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“Too often we are limited by the narrow scope of our own experiences rather than being liberated by the unlimited horizon of God’s best for our lives.” -Bill Collier 


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Introducing “The Revolution Within”

The Revolution Within is a total immersion, role-playing experience that will impart a Christian lifestyle and governance discipline for true empowerment.

The Revolution Within provides a platform for the transfiguration of your life, it is designed for Christians who want to both live the Gospel in its fullness and be a witness to the nations for Jesus. Set up as a “non-territorial” state based on a fictive future history. This online platform will create a context and framework for imparting a Christian lifestyle and governance discipline based on the four core ideals of Christian civilization. From free courses to premium training programs, and even certifying Guides who can also teach premium courses, our program will shift power from hidden agents of influence and control back to you so that you can, in turn, follow God.

Here is the author, Bill Collier, standing on “The Mount of Blessings” in Israel (the West Bank) overlooking ancient Shechem, modern Nablus. Are you walking in the many blessings God has for your life?