Can we remain free if hostile populations who embrace intolerance are filling up our cities? Photo- Rosario Sollazzi.

Today, we in America witness random acts of small scale terror. This has raised concerns about allowing in less than highly vetted refugees from among population groups whose culture and belief is, frankly, rather savage. The view of the modern Islamist regarding tolerance for non-Muslims, the status of women, the treatment of people who don’t comply with Islamist Sharia, and other important matters is shocking and truly deplorable. What is more, as these populations are imported they not only refused to assimilate but they take on a hostile tone and demand cultural and social concessions.

If our Christian Society, centered on intentional extended households, had millions of members, things would be different.

One way you can understand the concept of a Upadarian Shirehold Estate is to consider life if such an estate existed and if you lived on or near one as a peer.

(A Shirehold is a multi-family extended household of about 120 to 200 or so adults and their immediate families who act as one big extended family. It is organized by a group of 3 to 5 Microshires of about 20 to 40 adults. An estate is the facility that has their common places, co-housing, refugee housing, and community mission.)

In your typical neighborhood Upadarian Shirehold Estate, there will be refugees. But refugees are both internal and external, and they are people who are mostly Christians. These refugees are being helped to assimilate into the country, by learning and adhering to its norms and standards, and they are compelled as a condition of acceptance to become productive members of society.

Housing refugees from a hostile culture into subsidized ghettos and not demanding that they work, let alone assimilate, is asking for trouble. And trouble has found us. With plans for hundreds of thousands more, often concentrating in small cities or towns where they become a plurality of the population, many are alarmed.

Let’s assume the Upadarian Society of America has 3 million members as Peers and that another 10 million Americans had some membership in a Upadarian style estate.

First, if you lived in areas where this activity was threatening safety, you would be able to go to the estate and, even if you didn’t live there, find shelter if necessary knowing you are safe. People in an estate would be screened and security would be provided by the residents who cooperatively own a local franchise of a security company. Through that company, residents are trained and equipped to keep anything or anyone harmful off the premises.

Second, we would be directing Christian outreach to these communities of refugees. If there were illegal efforts to hamper our outreach, we would mobilize members to put massive pressure on politicians to protect our rights and we would organize to ensure we have enough people to prevent an outreach from being disrupted. The only real counter to the bondage these people suffer under is the Gospel.

Third, we would be working with the UN and other agencies to rescue and host Christian refugees who are totally neglected by a governments that have become pro-Salafist in its policies. Social media campaigns and advertising would be conducted to share the plight of Christians and to expose the current American government’s complicity in their ongoing suffering.

Fourth, if disruptions of normal economic activity or even food and other supplies occur because of terrorism, as a member of a Shirehold you would know there is a safety net. Supplies of necessities would be maintained and mutual assurance funds would help if you faced economic hardship. You would know that you will always have a way to feed and shelter your family, no matter what.

We would be bold. Take the Somali community in Minnesota. We would find and work with Somali Christians, we would conduct outreaches, and we would plant Shirehold Estates right in their midst. If or when the Salafists element tried to suppress us or keep us out, we would marshal all of our resources to defend our own rights to free speech and freedom of religion and we would use massive social media to show any abuse suffered by Christians within that community.

In areas with a lot of peers, we would organize public efforts to be on guard against possible terrorism by conducting patrols, training people in how to observe and then report on such activity, and teaching safety and self-defense skills.

We would not be anti-immigrant or against refugees, though it is sensible that they be vetted. We would insist they assimilate, work, and that our right to go in among them and both share the Gospel and plant our own communities be protected.

While it is problematic that such hostile populations are brought here, we have to take advantage of the opportunity to reach them here. Because reaching them in their home countries is difficult owing to their general intolerance toward non-Muslims.