How to we get to a place where the future reality envisioned on this website becomes a living reality and a source of blessing for millions of souls? That is the big question and I want to answer it as simply and directly as possible.
     Imagine an Estate with 12 cottages lived in by members of a Christian fraternal society, 5 cottages lived in by refugees and people transitioning into a life of independence, a community ministry center with a chapel, a small market, and a meeting and activity hall for around 100 or so local members of a Christian fraternal society. Now imagine a city of 100,000 people and in that city there are 40 or 50 of these Estates distributed throughout every major neighborhood in that city, all working to reach their neighbors with the Gospel. Imagine around 3,000 or 5,000 Christians living life free of dependence or control by the current godless society while remaining powerful and effective witness for Jesus within that Society.

     Getting from merely envisioning many hundreds of cities and locales where this is reality to that reality is a process and a journey. It begins with people catching the vision, believing in it, and acting out as much of the vision as they can right now. This will begin as people catch the vision and gather virtually to learn more and even to simulate that future reality within a virtual setting. It grows and moves forward when these people begin to connect with virtual community members who live near them and form “Round Table Groups” to cooperate and connect on a regular basis. From the Round Table Groups local chapters can be formed as enough members and resources become available to establish a Common House where members gather and participate in fraternal and social activities. Future Estates then emerge around these Common Houses and include cohousing for members who wish to use this benefit (it is basically cooperative housing).
     As noted, this would be a process and a journey. Where will the first Estate be established? How long will it take to plant the first Estate as a refugee community overseas? How long will it be until we arrive at a place where these Estates are ubiquitous through America, Europe, and the rest of the world?
     As the VIRTUAL community, organized as a “virtual micronation”, grows in numbers and activities and then enough members gather to allow for local groups (Round Table Groups) to be established this vision will go from being imagined and hoped for to being established.
     Finding people who have the moxy to embrace the unsees and to believe it is both possible and inevitable is important. Most people are not “explorers” or even “pioneers”, they are “settlers” who only come after they see something becoming real. So, when the first few Estates are established, supported by a large virtual community, growth can and will become exponential because people will see a reality that is being established. For instance, right now describing an Estate requires that you imagine something, but eventually people will be able to take virtual tours of existing Estates and watch video testimonials of resident and non-resident members. This will make it much easier to find people who are willing to invest in this vision.
     For the first members, the benefits that are immediately available will be fewer than for members who might join an exsiting Estate. So the first members are investing not only in getting benefits (fraternal, social, economic, and cohousing benefits will be available) for themselves but in building a foundation of people and resources to both provide benefits to future members and to provide ministry to people in need and to spread the Gospel at the street and household level, neighborhood by neighborhood.
     If the idea of living in an Estate whose grounds are privately governed in a godly manner and where the ungodly influences of society are kept out spiritually appeals to you, and if you recognize that this provision of a cohousing benefit is meant to empower and equip you to leave those grounds and minister to other or to serve refugees and people in need who come to these Estates seeking help, then investing your time right now in building our virtual micronation as the basis of a new Fraternal Christian Missionary and Refugee Society is a good idea.
     For me, God has, I believe, inspired me and revealed to my spirit that this vision of the future is as real as if it were already achieved. So my prayer for you is that, if God has called you to become a founder of a new nation of people whose God is the Lord, He would give you the same certainty.
     This is a marathon, not a sprint, it will take time and, frankly, much investment from many people who believe in this vision well before we see even the very first Estate dot the landscape in one locale. But once we see the first Estate it will become that much easier to see the next few, and once we have enough Estates to show exactly what we mean, our growth will be exponential.