upadaria embassy logoUpadaria is a “homeland of heart and earth” whose sacred boundaries are protected by God, not “the weapons of this world”, as places of sanctuary for a People who live missionally as witnesses for Jesus to the nations. This totally stateless “nation of people whose God is the Lord” is a cross between a fraternal Christian order and a virtual “micronation” and it is designed to empower its members to live the fulness of a Christian way of life, to live missionally in pursuing God’s best with excellence, and to be witnesses for Jesus to the nations!

Upadaria is non-denominational, we recognize only one “race”, the human race, and it is non-partisan, our only “political agenda” is to obtain standing as a fraternal Christian society like unto a Native American Tribe as a “domestic” nation which provides its own fraternal, social, and cohousing benefits to members.

We believe that racism, economic exploitation, and abusing God’s Creation are as bad as ignoring the original spirit and intent behind the US Bill of Rights and basic human freedoms which are so prevalent throughout the world. But rather than trying to “reform” the world, we are here to rescue the lost and “be the change we seek” in peace and love and in common unity.