Micronations Project

Our micronations project is a unique and innovative project that utilizes the concept and structure of micronations to teach valuable insights and to imagine a world in which governance is just, equitable, and fair to all on the basis of equality of freedom and opportunity and within the framework of a more or less Christian moral and ethical framework, however one that is tolerant of all, including non-Christians.

The “contained” for this project is itself a “micronation” called The Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria”- it is modeled on global crown confederal union of Upadarian (as in adherents to the Upadarian theory and system of government) micronational non-territorial states.

Upadaria is a virtual and spiritual PLACE, it is not a physical space, it is NOT a “micronation”, or a state, or country of any kind, it is a virtual and spiritual missional Christian refuge that exists in cuber-space and among people who utilize its ideals to promote Christian community. 

When we refer to the Crown Commonwealth OF Upadaria, we are referring to the idea and principle of Upadaria as a virtual and spiritual based missional Christian refuge. We also mean to imply that this is the ONLY “crown commonwealth” based solely on the concepts and practices of “Upadaria.” (You can be a member of the Upadarian community and not participate in the micronations project.)


We cannot be clear enough- While we value and utilize the concept and teaching tool of micronations including the concepts of nations, of territorial and non-territorial states, and of countries) as both part of our narrative and teaching discipline, we have NO ASPIRATIONS for making our fictive future histories a REALITY.

We do hope to influence the nations, peoples, states, and countries of this world by our UPDR model of government, so that they adopt a “Upadarian form of governance.” But that is as far as it goes and, what is more, that is neither then means nor the end goal of our activity, we see it only as a potential outcome.

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Micronations, what are they?

Micronations are often tiny, sometimes imaginary, countries with varying degrees of seriousness. The purpose of the Upadarian micronations is basically to both model a just and right standard of freedom with regards to nations of people, states, and countries and to ultimately support some form of alternative, non-territorial sovereignty, especially in support of Christian refugees.

The PURPOSE of our micronations project- 

Through the Micronations of Upadaria, Peers in the Society also learn valuable truths, principles, and practices which they must demonstrate a working knowledge of in order to advance along The Path of Honor. And so the Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria, and its member micronations, including The Free Principality of Riqueday, is meant to be a learning community in addition to its other noble purposes.

Initially, all members who wish to be part of or form a Upadarian micronation will join the CCU and participate as “citizens” in its virtual activities to both prepare them for creating additional micronations and to equip them in real life to live peacefully as free individuals, even in an un-free world.

Members will be”joined” to any “micronation” that applies to where they live, and/or they may eventually form their own “virtual to local” Upadarian micronation. Some of the pre-existing micronations include-

FPR MAPThe Free Principality of Riqueday– the FRP is based on a future fictive history titled “The Battle of Riqueday” and is “located” in a region bordering France, Germany, and Luxembourg. Initially jointly administered by Germany and France as a large refugee community with internal autonomy, when the Germans and the French go to war the Principality refuses to allow its French and German citizens to be drafted or to take sids- this results in a joint Franco-German attack against the Principality, which they miraculously stave off with success. The Germans and French declare a “cordon sanitaire” around the Principality and fight a bitter war that eventually leads to massive loss of life in both countries and the expansion of Riqueday.

In the fictive future history, the “Bergs” within Riqueday plat overseas mission and refugee communities that become the basis of 17 Principalities that later grow into the 17 Constitutional Kingdoms of Riqueday. The Free Principality becomes the Capital of the Upadarian Empire in the  fictive future history.

The Upadarian Empire– Officially The Upadarian Crown Confederal Union, and often (in the fictive future history) referred to as “The Upadarian Empire”, the UCCU includes a region of central and northern Europe. This is modeled on a more or less enlightened version of the Holy Roman Empire, utilizing the UPDR governance structure, and also includes its own member micronations including The Kingdom of Prussia, the Kingdom of Bavaria, and 17 Crown Republics as well as the Kingdoms of Warsaw, Bohemia, and Scandinavia.  All members of the Upadarian Society who live in the region of the UCCU and all who wish to reach that region of the world for Christ are welcome in the UCC.

(The term “Empire” is not in fashion today, but in the future fictive history many old terms come back and the term “Empire” has a much more enlightened meaning.)

It is important to note that in the story the “Empire” (UCCU) comes into existence only AFTER a horrible series of events wipes out over 90% of the population in the region, and later it becomes occupied by people from all over the world. Because it is a loose confederal union of many states, and because it uses a system of royalty (albeit based on merit alone) what was referred to OFFICIALLY as “The Upadarian Crown Confederal Union of North-Central Europe” becomes simply “The Upadarian Empire”, although the official title is “The Upadarian Crown Confederal Union.”

upadarian commonwealth of america mapThe Upadarian Commonwealth of America- The UCA includes a region of the eastern Unite States and eastern Canada and is also based on a fictive future history. The UCA is based on a  combination of the New England Confederation and the 1776 Constitution for Pennsylvania and combines the visions of the Puritans and of William Penn.

The UCA comes into existence after the collapse of the central government and after many regions break away, but it never intends to “break away” from the United States and seeks to unify the United States under a basic system of freedom within a limited union of sovereign republics or commonwealths. In the fictive story, the UCA comes into being gradually and quite unintentionally. 

The story shows what leads up to 2147, when America as we know it is no more. But the meaning of the story is not that America has to be broken up and suffer terribly, the real story is that is America returns to her roots she can avoid a future that will look something like our fictive history, a history we hope never comes to pass.

upadarian cpThe Crown Principality of Upadaria- the CPU is a small fictive autonomous protectorate of the US and Canada located on Anticosta Island in the St. Lawrence seaway and is the “capital” of the entire CCU. A world headquarters for the Upadarian Society, with sovereignty akin to the Vatican, is envisioned for the future and could be located anywhere. This micronation models what that world headquarters might look like. We make NO CLAIM on the ACTUAL Canadian Island and only use it for illustrative purposes.

The 17 Kingdoms of Upadaria these are essentially “cities of refuge” that become independent city-states and that establish various member city-states around the world that act as places of refuge for Christians and others seeking relief from war, famine, and persecution. They are based on a fictive future history. (In the Society their corresponding organization will be the 17 Missionary Tribes who are responsible for establishing Mission and Refugee centers around the world.)

the world 2147 ccuThis map below depicts the world in 2147, according to out fictive future history, upon which most of our micronations projects are based.

Notice there are blue areas that are some sort of member states, there are blue stars signifying the 17 Crown Principalities which begin as missionary and refugee communities, there are white stars depicting member city-states that are affiliated with the 17 Kingdoms, there is the Upadarian Commonwealth of America, and the Upadarian Crown Confederal Union. This is as close as I can get to the original “map” I first saw in my head in 1982 when I believe I was given insight into the coming of a new nation of people. 

I MUST emphasize- this is what I saw, and I have always believed that while much of what I saw was prophetically inspired(and so much has come to pass), and teaches lessons for the future, I have always never taken this as something absolutely prophetic in a literal sense. In fact, I hope that the type of events that make this world map a necessity, whether the name “Upadaria” is used or not, never happen- that would mean terrible things for billions of people. Beyond using these stories as teaching tools and to unleash creativity, my only aim is to create a global fraternal Christian missionary and refugee society that reaches  the nations for Jesus Christ. 

THERE ARE MICRONATIONS they are not real “countries”- that really is not the point. The point is the framework, narrative, lessons, skills, and wisdom to be gained by understanding the deeper and more spiritual meaning of these stories will empower YOU to live free and to be an effective witness for Jesus to the nations.

This constitutes the OFFICIAL Micronations of the CCU, there will also be autonomous member micronations.

There are two kinds of Autonomous Member Micronations- those that simply adhere to the general and non-sectarian Imperial Charter of the CCU as either territorial or non-territorial “states”, and those which are non-territorial states or simply stateless nations which also adhere to The Upadarian National Covenant. States with any claim or territory, aside from small private intentional communities, cannot adopt the Upadarian National Covenant as the basis of their citizenship or participation in government. So we refer to General Micronations and Covenant Micronations.

Crown Regency of Upadaria MapThe Crown Regency of Upadaria– All of the regional chapters of the Society are DESIGNED along the lines of a “non-territorial state”, although they are base on regional chapter boundaries, the first and central “regional chapter” being “The Crown Regency of Upadaria.” The name basically means that this is THE genesis and the “capital” regional chapter of the Upadarian Society and of “Upadaria”, which, as explained earlier, is a virtual and spiritual missional Christian refuge. The “Crown Regency” is made up of 17 “Shires” which correspond to the 17 Kingdom/Missionary Tribes, 7 Crown Principates (organized in an urban model into different Boros), and a “Demesne” (area governed directly by the Paramount Regent of the whole Regency).

Initially all Society members will be members of the Crown Regency of Upadaria, the HOME chapter, until other chapters can be established. But while the Crown Regency of Upadaria is a regional chapter, and while it certainly claims no ownership or dominion over physical territory, the style, narrative, and form of governance of the regional chapter is like unto a non-territorial state existing WITHIN the territory it serves. In other words, it takes on the trappings of a “micronation” in its own right, though it is not merely a micronational project. These borders on the map are approximate and subject to revision as, again, this is not a claimed “territory” but a regional boundary for a chapter organization which happens to be  the home chapter for the whole Society.


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