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A Brief FAQ About Upadaria 

How do you pronounce UPADARIA?

You pronounce it “yoo-pah-dare-ee-ah.”


What Does Upadaria mean?

The name derives from the initials for a “United People’s Democratic Republic”, which became the basis of the four core ideals of Biblical governance- Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law. It was discovered also to mean both “The People Rule” in the language Daniel the prophet spoke in Persia and in ancient pre-koine Greek it means “Approved Wisdom.”

We say Upadaria means– The People Rule With God’s Approved Wisdom by following the four core ideals of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law to form freewill covenant associations as nations of people whose God is the Lord based on the idea of a union of popular and democratic regencies led by a nobility of merit.

Within this vision is the idea of a nation of people whose God is the Lord, a virtual and spiritual “missional Christian refuge” where people can pursue God’s best with excellence and be a witness for Jesus to the nations. Our emphasis is on freewill covenant association, not on imposing our views, beliefs, or way of life on others through the power of the political state.

Where does this idea of Upadaria (yoo-pah-dare-ee-ah) come from?

In 1982 I (William R Collier Jr) believe I received a series of prophetically inspired (but not directly and literally prophetic) future fictive histories, detailed more in the Blue Book, which revealed a Christian approach to weathering future storms, which revealed the genesis of a coming new Christian civilization (based on the four core ideals), and which revealed a stateless nation of people whose God is the Lord that acts as a witness for Jesus to the nations.

Since then many of the elements of those inspired fictive future histories have come to pass, so much so that the world of today looks far more like the events and environment seen in the fictive future histories than it does the world I live in back in 1982. 

You emphasize the idea of confronting racism and bigotry a lot, why is this?

Our symbol, the Upadarian Cross and Diamond, represents this idea that we are all one (within the same diamond) and yet we are all unique. The idea of Upadaria, before I even had the NAME, was initially inspired by witnessing what to my young mind looked like a race riot. I have always had a passion, given from God, to end practices of bigotry, intolerance, and discrimination. There is only ONE human race, no other “races”, and all that really matters is the content of each individual’s character, period.

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You talk about participatory ownership and worker exploitation, are you anti-capitalist?

Capitalism is merely a theory regarding the role of capital, including commodities, land, money, and labor, within a competitive free market economy. Adam Smith, who some regard as the father of capitalism, was inspired and motivated by a desire to end poverty. So, like Adam Smith, we  regard capital and the free market in which it operates as being a means to end poverty. The principles of a free capitalism that is equitable and fair should be applied both within and outside of the enterprise, albeit on a strictly voluntary basis.

Why would you want to start your own “nation” if you are a Christian and an American or a German or a Nigerian and etc.?

Here’s the simple answer- because it is the right thing to do at the right time and because we have a right to do it.

It is the right thing to do because we should always be looking for ways to live out and manifest the reality, the power, and the righteous standards of the Kingdom of God among us and because we should seek to be examples and a model of God’s love, peace, justice, and righteousness to as a witness to the nations.

It is the right time because our current “nation”, our socio-cultural reality, is godless, because being dependent on a godless socio-cultural and economic system makes us vulnerable to temptations and ungodly influences, and because with the internet one can gather virtually with many and then go local as virtual members discover they live near one another.

It is our right because we own the power of free association, or what I refer to as freewill covenant association, and because a “nation” is basically best expressed as a “society”, not a “state”, and forming a Society is a perfectly legal and legitimate act.

Why should you, as a Christian, consider joining and supporting the creation of an intentional, stateless Christian nation organized as a Fraternal, Christian Missionary and Refugee Society?

If you love your country where you live, the people you live around, and if you want to be a witness, such a nation of people organized as a Society is not only a collective witness to that whole country but it can equip and empower you to go out and be a witness to your neighbors. By helping you save money, providing training and resources, and giving you ways to be less dependent on a godless system such a “nation of people”  can release you to go out and serve God as a witness to others.

Is this idea of a new intentional stateless Christian nation, organized as a fraternal society, the ONLY way God will help Christians weather the storms that are coming and remain witnesses for Jesus to the nations?

No! There are other things God is doing, stirring people, and in fact you can join this Society and also be part of other efforts: as a Society member, once we have enough members, you will have more fraternal, social, economic, and potentially co-housing benefits that will release more of your time and resources to do other things.

You can even join our virtual community, for free, even if you never join our Society!

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Are there real benefits for joining this “nation” organized as a Society?

Yes, there are, but the benefits are meant to equip and empower you to serve God and others, not just to make your life comfortable. These benefits will not be available from the start, because you need so many participants to actualize these things, so the first founders will be visionaries for whom the whole idea of creating a stateless Christian nation with a missionary and refugee purpose is deemed desirable and, with God and God alone, obtainable.

One goal of this “nation” will be to ensure that none of its members goes without life’s necessities through mutual assurance, cooperation, and benevolence efforts: you will not need to fear losing your job for taking a stand because not only will the Society ensure your needs are met until you get a new job but a legal assurance program will be used to help you take legal action to protect your rights. You will have education alternatives for your children or legal help to protect your children from ungodly influences in public schools.

What is required to become a “Peer” within this nation?

Christians who have orthodox beliefs and morals and who have a heart for reaching the lost and helping the needy will adopt a “way of life” revolving around virtual and eventually local mutual support groups that act as much as possible like multi-family extended covenant households based on our shared Christian faith and a shared national identity defined by practicing a specific Christian lifestyle. Now, anyone who does this can become a “national”, you don’t have to join the Society, you just practice this Christian way of living. But by joining the Society you become connected to what will be a global support network and you access benefits beyond just what even a local group of 20-30 or so families can provide for one another.

To join the Society you “make covenant” of your own freewill, but you are also free to suspend or terminate that “covenant association” as you choose. You will be given materials to study and some items to memorize as a “Candidate” and once you demonstrate to a group of Peers that you both understand and are committed to these basic Christian lifestyle practices and disciplines, you become a Peer and begin on the Path of Honor earning “Noble Standing by Merit”, as acclaimed by your Peers. This “Noble Standing” determines your status in participatory self-governance and in being qualified to lead. (It is a true and formally defined and recognized meritocracy.)

You don’t have to join our Society to be part of our virtual “missional Christian refuge”, our online community….

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What does it cost?

To simply join our virtual homeland and adopt our national way of life will cost you nothing. But to be part of the Society and receive benefits as they are created will cost a family $45 per month and a single person $25 per month. This money will be used to develop a global support center with support staff, beginning virtually and then becoming a “model Estate”, as well as to develop fraternal, social, and economic benefits for members. Other costs will include participation costs in mutual assurance funds for things like health care and unemployment and purchasing goods through cooperative buying groups. We will also be raising funds for planting “Missionary and Refugee Communities” to help people in need and to build local chapters of our Society which become self-sustaining and self-reproducing.

Remember- you do NOT have to join our Society to be a part of our online community.

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What kind of ritual and/or costumes are involved?

Society members will learn various Christian rituals which symbolize our shared convictions and way of life, and which are openly shared with the public. These will be developed by the Founders and they will be fairly easy to understand and perform. Doing these rituals, such as the “ritual” of inducting a Peer or advancing someone along the Path of Honor, gives all members around the world a shared experience and point of reference: it also helps with proving that we are a fraternal society and gives us that status. However, if you are not a Society member and just join our virtual homeland, even if you obtain a premium membership to help support our efforts, you do not need to practice any rituals.

As for costumes- yes, this is probably going to be part of our Society, as it is with most Societies. Again, this will be publicly shared and it will be as simple as possible. But Peers, or even just nationals will be encouraged, but not required, to wear a “national flag” pin in public to identify themselves as “nationals” and as a conversation starter. Part of the vision for this nation is its visibility- when people see the flag on a person or a building they will know “I can go to these people for heelp.” So when they see you wearing a Upadarian flag pin they will eventually know that you are committed, as a Upadarian national, to a life of service to others as a missionary to people around you and as a helper of refugee or people in need- when they come to you, if you cannot directly help, you then refer them to either the Society or any other source of help.

This drives home the point- this is a missionary and refugee nation and its Peers and all nationals take on the responsibility of being missionaries and helping refugees.

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Will you seek some form of sovereignty?

As a fraternal benefit Society, in many counrties (including the US) the Upadarian Society would have some legal status to operate freely. One emerging trend we foresee are alternative forms of sovereignty, akin to the Knights of Malta or the Vatican, which would allow us to represent Christian refugees under international law, including having a status for refugee communities and the ability to pre-screen refugees and bring them to permanent new homes where they can be free and safe. But the purpose of any such non-territorial legal standing, or “sovereignty”, is directed at being able to give voice to Christian refugees, being able to freely move around the world to provide services, and being able to move them around the world as needed for their safety.

Do you have secret rituals, doctrines, or anything else?

Aside from normal matters of confidentiality and privacy, the Society will not have any “secrets”. A “secret language” for use in areas where Christians must live “underground” will be developed to help Christians communicate and avoid infiltration, but the only reason for this is the most practical matter at hand, avoiding persecution. The normal default is to be open and transparent: we truly have nothing to hide.

Why only admit Christians?

This ONLY applies to the Society, anyone can register to free to join our virtual community.

As for our Society as a “nation”- We did not want to create a nation and then decide to limit it to only Christians- we wanted to create a freewill covenant association for the mutual benefit and support of Christians with a heart to reach the lost and help refugees and who wanted to practice as much of the meaning of “living the Kingdom of God among us” as is possible in this life.

Because we simply want to live our way of life in freewill covenant association with others we do not have any need or desire to impose our way of life on others. We are not trying to create paradise on earth or impose the ways of the Kingdom of God on others- we have maximum tolerance toward all, regardless of their beliefs or lifestyle. We will certainly share and broadcast our convictions, but we will never treat people with disrespect or condescension over any disagreement nor seek to take away their freewill rights. As our nation is based only on freewill covenant association, no person will ever be forced to adopt our unique Christian way of life.

ANYONE can join our virtual community if they agree to abide by our Community Standards.

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What is your official name?

Internationally, this stateless Christian nation will be referred to as “The Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria”, with Peers organized as “The Upadarian Society International”, in the United States our “nation within America” will be known formally as “The Upadarian Commonwealth of America” (likened to a dispersed “tribe”, only this “tribe” is intentional, not based of heredity), with the “Upadarian Society of America” for Peers and that also includes all “nationals” who choose to participate in its virtual homeland. Virtual homelands will include all nationals who wish to join, with free and paid memberships, as well as nationals who become Peers in the Society. The Society will own and operate these virtual homelands to empower Christians in general and also to both benefit and draw in Upadarian nationals from around the world.

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