Novazzia is the name given to the greater inheritance of William Penn and the Puritans which is centered on the northeast of the United States, including the larger Penn’s Grant and the charters of New England. Both William Penn and the Puritans believed they were starting a “New Jerusalem” of sorts in the wilderness in the NEW WORLD of America. So then the first supra-regional chapter of the Upadarian Society of America is styled, “The Kingdom of Novazzia” (FCRNA) or just “Novazzia” for short.

Novazzia is a vision for a new and free America returning to and bulding upon the four core ideals of America’s spiritual constitution. While the title is used for this supra-regional chapter of the Upadarian Society, it is a vision that applies to all of America. The “States” are not utilized as sub-regional divisions but, rather, a Crown Regency of Upadaria and 17 other Regencies represent the concept of a freedom-focused crown federal union of free “united people’s democratic republics” led by a well qualified “nobility of merit.”

The Kingdom of Novazzia is not an absolute monarcy, in fact royality and nobility are conditional, they are neither inherited nor granted for life, but only, in the case of royalty, during a tenure of office, and, for nobility, for as long as the individual remains qualified. The Presiding Regent and Lord Protector of the Kingdom is the titular head, however he or she is accountable to The Privy Council, which consists of the 17 Regents of the Regencies and the Crown Regent of the Crown Regency of Upadaria, who is also head of the whole Society, and who alone has 5 voted in the council. (Initially the Crown Regent may fill in as the head of the Kingdom of Novazzia.)

The Kingdom of Novazzia is described as “a non-territorial virtual state serving the needs and interests of Christians within the northeast of the USA who are members of the Upadarian Society of America.” The capital of Novazzia will eventually be a village called “Riqueday Village”, an intentional Christian refugee and missions support community that will also serve as the national headquarters for the Upadarian Society.