedly large influx of refugees, fears that ISIL and other Salafo-terrorist groups miight be infiltrating operators, and a surge in anti-immigrant sentiment and protests.

Indeed, the raw facts are that, at the current rate of immigration to most Western and Northern European countries, by 2050 the native populations of those countries will be in the minority in many regions and well on the way to minority status overall. The cultural and religious nature of these countries will substantially change because the native population has a birth-rate below 2.2 children per couple. Factors such as the devolution of marriage (redefining it as any romantic relationship between any two adults), the norms of cohabitation without marriage, the penchant for marrying later in life, and easy, no fault divorce are all possible causes for this low birth-rate, in addition to economic factors such as the rising cost of raising a child in a heavily taxed and regulated environment.

But the security concerns involved are of a more immediate concern. These more long term concerns are being ingorned. In fact, no government in Western Europe has addressed the radical changes that must take place in their countries if, and when, the native population moves into minority status and the Islamic immigrants become the majority.

Among the refugees, over 30% are refusing to be subjected to measures meant to identify them and check their background and forcing them to do so would clog the court systems for years sorting through each case. In fact, determining the end disposition of these people will likely also over-burden the courts in those countries where they have arrived.

What these means is that, once there, these refugees will not be able to be quickly removed, or even incarcerated for security reasons. Security agencies will have to be reactive, monitoring hundreds of thousands, trying to narrow down likely suspects, and trying to detect any security threats. The cause of helping refugees is complicated and the simpler solution, which would involve placing all these refugees in camps, screening them, and ensuring they are both willing and able to adopt the culture and social norms of the society in which they reside, for as long as they reside there, is just not being considered and would likely be opposed by the left, who seem ascendant in power all throughout the Western world.

And now the same leftist elements that are behind the sudden and stunning demographic shift in Europe want to open America up to at least 100,000 of these refugees. The refusal of the West to intervene in Syria and Northern Iraq in such a decisive manner as to end the cause of these massive migrations of (mostly) young, military aged men hell bent on an imperialist Islamic invasion of non-Muslim countries is likely to puzzle historians in the coming centuries.

This is a condition of the latter days of a civilization- the power structure has exhausted the native population and has worn out its welcome and must quite literally import new constituencies to support it. Indeed, politically, these groups of migrants are most likely to support the welfare state which reached its xenith in the 20th century, because it offers them status and benefits. The importation of barbarians in the Roman Empire as the peoples in that Empire proved unwilling to sacrifice for the state they had lost affection for is similar to what we are seeing now. In the West, however, the myth of democracy must be maintained but to maintain it the welfare state’s ruling elites (in both the corporate rent-buying and political insider classes) must be able to deliver votes and support.

This is a short-sighted program, as the Romans discovered, and will, if pursued, ultimately result in the massive destablization of the West which was envisioned in the “fictive future history” I first began writing about in 1982.

The security concerns can in fact be addressed, the socio-cultural norms of countries taking in refugees can be preserved (refugees who wish to remain must be willing to adopt the culture and norms of the society they live in- assimilation must be mandatory), and refugees can be helped, once the non-refugees are sorted and returned to a safe-zone in their homeland. Those who simply wish to turn these people away, citing all these concerns, are no less correct morally and ethically than those who essentially pursue an open-borders policy.

But from a historiological perspective (the perspective of the logic of history’s cycles and patterns), the failure of the West to preserve its socio-cultural norms, let alone its security, for the short-sighted aim of importing supporters for the moribund welfare state are the symptomatic of a civlization in its death spiral. It points up the need, advocated here, for a fraternal Christian society that will create a globally dispered missional Christian refuge as a new kind of “homeland within” where Christians are free and empowered to be a witness for Jesus to the nations.

Were the Upadarian (yoo-pah-dare-ee-an) Society to have the resources, we would be purposefully reaching out to bring the Gospel to these refugees, we would be screening them for diseases and criminal/security risks, and offering transition back to their homeland after the conflict ends or to their host country (through assimilation) if they chose to adopt our way of life. As we are not a state, we have no control over who can come across the borders, and, regardless of where we might stand on these policies, our instinct would always be to help people wherever we find them. We would prefer that a coalition of powers create a safe zone in the region from where these people came, where, if we had the resources, we could set up transition camps to sort those who pass all background checks and health screenings and to offer out-of-region transition assistance to those who wish to assimilate in their new host country.

While it is true there are real economic, security, and socio-cultural concerns that should be addressed, were the Upadarian Society to be established, as a Fraternal Christian Missionary and Refugee Society we would never turn our back on these people.

You can help to establish such a Society by simply registering with these site, your missional Christian refuge from a world that is hostile to Christ and His People, but that needs our powerful witness of the Gospel!