W. R. (Bill) Collier Jr- The word for our Society is “UPaDaRia”, pronounced yoo-pah-dare-ee-ahh, and it is an acronym for initials UPDR which stand for “Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law.” While it seems everyone, even those who otherwise ignore Federal laws on immigration, is screaming “Rule of law”, now might be a good time to remind people of the four core ideals and how they bring balance and peace if they are followed.

The four core ideals work in harmony- the greatest innovation “upadarianism” as a governance discipline brings to the table is that harmony and peace come when all of the four core ideals of Biblical governance are follow in balance with each other. How one understands and applies the four core ideals must be rooted in deep moral virtue, not some amoral secularist notion that all truth is relative, and the application of any one ideal cannot contradict any of the other core ideals.

Unity in diversity is actually of great importance and is a starting point for understanding the four core ideals. At its root it says, “I can be wholly me and live my life in harmony with you even if we are different.” The unity is, first, voluntary and, second, broad enough to give everyone their space. The diversity is their space, but it is still contained within the unity.

Popular sovereignty balances the consent of the whole and the rights of the individual, it gives space to popular expression and self-determination without subsuming the individual in the collective, but it recognizes that all sovereignty comes from God, not man, and not the state.  The law cannot be totally dismissive of popular consensus, but it must also balance individual sovereignty that comes from God.

Democratic equality balances the collective expression of the People (demos) and their “tribes” (free associations) with the inherent equality of value of all and is best expressed as a “nobility of merit” earned by merit and acclaimed by one’s peers solely on the basis of the content of one’s character.

Rule of law implies two things- a rule-making and enforcing process and a standard that is objective, equitable, and fair. So we have process (rule) and objective standard (law) derived by the consensus of the governed, but that, if it is going to work, must take cognizance of universal laws of cause and effect. As Christians God’s word is our law and the process of dsicerning that law involves seeking the will of God: but even in the natural community one can argue for objective laws of nature which ought to be discerned and obeyed.

This is not a statement about politics or how you might interpret the Constitutions: people, nations, and states are not judged on these matters of human mental gymnastics but on the basis of the justice and equity by which they treat their fellow human beings. You might argue that the Constitution is against, for instance, “religious convictions” being used to deny same sex marriage licenses to homosexuals. But this is not a legal issue, it is a moral issue, and the case for whether America, as a country, is right or wrong will not be decided by men, but by God.

Those who deny God judges men, nations, or states/countries today will have no time for this argument and will smugly ignore it, but we who are the Faithful know that GOD IS NOT DEAF that He cannot hear, nor blind, that He cannot see, nor weak that He cannot move in power. And when your state which follows a godless and secular standard strikes its hand down upon the Children of God, it can be said “it was better for Sodom then it will be for that country.”

We are not on friendly ground. The solution is not political. According to the “rule of law” of this country, which has abandoned these four core ideals, as well as their most Christian roots, those who do not go along with their unnatural definitions of marriage and family will be punished IF they are within the godless system the seculars now control.

It may be the dictum “keep your religion out of public life” has become quite accepted by this country as its new “rule of law”, but the Supreme Ruler who gave us all four core ideals to abide by and who is the source of all Law will not be removed from His throne, nor will His presence be removed from any part of life, whatever your silly “rule of law” imagines!

(I do not propose to impose Christian morality or law on the seculars, I would only propose a path of mutual respect and peace, and tolerance, that is sensitive to everyone’s convictions, whether we share them or not, and that seeks accomodation, not confrontation: but I know the seculars, whose hearts are set on their course by hell, cannot even abide by such terms. Nonetheless, I seek such terms because two wrongs do not make a right. The answer is the depolitization of culture, but if this were achieved, the seculars would have no “legal” cover for their war on Christianity.)

We can argue about each case in which a Christian refuses to do something they feel condones what the state calls a right and what we know God calls a wrong (despite those who twist God’s words with human sophistry because of their darkened minds). All of us will at times disagree about whether this was the right place or time to take such a stand. But the truth is that prior to the imposition of the new homosexualism as a state ideology such clashes with religious freedom were not the norm: today, in the name of an act called “sodomy” in the Bible, persecution of Christians under the banner of “rule of law” is becoming the norm. And that is, we can spiritually discern, the Enemy’s plan.

But the Enemy’s plans are for nothing. God also has a plan, and His plan gets His Name Glory among men: and His plan makes an open spectacle of the Enemy, crushing him over and over again in humiliation.

It is not for us, as Christians, to become disheartened: we do not judge them that are outside of the Body of Christ, but by following these four core ideals (rooted in Romans 12) we can seek harmony and peace with our neighbors, knowing that God alone is their judge, and we can crate those “spaces for freedom” where the seculars are not in control. The seculars, we must remember, are neither our friends, nor our enemies, they are our mission field. Of course we know they are at war with us, but only because their darkened hearts are at war with God.

Those chanting “rule of law” are, frankly, heartless and ingorant: we need four core ideals in balance to forge peace that gives everyone, seculars and Christians and everyone else, space where they can life their life freely: but the secular prove their implacable hate by insisting on nothing less than political, economic, and cultural surrender to THEIR godless and, frankly, perverted way of living. It is not enough for them to ask for their own space, they must leave us without a sanctuary- but God WILL provide sanctuaries and the seculars will be powerless to do anything about it.

We must adopt a detached disinterest in the daily back and forth as the seculars fight to use politics as a weapon against us: they are as foolish children who poke a baby bear forgetting that its parent is not far away. We may feel like that baby bear, being poked as the seculars ridicule us and our faith and our way of life, but Papa Grizzly is not far away.