USA FLAGSo you want to be part of a nation that is BLESSED because its God is the Lord? You live in a country, a political state, and among a people whose culture, laws, values, and way of life (as actually practiced) reveal that the Lord Jesus Christ is NOT their God! Does this mean you have to move, start a new country, or secede from the political state you live within?

You CAN experience the blessings of being part of a NATION whose God is the Lord, no matter what COUNTRY or political state you live in. Nationhood is about culture, way of life, values, language, and national identity. As Christians we are all part of a UNIVERSAL AND ETERNAL “nation”, the Kingdom of God, and this “nation” exists wherever we exist! But temporal nations, or, to be clear, “nations of people”, are not so much different in the sense that they exist as culture and a way of life. In fact, all nations of people that are Christian are temporal and diverse express among us of the universal and eternal nation of God’s People, the Kingdom of God.

One such temporal nation of people is Upadaria, a stateless nation of people whose God is the Lord, made up of citizens of the Kingdom of God who adopt and follow a most Christian way of life that is “Christ-centered and Kingdom-focused” to its core. There are literally hundreds and thousands of ways that any Christian nation of people can express and manifest the truth of God and the power of His Kingdom among men!

The PROCESS of being NATURALIZED as a “Peer”, that is our term for a member of our nation, involves being confirmed as a Christian, learning and committing to our national covenant in free association with fellow Peers, and then practicing our lifestyle discipline and governance discipline as much as you can, beginning in a virtual setting and eventually in a local setting.

When you spiritually and culturally “immigrate” to Upadaria you consciously change your lifestyle from one that may be dependent upon and dominated by the current godless culture of the society in which you live to one that is independent of and not controlled by that society and that allows you to be a powerful and effective witness  and salt and light influence for Jesus to that society.

Where to start?

For now, until all the mechanisms are in place, email us direct at or register with this site (see below) and we will contact you for a virtual interview. If you are not a Christian and are still interested, please feel free to contact us so we can share with you what this “nation of people” is about and why it is an explicitly and exclusively Christian nation of which you ought to consider being a part.

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