Welcome fed up Christians! Welcome to the future!

A culture led by godless politicians and going into moral and ethical decline is no place to raise the next generation. It is also not a system you, as a Christian, should allow yourself to be dependent upon or influenced by in your spiritual, cultural, or economic life- it produces an environment in which simply applying your faith to everyday life becomes a possible cause for discrimination or (for now) petty persecution.

My name is William (Bill) R Collier Jr. I hale from Central PA, born in Harrisburg, I have lived in Harrisburg, Perry County, and even the Camp Hill area. I also attended Scotland School and was a student at Milton Hershey. I am a born-again Christian who has worked in Christian ministry, I helped start a new church, I am a US Navy Veteran, I have been self-employed since 2006, I have many years experience in publishing and marketing, and I have been involved in some of the major political events of the past 8 years.

In short, I have a very large range of experiences, I have seen life, in intimate detail, from many perspectives. I also have a message of hope for my fellow Christians. This is a message I first felt and sensed and wrote about on the side of a mountain near Shermansdale in Perry County- it involves the emergence, over the next 50 or so years (should the Lord tarry) of a NEW Christian civilization, starting with a fraternal Christian missionary and refugee SOCIETY organized and styled internally after a spiritual “nation of people whose God is the Lord.” It is a timely message for today, because it predicted the path to decline being taken by most of Western Christendom and Western Civilization and it prescribed an effective path of escape from the influence and control of that godless society.

The path is not one of political reform, and certainly not revolution, and nor does it involve being apathetic about events because you believe the Return of Christ is near. It is a path of personal decolonization from the spiritual occupation of your life by the influence and bondage of this current decadent society. The spiritual occupation of your life by Western Civilization, which is corrupted beyond repair, comes through cultural and economic dependence on its institutions and organizations coupled with being disconnected and isolated from the mutual care and support, in these areas, of like-minded Christians.

Some Christians don’t think the fact that we depend on cultural and economic relationships and institutions/organizations rooted in an anti-Christian spirit matters. They think that everythig is spiritual and your physical environment does not matter. But the institutions, customs, and practices of 1st century Christians, which led them to thrive and prosper even in the midst of a hostile pagan culture, reveal that such impractical thinking is not part of Christian orthodoxy. As it reads in Scripture- “do not be deceived, evil company corrupts good manners”. In other words, if most of your time is spent with and around people who pressure you to conform to practices that are not right in God’s eyes, then you will become corrupted yourself. The call to be a witness can be carried out quite well, as it was among first century Christians with their pagan neighbors, without being dependent on the culture and economy of the godless.

In this region of Central PA, most Christians, from the 17th century until the mid 20th century, could fully, publicly follow the tenets and practices of their faith and the local culture and economy reflected similar values and even reinforced them. But today’s cultural and economic “rule makers”, often led by a political state that seeks to re-shape human society to fulfill its political agenda, have become enemies of the values and beliefs of Christianity. If in the 50’s it was shameful to have or talk about sex outside of a marriage between a man and a woman, today our children go to schools where they are shamed for not having sex outside of marriage and, soon enough I am sure, not experimenting with sexual practices of a homosexual nature. If in the 50’s you were shamed for using God’s name in vain, today you are shamed for invoking God’s name at all.

I am not proposing we go back to the 50’s, especially in the areas of race relations- indeed, I would propose that the racism that once prevailed in our region (and which I remember full well from the 1970’s) undermined the modal foundation and, because people who claimed to be Christians also embraced that racism, made it very easy for worldlings of ill will to deconstruct our culture, covering up all the good and exploiting and magnifying all the bad, as if the ONLY thing that mattered was race and as if the OTHER beliefs about morality and virtue were cut from the same cloth of bigotry and intolerance.

I do not wish to go back to the 1950’s, and I am sure none of you do either. What is wanted and must be restored, in a modern form, is what was right and good about our once Christian society. But the path forward is not political reform or even reform of our existing society. The path forward is the path of creation, creating something NEW, a regional community of Christians with total cultural and economic self-sufficiency that can be a witness for Jesus to the rest of the people in this region.

I am not talking about a church organization. I am talking about a sort of intentional community, but one that is “distributed” all over the region, whose members form their own freewill covenant association for spiritual, cultural, and economic benefits and mutual support and to be a witness for Jesus to the region.

But I must stick to the vision and inspiration I first started to get a hold of in 1982, on that mountain in Perry County. I saw a globally dispersed “empire” which I now know is a fraternal Christian missionary and refugee society STYLED after a “nation” with spiritual, as opposed to political, sovereignty that has local chapters each operating as their own “kingdoms” and crown commonwealths WITHIN AND DISTRIBUTED AMONG the physical communities they will serve as a witness to for Jesus. The idea of a nobility who lead and who are chosen by merit and not inheritance and of using terms of nobility and royalty, including calling chapters things like kingdoms or duchies, stems from the notion that, as Christians, we are part of a universal nation of kings and priests unto the Lord.

So, with that in mind, this regional chapter of this eventually global Society will be deemed “The Grand Duchy of Riqueday”, and its area of responsibility will center on the greater Harrisburg PA region, including Dauphin, Cumberland, and Perry Counties. It will establish sub-chapters, called Shires, for very local organizing, and it will create its own social, cultural, economic, and civic types of freewill covenant associations which will allow members to become liberated from the cultural and economic influence or control of a godless society.

For just a second, don’t consider whether this is possible. It is impossible without God. But, rather, let me ask you if being part of a regional community of Christians that offers you both cultural and economic independence from this godless society plus an opportunity to still be a witness for Jesus to the people in that society is desirable.

Do you want to continue to have your economic life be controlled by a culture whose beliefs and values are not very Christian or do you want to be culturally and economically independent of the current godless society? Imagine being able to speak your mind fully and not worrying about losing your job or being sued out of business for doing so! Imagine people asking you how you are able to prosper even when the local economy takes a hit as the ill effects of ethical corruption start to be felt.

I saw all of this happening, but herein lies a promise and a warning. If enough people decide right now to pursue this vision with me, it will begin here and many will be blessed because of it. But if this message falls on deaf ears it will be another place, other people, and perhaps another time before this vision can be fulfilled. What I am certain of is that one day it will be fulfilled, even if I do not live to see that day.

This seemingly unusual and unorthodox approach, including even using a term like “Grand Duchy” for the regional chapter, is actually so conventional in terms of millennia of Christian orthodoxy that in our era of a godless socio-cultural reality what is “normal” seems “strange”, and what is strange seems normal. Going back to the language and ethics of high and noble, royal terms and standards, the language of Scripture, is not turning back the clock to some time in the past, it is resurrecting the secret ingredients of a successful and triumphant Christianity (learning from the mistakes of the past, also) but moving forward, beyond the past, to a brand new future.

In 1982 my eyes were opened to a whole new reality that, should the Lord tarry, will turn the world upside down again, like unto what happened in the first through fourth centuries A.D., only faster and more globally speaking, a final and glorious spiritual revolution, beginning with the start of a Christian Society modeled on that vision.

We can begin that now, here, and in doing so we can become culturally and economically independent of this godless society. You have to choose- stick with the same old thing and hope for different results, OR make a bold move to break free and launch out into the deep, where God awaits with His miraculous favor, provision, and protection.

You start by applying for a “provisional citizenship” in our regional chapter, “The Grand Duchy of Riqueday”, and the first step you need to take is clicking here to read about the chapter, then filling out the provisional citizenship application. To build this non-territorial “Christian Grand Duchy” (as a distributed intentional Christian community) I am going to find, train, and appoint provisional “nobles”, leaders, to function in creating a regional community within this region that can fully function to meet most of the everyday needs of its members and provide its own basic economic system for mutual self-reliance. All such leaders will have real functions to help members, to recruit new members, to reach the lost, to reach out to fellow Christians, and to interact with the physical community and its authorities and institutions of every type.

To find out more about the community, referred to as “The Grand Duchy of Riqueday”, click here now! (You’ll also find a link to fill out An Application for Citizenship in the “Grand Duchy”, or local chapter, of this new Fraternal Christian Missionary and Refugee Society.)

Learn more about this local chapter, a distributed intentional Christian community, by clicking HERE.