All are welcome to be part of Upadaria! (Upadaria is pronounced "yoo-pah-dare-ee-ah")

I am a Upadarian (yoo-pah-dare-ee-ahn)- I choose a freewill covenant association within the company of fellow Christians where the people exercise their regency in Christ as kings and priests unto the Lord according to the wisdom and will of God. I am free from any godless society, though I might live among them, and I am blessed to be part of a people as a nation of people whose God is the Lord.

I live in the society of all of humankind and in the country where I live as a witness for Jesus to the nations, and I am determined, with God’s help, to live free in Christ and to always avoid giving control over any part of my life to ungodly systems or structures, to the best of my ability, with the provision of God, and with the mutual support of my Christian companions.

I am a follower of Christ who aims to find and fulfill God’s best for my life, in the company of fellow believers, and with excellence- to help and provide sanctuary to refuges of all types, especially Christians, and to serve God as a missionary while supporting world missionary efforts to preach the Gospel and convert sinners to Jesus Christ.

I choose a “nation of people” whose God is the Lord, even as I live as a witness for Jesus to the nations of people around me, and I am not subservient to the culture of the country in which I live when that culture defies the laws and righteousness of God, though I seek always to live at peace and obey the laws of the land in which I live, to my utmost, unless obedience to such laws is disobedience to God.

I use the four core ideals which include Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law, from a Biblical perspective to govern my relationships and associations and to resolve conflicts and keep the peace.

I do not impose my convictions or way of life on others, but I choose to follow a Christian way of life, preferring those who share my lifestyle and all Christians, even those of different convictions, on the basis of freewill covenant association (koinonia).

I am a Christian eternally and, by chosen nationality, a Upadarian (yoo-pah-dare-ee-ahn), I am not defined by my past, my ancestry, my ethnicity, my citizenship, my place of birth, or where I live. While I may honor and celebrate my heritage in the flesh, among fellow Upadarians I am nothing more or less than a Peer, an equal in value and possibility, before God, in a color-blind society.

I am not a party to the sins of my ancestors nor to the collective sins of the nations of people around me who reject my God- I refuse to consider myself joined spiritually with anything that rejects God or His laws and righteousness.

I am defined only by a “nobility of merit”, which is a higher purpose and noble standard of conduct born in the transfigured spirit which comes from God and is manifested by the Spirit of God changing me from glory to glory, and in all things I expect only to be judged by the content of my character- I deserve no favor for my past, or because of my ancestry, or because of anything I myself or my ancestors have suffered or achieved.

I am committed to my nation of people (Upadaria as a stateless and globally dispersed nation of people) because Jesus Christ is their God and King, and He guides this nation of people, He protects this nation of People, and He will provide for them come what may- our nation knows no King but Jesus and no higher law than God’s Word and no greater truth of purpose than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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A sketch of a "Upadarian Estate", situated in the middle of a city block, illustrates the spiritual concept of being IN the present ungodly society without being OF the present ungodly society.