Welcome To Upadaria! We are a covenant-based Christian missionary and refugee community of free people dedicated to empowering people to live freely in Christ, to equipping Christians as powerful witnessses for Jesus to the nations, and to promoting true freedom and human dignity for all people as a salt and light influence in this world.

This is a sort of “virtual homeland”, basically a virtual community, for a “nation of people whose God is the Lord.” The whole concept of our community of Christians, and supporters of Christian freedom to live out and preach the Gospel, is based on a vision for a nation defined by people and values, committments and family, instead of by territories and states, laws or governments. While any kind of human association and organization can follow “Upadarian” principles, or the UPDR model, “Upadaria” is a “place” that exists solely in the form of connections, commitments, and, at its heart, what we refer to as “freewill covenant association” (koinonia).

Our virtual community is a “Covenant Community” in which members “make covenant” together (koinonia), at different levels, to live and advance a Christian way of life, to act as missionaries to the lost, and to both serve refugees in the physicial and to live ourselves as spiritual refugees looking for a city whose builder and maker is God.

Within Upadaria, as a community, there is a micronational project that imparts the global vision of Upadaria as a stateless nation of people and that is a witness to the nations and kingdoms of this world through modelling our unique form of governance.

A Most Noble Order of the Knights of Upadaria is a men’s only fraternal order while the Most Noble Order of the Ladies of Upadaria is a women’s only sororal order. Both groups are part of The Upadarian Society, a Christian missionary and refugee society. Levels of commitment for those organizations are specific to those organizations with the whole community.

You can join and participate in Upadaria without joining any of the projects or associations within the community, and basic membership is free. By agreeing to our “Pledge of Common Unity” and a “Statement of Faith” you can join as a Christian member. If you are not a Christian but support freedom for Christians as a friend of the Christian People, you can join by simply agreeing to our Pledge of Common Unity you can become a general member.

If you want to be free to be a practicing Christian who shares your faith, or if you want to connect with fellow Christians of the same mind, then Upadaria is your kind of community.
When I prayed and sought God to show me how to escape all the chaos and upheaval striking the world today, He showed me “go to Upadaria”, and in so doing I saw in my spirit many others finding safety there as well. Here it is before you, an open door: go to Upadaria, a virtual homeland for free Christians, and go out to serve as a witness for Jesus to the nations.

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