The coming of a new Christian Civilization is inevitable (should the Lord tarry), the only question is: will YOU participate and will this generation see the first seeds sprout forth? This is a unique opportunity to MAKE HISTORY!

Upadaria (pronounced you-pah-daria) is a vision on two levels: it is a vision for a nation as a people and NOT a political state which is a globally distributed Christian nation as a witness for Jesus to the nations and it is a vision for a coming new Christian civilization advancing the ideals of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, and Democratic equality from a Biblical perspective.

The eventual emergence of a new Christian Civilization, “the UPaDaRian Civilization” derived from its four core ideals, is, as stated above, inevitable, should the Lord tarry- just as inevitable as the rapid deline and eventual demise of Western Civilization. The publication and distribution of these words, proclaiming that coming new civilization, should compel people right now to support the work needed to translate ideas into reality; but even if this generation were to pass on this opportunity, these words will be discovered in the future and they will be fulfilled.

A local chapter facility for the Society, a Common House- I envisions these all over the world!

A local chapter facility for the Society, a Common House- I envisions these all over the world!

A new Christian civilization will follow the emergence of first one, then many, new Christian nations and the conversion to Christ of others now in existence who all adhere to the greater vision for such a civilization based on such core ideals. Eventually, even political states and many other institutions will adopt these four core ideals, as they apply to them, and thus the rise of a “Upadarian” civilization with peoples, states or some form of magisterial authority and function (which may defy the current concept of a state), and many other elements of a civilization will come into being.

Once enough people ADOPT the new nationality for the first (new and statless, non-political) Christian nation that will be the vanguard nation for this new civilization, a “nation” literally organized not as a state but an international Christian missionary and refugee Society, then many tens of millions will flock to its banners and events will take an accelerated pace toward fulfillment. It is the first adapters, true spiritual revolutionaries and pioneers, who will be the slowest to be discovered and initially organized. They will have to support something they cannot completely understand too quickly, which is likely to not be fulfilled in their lifetime: indeed, many will reap more benefits from this vision’s actualization than will the first adapters upon whose shoulders the initial effort must rest!

Unlike many self-help and self-improvement messages, this is not a call to get benefits, but to invest yourself to benefit others who will reap more of the fruits of your effort than you might be able to enjoy. First adapters of this Christian nationality will have to fight many misconceptions and outright misrepresentations of this vision, because, in the absence of existing organizations and institutions, confused people and people of ill will shall fill in the blank spaces, and often not correctly.a new civilization emerges small

You have to ask yourself- “do I want to see the emergence of a Christian civilization whose national peoples and institutions are a witness for Jesus to the whole world?” You see, nobody is articulating a clear, defined, and actionable vision for a hopeful future in which, even as Western Civilization is in total decline, the light of God’s truth and the glory of His righteous standard have expression and sanctuary on this earth.

The beginning of Upadaria is humble. Right now, it is THIS VERY WEBSITE. Seemingly mere words, but words, I propose, that are powerful and effectual because they line up with God’s will and purpose. But what are the first steps which I am seeking your help to carry out and how can you help?

I intend, with God’s favor and provision, to eventually “live of the message I speak”, to be able to get up every day and focus on advancing this message, creating a virtual community to recruit and organize first adapters, develop and establish a LOCAL chapter as a model for future local chapters of the Upadarian Society of America (USA), and establish the first overseas Upadarian mission/refugee community in West Africa. So it is four steps: broadcast the message and get people to sign up for the website and become individual sponsors, create a virtual community and help people adopt this new Christian lifestyle, create a local chapter of the Society as a model others can use, and establish an overseas mission/refugee community in West Africa.

My goal, initially, is to raise enough money to be able to work on this project full time (I will delegate, but oversee, my business activities), pay for creating a viable virtual community, pay for marketing, and pay a small staff to assist in the efforts of turning all these writings into courses of instruction to help people become spiritually and then economically and culturally free of the influence and control of the present godless civilization and its godless institutions. The message must be broadcasted to enough people in order to find sponsors and/or early adapters who will help fill in the gaps and help transform the mass of writing into an actionable instruction manual that anyone can follow.

the CCU National logo

A nation is not a state, it is people, and the Upadarian nation will be formally organized as a fraternal, international, Christian missionary and refugee Society.

It is really about the future: sowing seeds today to bless future generations with new opportunities to live free and prosper in safety as witnesses for Jesus to the nations. Those who would decide, today, to become a sponsor for $5, $15, $30, or $45 per month will be carving their names into the history books and showing that they have faith that God can do all of these things while being committed to the welfare and happiness of future generations. Because if all we hope for is what Western Civilization offers, and all we offer the future is a misbegotten notion that such a Civilization will change its stripes, then we will give to our spiritual progeny nothing, and for that we will NOT be blameless!

Sponsors may not ever choose to join the Society or become “naturalized” Peers of this spiritual and stateless nation: some sponsors may not even be Christian, they may just support me and this vision as something positive and of value to the world.

Beyond just broadcasting this message, and call, I have no slick marketing. God’s Spirit will stir those who should become an individual sponsor of this website (it is not tax deductible and you will be a subscriber who receives unique subscriber-only content on a variety of subjects, from news and world intelligence to actual self-empowerment and useful ideas to imrpove your lot in life.)

If you are my friend and can afford to help, you do not have to become a member of this Society or adopt this way of life in order to be a sponsor- you are simply supporting my dream and vision to be a positive influence for good in this world. The actualization of Upadaria will result in many people having opportunities to be happy and prosper, especially through our planned efforts to help refugees (generally Christian, but not exclusively) and people in crisis.

Will you help me to help others find faith, freedom, prosperity, security, and happiness? Will you help me to dedicate my time and energy to building something that could impact millions of people for the better? Will you help me plant good seeds based on truth and love in a world of deception and so much hatred?

The vision of Upadaria is inevitable. I am doing my part. Whatever happens, even if I die without one bit of support, even if everyone reading this today decides against making history by becoming a sponsor, these words have been let loose and, even if it is after I die, they will spark a spiritual revolution that leads to a new Christian Civilization.

See below Paypal links and choose which level of sponsorship you can provide. You will be charged monthly, but there are also some one-time options and you can choose those as well. This money is not tax deductible: it will be used for overhead, to broadcast this message, for a reasonable salary for myself by which I can support my family, and to initially build a unique virtual community (including paid staff) with paid membership who will be able to learn and apply these lessons and principles to live free and prosper as witnesses for Jesus to the nations. (If you have issues with people being paid a reasonable salary to focus full time on the work of God, then you should not become a sponsor.)

Become a sponsor, make history!

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