It is true that Western society (in every country where Western European-American or “Western” Civilization prevails) the masses of people and the ruling elites have swallowed the poison of a godless, amoral, materialistic “world as spoil” utopian fantasy. It is also true that this culture cannot and will not tolerate the open and public expression of the Christian lifestyle if its elites have their way. Finally, it is true that the elites of this society are actually powerless to prevent us from finding gaps of freedom even within their increasingly un-free system.

To be free to define the social, cultural, and economic environment and standards of behavior you wish to be guided and governed by is something the purveyors of the final worldview of the West cannot abide. Their entire system is so centralized and so contingent on coercive control from the center, because it has no spiritual or creative energy, that to allow for non-conformity or the open questioning of their assumptions would be dangerous. In such an environment, spiritual and creative energy must be subdued, never mind the sham art and spiritualism presented in its place, for such energy is insensible to (as in not influenced by) the most violent force.

While it is true the desire of the elite controllers of the West is to prevent the survival of any socio-cultural-economic arrangement they cannot control, they are incapable of actually realizing their unrealistic desires. In short, they don’t have the ability to perfectly and completely cut off or block all the exits from their system of control. Their own system could not function if they truly cut off all avenues of escape, as for instance the Internet is so vital to their functions that they cannot ever truly control its access or content because then they would have to so bottle it up as to render it useless, even for them.

In the entire arsenal of the elites within the military realm, for example, there are finite resources. Against one or a few recalcitrants they could trully deploy immense resources, from drones and viruses to super weapons, but against many disparate targets enmeshed in their own system, among everyone else, and with the ability to conceal their intentions from others, they have few resources of scale. Consider how ISIL is dumfounding their efforts- they have deployed massive technology, and it has not stopped this realatively weak foe.

Now, of course, we are not talking about military means or responses to create or find gaps for freedom- the point is that the same limitations we see applied to the West’s military assetts are applicable to their technical, cultural, economic, and legal assetts. They simply cannot block all the exits, cover all the ground, or even control all the “territory”, whether it is physical, cyber, social, or economic territory.

Within their legal system, for instance, there are clever gaps for freedom where we can operate and create social, cultural, and economic associations and relationships that are not under the control of these elites: and this is all perfectly legal. Of course, they’ll change laws and regulations and people will adapt, because no human law can ever be perfect, especially when it attempts to outlaw a basic human right that both comes from God and that is hard-wired into our nature: the right to define our society in a manner that reflects our beliefs.

The elites are not gods, they are not even super humans. Consider the lack of common sense, the indecisiveness, and the corruption of their system: it is hardly capable of stamping out the millions of escape exits people can find and invent to get parts of their life outside of the control or influence of their system.

We are not talking about any effort to overthrow this system. This is not about changing society. What people do in this stage of the decline and fall of a civilization is to, first, realize that this society is alien and foreign to their beliefs and, second, to realize their own power to craft their own society, even on the smallest of scales, as an alternative to the dying civilization’s society.  The thing is, none of this is radical or crazy- there is no need or desire to be hateful or hostile to the existing society, in fact wherever you find you can operate in this existing society, you do, always bearing the light of the Gospel you preach. There is no “war” against the system, no desire even to overturn it. In fact, the ideal hope is that people will wake up and return to virtue and common sense, but if you are a student of history you know this is unlikely at this stage.

Finding gaps of freedom may be inconvenient, and even hard, but it always happens that these gaps are found, and in our day we too will find those gaps for freedom. We can, as Christians, use those gaps of freedom to live and thrive in chaos, and never give up being a witness for Jesus for our neighbors who have not yet discovered the truth and power of God’s love and truth.

We do not need to change or control this society, we can be a witness to it and an influence only. But neither do we need to, nor should we allow ourselves to, believe that we must continue placing or keeping our social, cultural, and economic life under the control of a society that cannot, by its very nature, ever truly tolerate our existence where it has control.

Finding gaps for freedom is possible and necessary and is a major aspect of what this website,, is all about. It is a peaceful, legal, rational withdrawal from the control of a godless society without relinquishing one inch of our duty and authority to live as witnesses for Jesus to the nations. I must emphasize that I am talking about withdrawing from the control of this society by legal means, I am NOT talking about a physical withdrawal from the people in this society.

You can use these ideas with fellow Christians wherever you live, work, or worship, you don’t have to be part of this website, community, or our Society to do that, or you can choose to come alongside and be part of our vision for a globally distributed fraternal Christian missionary and refugee society designed around the concept and mission of “a stateless nation of people whose God is the Lord.”

Gaps for freedom exist, and together we can find them and be free even in an era of chaos and decadence.