What is a “distributed” intentional community?

According to Wikepedia- “An intentional community is a planned residential community designed from the start to have a high degree of social cohesion and teamwork.”

The key things about an intentional community are that it is residential, that it is designed with a high degree of social cohesion, and that it involves teamwork. So the intentional community idea I am talking about is residential, people live together with other community members in co-housing developments organized around a Common House for Society members and a Community Mission and Chapel. The social cohesion comes from a shared Christian way of life within the framework of a “nation of people whose God is the Lord.” The teamwork focuses on a shared mission to be witnesses for Jesus.

But unlike some intentional communities, where everyone lives in one big community, the “village” I am proposing is not like that. It’s main element is an “Estate” in which there are 5-10 co-housing units for residential members, 3-4 or so transitional housing units for refugees and people in crisis, a Common House which is like a community level “lodge” for Society members, and a Community Mission with a Chapel to minister to the community around them. But instead of having one community in one place with every Estate side by side together, these “Estates” and other common facilities would be distributed throughout the region. So while the “village” property might be, say, 100 total acres of land, it would be distributed in little 1/2 or 1/4 acred “plots” throughout a region that might be a thousand square miles. So each little “plot” of land might be distributed every few miles all throughout the region.

This is intentional. These communities will be missional: their units, Estates, are local “missions” and they host Society members who are not residents of the village.