Every day it seems there is a new affront to Christians, to our faith, and to our rights. This godless and decadent culture knows no boundaries it does not dare violate. What is the solution that will liberate us from this onslaught?

It would seem that the forces of decay and outright depravity have the upper hand and that there is nothing we can do about it. In fact many Christians have given up. They may escape to an end-times view that seems to welcome the “bad news” as evidence that “we are the last generation”, and they’re looking for a fast and supernatural ride out of here. Some have given up because they just think the devil is in charge now, or something like that, and they believe we should not worry about anything of the earth- we should expect all this as the price we pay to follow Christ.

Now, if you are one of those people, you aren’t even looking for something to help you overcome the decadence and corruption that surrounds us. In short, you have no hope or desire for liberation. Maybe you think it’s the end of all things and there will be no more future generations, so it doesn’t matter, or maybe you just think this is life for Christians and all we can expect.

I don’t know when the true end is coming. We’ve been in the Last Days for over 2,000 years. But I don’t believe anyone can KNOW when, even down to which generation, Jesus will return. And I would not want to take any chances by leaving behind a world that would be horrible to future generations all because I didn’t think there would be any future generations. And I reject the notion that God wants us, as Christians, to constantly suffer and constantly be victimized by the worldlings. Offenses, abuses, persecutions, and martyrdom are things we all risk enduring to serve God, but many millions and millions of Christians are the centuries have been blessed to have very little of those things: it would be as morbid and sadistic to seek and expect ONLY those things as it would be to beat yourself with whips and chains because you think you “deserve” it! Of course, it would be wrong to say we cannot and will not ever face these things: a willingness to “resist unto blood” for the faith is a necessary qualification for following Jesus!

So, if you don’t believe in or accept the idea that there COULD be a BETTER future for Christians, then just don’t worry about what I am saying. It would be a waste of your time to read on. But if you believe there COULD be a BETTER future for Christians, and if you want to see a future for your spiritual and familial progeny that offers the opportunity to freely seek God and fulfill His best for their lives with excellence, then do read on!

In 1982 God revealed a POSSIBLE future to me. Parts of what I saw are a warning: I hope those parts do not happen. Other parts of the vision are things we can choose of our own freewill to either help people escape what is coming, a time of darkness and judgment, or to weather it and build a strong foundation for freedom with justice that can be enjoyed by our progeny.

The heart of what I saw was twofold: a new “nation” not based on a political state but, rather, the spiritual “regency” of a global “Society”, and a coming new Christian civilization based on the four core ideals of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law.

This website has many articles, and I keep adding more, that explain all of this. If you stick with your preconceived notions then you will have a hard time understanding this and using it to escape the control and dominance of a godless civilization. When you understand even that our concept of a nation is represented by a chosen lifestyle and by relationships and mutual commitments (a “freewill covenant association”) and NOT by politics, the state, or territorial control then you have the mental and spiritual “equipment” in your mind to adopt a new nationality that will empower you to overcome the godlessness that surrounds you and seeks to invade your life.

Nationality is mostly expressed in your daily lifestyle and one of the “secrets” I discovered is that the default lifestyle imposed on us by our culture and institutions is actually the “Trojan horse” that allows godlessness to invade our lives. This default lifestyle is a lifestyle that makes you a loner subjected to the collective which is controlled by a few godless elites.

Nationality, interestingly enough, is the one thing respected by even the worldlings who control this civilization and its political states. For instance, the Amish and American “Indian Tribes” (to use the legal terms) are the only groups exempted from Obamacare. I believe this is supernatural because God has ordained nations: not as “political states” but as nations of people, and He will not allow anyone to erase the God-ordained boundaries and differences between them. In Acts 17:26-27 the standing of nations and their purpose is described: they have the standing of being predestined to exist in time and space and it says that God ordains their existence and uniqueness “so that men might find God if they seek Him.” Now, many nations of people do not live up to this, and so He judges them eventually, and many political states do not respect this role and standing for nations of people, and so God judges them as well.

What God showed me, in great detail, was that He had planted the seeds of a NEW nation in me, a “nation of people whose God is the Lord”, and that this nation would be spread like spots of yeast all around the world, here and there, to both empower its members to escape the control and dominance of the godless civiliation and to be witnesses for Jesus to the nations. Whoever is called by God to be a member, or Peer, of this nation and who then follows the way of life of this nation, a way of life that is Christian and Biblical, will be part of a “nation whose God is the Lord” and they will partake of the “national blessings” God has in store for that nation.

Now, be ever careful, this is not a political state. In the future the name used for that nation, “Upadaria”, may be used to describe the governing discipline or ideology of political states, meaning they’d be “Upadarian” states, but this is NOT what I am talking about and it is not that for which I am aiming in my mission. Indeed, I saw “Upadarian states” in what God showed me but if the message of repentance and conversion is responded to then this aspect of what I saw will not need to occur.

The key is the concept of a nation of people: of being part of such a particular nation and of seeing that, as Christians, we are part of a “nation of nations”, an eternal nation, and that all temporal nations of people ought to get their inspiration and guidance in the essentials or “universals” of our faith from that eternal nation, the Kingdom of God.

You can use this in two ways: you can use this to adopt this new nationality yourself (and go beyond that to join our Society, although this is not necessary to adopt the nationality), or you can be inspired by these ideas and use them in the nation of people you most identify with. So, for instance, if you are, say, an Igbo, you might be inspired by these writings to adopt a Christian Igbo nationality and become a witness for Jesus to the Igbo People, asking them to center their way of life on Jesus Christ. But if you are an Igbo who sees that this new nationality is what God calls you to be part of, then you could do that and still also be a witness to the Igbo nation as a missionary for Jesus.

The real secret is that we are following an un-Christian lifestyle by default because we are not part of a Christian “nation of people”, we are within a godless civilization, and that the best response is to intentionally adopt a new Christian nationality that will empower you to overcome the godlessness, keep it from invading your life, while making you an effective witness for Jesus.

Make a choice and explore this website, register as a free user to get updates, and seek God if perchance He desires YOU to be one of the founders of this new nation of people.