Our missional Christian refuge, Upadaria, contains various projects which are places of activation and learning within our community, or an outreach the world around us.


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Some projects include:

Fraternal and Sororal Orders- these are special orders for men and women the promote an ethic of pursuing God’s best with excellence as a witness to the nations through mutuality (mutual assurance, support, encouragement, and accountability).

Round Table Groups- these are 5-20 member mutual support and learning groups designed to encourage a familial-type mutual care and to promote and teach the concept of an extended multi-family household which members can utilize locally to experience true Christian community.

The Upadarian Labor Exchange- This is an up and coming project to help members buy and sell without cash- instead you trade units of time (1/10th of an hour labor) called “Upos”, and in a perfectly legal manner.

Africa Mission Center- this is a project to invest in economic development in a West African country and to  build a Mission Center to  reach and empower local Christians and share the Gospel. It will also serve a safe haven for Christians in the region who need a place to stay and to recover from a life-crisis.

Micronational Projects- we use the concepts and the structures of micronations to impart our theories and best practices and as an outreach to people who point of interest is nations, states, and countries.  GO HERE to read more about Micronational Projects