wpid-20150323_110923.jpgThe Greater Harrisburg PA Regional Chapter of the Upadarian Society of America will serve Christians seeking empowerment and freedom to be witnesses for Jesus in Dauphin, Perry, and Cumberland Counties in Pennsylvania.

If you wish to be free from the control or influence of a society that has turned its back on God and lost its moral compass, then you should seriously consider being a part of this effort to create a regionally distributed missional Christian refuge that will empower its members to live their faith freely and be witnesses for Jesus to the people around them!

In keeping with the themes of the Society, “a stateless nation of people whose God is the Lord” and the concept that Christians belong to “a nation of kings and priests unto the Lord”, each chapter takes on a name and identity separate from its own region. This represents three ideas:

1. It is a visible way to represent our concept that we are a unique and God-ordained “nation of people whose God is the Lord”, a distinct and diverse PART of the greater and universal Body of Christ

2. It represents, by using terms and titles of nobility and royalty, that we are ALL “kings and priests” unto the Lord and, as spiritual nobility, obliged to live by a high standard of excellence and service

3. It represents the idea that, within the physical regional community, our community is its own distinct and spiritually, culturally, socially, and eventually economically “autonomous” community

Therefore, with all this in mind, the regional chapter of the Upadarian Society that serves the greater Harrisburg region in PA will be called “The Grand Duchy of Riqueday”, a spiritual sovereignty depicting a non-territorial “state” WITHIN, and that is a positive contributor to, the greater physical community and its people. The Grand Duchy of Riqueday is not separate from this community, or outside of it, it is distributed, as a witness for Jesus, WITHIN that physical community: this is the idea and the aim.

We want to be careful not to set ourselves either apart from or above the physical community or the spiritual community. The physical community is this region and everyone in it. The spiritual community is every Christian who lives in the region, the true “Ecclesia” of those who follow Christ. So a distinct and unique identity is necessary- we are NOT the whole physical community or the whole spiritual community in this region, we are a distinct PART of those communities and our role within them is as vital as our own care for our own distinct community and its members. It is a balance of caring for our own community members according to our ideals, being a witness for Jesus to the whole physical community, and edifying the whole Body of Christ within the spiritual community. We embrace the ETHIC of dutifully serving all three communities for the Glory of God by pursuing His best for us with excellence.

So if you are a Christian who lives in these parts and you want to be free from the influence or control of a physical community whose culture and society oppose God, while remaining a witness for Jesus to that same community and an active participant in the greater spiritual community of ALL Believers, then you should consider joining and helping to establish this regional chapter, what we refer to as “The Grand Duchy of Riqueday”, in the greater Harrisburg PA region.

Yes, of course, this idea of calling our community a “Grand Duchy” is unique and novel, but there really are some very profound truths and principles we are illustrating and demonstrating by taking this approach. In fact, understanding the deeper meaning behind calling our community a Grand Duchy may just open some doors for true Christian empowerment that you had either thought were closed or of which you were not aware.

Our aim is to build a sort of distributed intentional “missionary and refugee community”, and to disperse its people and resources all over the region: to provide sanctuary and support to members, to preach the Gospel in word and deed to our neighbors (beginning with those who are worse off than all others), and to edify the Body of Christ on an individual basis by practicing true Christian unity.

The VISION is to to create a self-reliant distributed Christian community whose members live outside of the control or influence of a godless society, to effectively and consistently reach every person in this region with a Gospel message we share by word and deed, and to edify and build up the local Body of Christ through living the call to the UNITY of true Christian community as individuals.

This is going to be a regional chapter for a fraternal Christian missionary and refugee society that will develop other subordinate organizations to fulfill its mission. It will require dedicated leaders with great spiritual maturity, leadership skills, and a heart for the lost and needy who also want to get as much of their lives as possible out from under the control and influence of an American society that has lost its moral compass.

If you live in these parts and want to consider being part of this effort, email upadaria@yahoo.com today and let’s arrange a phone conversation. If and when I have enough interest from people I will organize a local Meetup Group or even rent a space for an evening or afternoon to share the whole vision with you.

The time to prepare against a coming day of troubles is upon us, and I have been given, I believe, a vision and a blueprint not only to endure, but to thrive and be an effective witness for Jesus to the nations even in the midst of upheaval! Instead of fear, I have hope, instead of seeing danger, I see opportunity to reach the lost, and instead of feeling powerless before “the power that be”, I see empowerment from the hand of God!

Email me now: upadaria@yahoo.com and let’s talk!