Is it possible or even practical to quite literally start a new nation if the nation you currently belong to does not reflect your Christian beliefs and values? Well, if you understand the proper role and function of nations, as opposed to political states, then the answer is that, yes, creating an “intentional nation” is not only a possibility but it may even be a necessity. Indeed, such a nation can be an effective witness for Jesus to the nations of this world and a refuge for Believers from a godless culture.

For what does your nation stand? Does the culture and way of life associated with your nation reflect the values and beliefs you cherish? Is your nation a Christian nation or a godless nation? You want to be able to say your nation stands for that which is good and noble and righteous. You want to be able to say the culture and way of your life reflects your values and beliefs. You want your nation to honor Christ and not to push godlessness, which results in corruption and moral depravity.

A nation is not a political state, don’t confuse the two, and a political state ought to preserve the rights and respect the way of life of the nations of people within its borders. But nations have a very real role on this earth and in this life: through their familial bonds and covenant association they define a culture and way of life that can either empower you to seek and find God or distract you and even block you from that aim.

When you think of nations as people who, through familial bonds and covenant association, define a culture and way of life that empowers them to seek and find God you understand what nations are all about, and you have something by which to judge and measure the goodness of any national people. If that national people’s culture and way of life allows people to freely seek God and find Him, and then go on to serve Him fully, then it is good. If a national people’s culture and way of life fails to do this, then it is bad.

The American and many Western nations of people are dominated, via the political state, by a culture and way of life that impedes people from seeking and finding God and from serving Him fully. Indeed, to openly say what God’s Word says about the issues and culture of the day, a culture of immoral self-indulgence, is guaranteed to get you punished, formally or informally, it doesn’t matter. The American political state and the political states of Western Civilization reflect the fact that the nations of people within their borders do not honor God and choose Christ. The result is godlessness manifested in corruption and moral decadence.

We need nations, in other words we need familial bonds and covenant associations, we need a Christian culture and way of life that people can choose freely to adhere to, and we need a national lifestyle that positively reinforces the idea of serving God in every aspect of your daily life. We need such nations on this earth and in this life and when we find that our existing temporal nations are not living up to this standard we have a right to choose to join or form new nations of people with others of the same mind.

Yes, we can intentionally create a new nation of people that reflects our Christian values and beliefs without imposing them on anyone else: we can create such a nation that has the people and resources to petition political states on behalf of the rights of its members to freely live their way of life and serve God in peace.

I am introducing a new concept for many: the idea of creating an intentional nation of people with its own familial bonds and covenant associations, it’s own culture and way of life, and a national lifestyle that empowers people to seek God, to find God, and to serve God by fulfilling His best for them with excellence. YOU can be part of such a nation of people, right where you live, and if you do, you can also live a more Christ-centered and Kingdom-focused life than you ever thought you could live while being an effective witness for Jesus to the “nations” around you.

As Christians we are all part of a universal and eternal nation- the Kingdom of God. This Kingdom has a broad and shared culture, lifestyle, and way of life that is the basis of the many diverse “nations of people whose God is the Lord”: it is the “originating authority” for any nation whose God is the Lord and, as such, any truly Christian nation is as ONE with every other Christian nation. A truly Christian nation (there is such thing as a Christian STATE) includes ONLY Christians in freewill covenant association, is rooted in a common “Kingdom identity in Christ” with every other Christian nation, and empowers its members to live For God wholly as witnesses and salt and light influencers for Jesus Christ.

When I “saw” a new Christian nation, called Upadaria, in 1982 I was only begining to understand what God was really showing me. It took me over 30 years to finally “get it” because, like most everyone who grew up in the age of so-called “nation-states”, I could not see the difference in role and function between the nation as PEOPLE and the political state as a FORCE. But, thank God, I finally “got” that this “nation” is a PEOPLE with a distinct and God-ordained culture and way of life and that the message to political states was a freedom message rooted in a balanced application of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law to keep the peace, and to protect the rights, persons, and property of the innocent against evildoers.

We can actually “start a nation.” We can choose a national identity and lifestyle that is wholly Christian and that nation, through such formal legal associations as a “fraternal society” can petition political states to protect and honor the rights of its members to live a Christian lifestyle.

How do you embrace a new nationality?

It is a conscious decision to adopt a new nationality, and it must begin by understanding that nationality: its core values and beliefs, its culture and lifestyle discipline, its governance discipline and philosophy, and its norms and standards of conduct and relationships. You have to understand these things, you have to be convicted in your spirit that God desires this for you, and then you have to freely enter into a covenant association with others to live these things as much as it is possible for you to do so.

We begin, or we ought to begin, with a common foundation that applies to all Christians everywhere. To understand our common unity with all other Christians and Christian nations that have existed or will exist gives us the only true foundation for Christian nationhood. By these standards and norms, call them Christian Universals or Kingdom of God Principles or what have you, we can judge EVERY nation of people whose God is the Lord to determine if they are truly following the Lord. By these standards and norms we can also embrace true Christian unity that is organic and from the heart on a person to person basis instead of being artificially created by formal “organizations”.

Nations of people whose God is the Lord are blessed: those “national blessings” come to us in the spiritual because we are part of the universal and eternal nation of people that is the Kingdom of God and temporally through temporal nations of people to which we might choose to belong. Now, if we are ONLY part of the Kingdom of God that is enough for us for eternity, the blessings of temporal nations of people apply only to this life, but they are very real. We do not HAVE TO choose to be part of a temporal nation of people whose God is the Lord in order to be saved, but we HAVE A RIGHT to CHOOSE to be part of such a nation.

The question is: do you WANT to be able to say “I am part of a nation whose God is the Lord?” Do you want this for yourself and your progeny? Do you WANT to be part of a national people which has a formal organization that will petition political states to respect your Christian way of life and not interfere with it? Do you want the temporal blessings of being part of a temporal nation of people whose God is the Lord?

You can choose that by choosing to consider being a part of a new nation I, and those God will call to participate as founders, and launching online as a virtual-to-local Christian national community, “The Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria”, a Christian nation of people, not a state, that will be formally organized as a Fraternal Christian Missionary and Refugee Society. I believe God has shown this to me as a sort of “refuge and safe haven” for Christians from a godless culture that we need to not be dependent on or controlled by without losing our opportunity to witness and be a salt and light influence.

That “nation of people” is called “Upadaria”, and Upadaria will be a globally dispersed national people starting with a virtual national community that plants local mission communities all over the world. Through the fulfillment of this vision for a stateless Christian nation many Believers will find refuge from a godless society while being empowered to be a witness for Jesus to the people in that society. You can be part of this Christian nation, no matter where you live, no matter your ethnic background or so-called “race” or skin color, and no matter your denomination, provided you agree with and Christian Universals which every Believer must follow. And if you choose to be part of this Christian nation you can say, “I am part of a nation whose God is the Lord”, with all that this implies.

Right now I am actively seeking “founders” of this nation who commit to the initial work of establishing an online national community and then a fraternal Christian society with local chapters organized as mission communities. By exploring you can learn what this nation is all about and you can decide if you are called to be part of this nation. This requires a real commitment of time and resources to build the necessary “virtual to local infrastructure” which includes a virtual community and eventually a local “model community” which every other local chapter can follow as its guide.

The simple truth is we CAN start a new nation and, in light of the godless society in which we find ourselves, starting our own distinct Christian nation is in fact a right and proper response that empowers us to live independent of that godless culture while living among the people of that culture as a witness and salt and light influence for Jesus, and while providing a refuge for people from the control of that culture.

You can join or form yet another religious organization or yet another political group: none of them are what a stateless Christian nation of people can be on this earth! By joining this Christian nation you can choose a Christian way of life that honors God, you can enjoy the blessings of being part of a nation whose God is the Lord, and you can be empowered to be an effective witness for Jesus to the nations of people around you in the godless society in which we now live.

Contact me directly if you feel that this is something you should explore:

(Note- Upadaria is a STATELESS nation being organized as a fraternal Christian missionary and refugee society, we are not interested in using politics or the weapons of this world to establish our nation and we are not seeking political or territorial sovereignty any more than we would seek to impose our Christian way of life on non-Christians. We will establish our nation by how we live for Jesus together and by being a witness for Jesus to the nations.)