No doubt some will find being part of a stateless Christian nation a way to escape the injustices, immorality, and corruption of a godless, and therefore anti-Christian, racist/racialist, and exploitative society. But, while Upadaria would provide a place of refuge from that society for its members (through their association and mutual support), it is not an “escape” to separation and isolation: it represents a withdrawal from time to time in which the individual is empowered and equip to return and be an effective witness for Jesus to the nations around them!

     Through involvement in a local Upadarian Society chapter people will have connections, relationships, and mutual support with and among a national people whose God is the Lord. This “covenant association” will have a tangible material benefit bringing with it fraternal, social, economic, and, for those who need or want it, cohousing benefits. When people come together in the setting of a local chapter’s common facilities for activities or fellowship, within that venue, that space and time, they will experience life among a nation of people whose God is the Lord.
     This is meant to re-energize, restore, invigorate, empower, and equip the individual so that when they go out among the people in the physical community surrounding them they go in strength, ready to serve Jesus Christ as witnesses, and as a salt and light influence. Through cooperation and “mutuality” (mutual assurance, mutual support, mutual accountability) the individual will be empowered and equipped to go out and be a witness. By saving money and time, for instance, the individual has more resources to use in helping others. By providing a time of “refuge” from the godless society, the individual is mentally and spiritually equipped to go into that godless society with boldness as a witness for Jesus.
     If a local chapter became totally self-absorbed it would fail to be a witness and it would atrophy and die. It would become insular and it would not carry the banner of Christ into and among people who are lost and headed to a Devil’s hell! Our provision of a place and time of refuge is no mere escapist and idealist dream, it is merely a means of building one another up and encouraging one another to go OUT from that refuge and boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations!
     Ours is going to be a missionary and refugee society. We will all be missionaries, we will plant “missions” at home and abroad, and we will support full-time missionaries in their work. We will bring in refugees, both internal refugees who are people in crisis and external refugees fleeing persecution and war, to a residential environment where members who live on site minister to them and help them transition to a life of true freedom in Jesus Christ. The common facilities of local chapters will be “missions”, both to the physical community around them and the refugees they host.
So, within the times and places where Peers in this Society gather, or where some even dwell in a cohousing development, there is a sanctuary from the godlesslness. Here there is a moral code based on the love, truth, righteousness, and justice of God in grace and mercy. Here there is no racism, no class elitism, no artificial hierarchy, no exploitation, and no other form of moral depravity. Here the individual can experience the blessings of a nation whose God is the Lord with others from that same nation. But all of this is meant to empower and equip people to go OUT and serve Jesus as witnesses within and among the people who are still dependent upon that godless society.
     If therefore you both desire a place and time of refuge from this godless society AND to be equipped to go into this society as a bold witness for Jesus Christ, then becoming a “naturalized” Peer in our nation of people (which is going to be organized as a fraternal Christian missionary and refugee society) might be just the right thing for you. If, on the other hand, you simply want to escape from the present godless society never to return as a witness, then this is not the right fit for you- we are not escapists, we are missionaries and, on this earth, we are but refugees, strangers and aliens, passing through to our true and heavenly homeland.