like people who would not even TRY this dish, because they are not familiar with it, many times people hear about the idea of restoring some form of an extended family, a social safety net, with unthinking aversion- and we are conditioned to do that!

Like people who would not even TRY this dish, because they are not familiar with it, many times people hear about the idea of restoring some form of an extended family, a social safety net, with unthinking aversion- and we are conditioned to do that!

I propose the creation of a fraternal Christian society centered on local chapters that provides a social safety net and that  ACTS LIKE three things- like an extended family to fellow members, like a mission community to conduct outreach to reach the lost, and, through some sort of common house or facility, as a host for refugees to help them recover (with some members living on site to minister to those refugees and/or to save money on housing).

I propose that we need to rebuild and restore the LOST “extended family” that was our social safety net and that, in REAL terms, this means spending TIME with fellow Christians AROUND you, including, in the case of the Society I am proposing, fellow members, but also Christians who are not Society members,with your family, and with your friends- relationships are the true brass ring of life, not watching 20 hours of TV or spending 30 hours doing mindless things online every week!

Having solid relationships with Christians you know you can trust and who love near you is a major aspect of what I am proposing and promoting. This is the basis of an alternative social safety net that will empower you to be a witness for Jesus even in a society that has become hostile to our Christian values.

You don’t have to join the Upadarian Society to use these ideas, they are open to all to us.

But you  need cooperation with other people outside of yourself and your immediate family, and fairly close cooperation and mutual support at that. Today,in  almost 100% of your life outside of you as an individual and your immediate family, in all the areas where you need cooperation greater them yourself, it is the mega corporation and the super state that are in control. I prefer cooperation in a free association of close knit people who ACT like an extended family, and who live near each other in the same neighborhood, or even on the same estate, to a life of subordinate dependence on the corporations and the state.

The choice is not between a so-called rugged individualism in which you are only connected and accountable to yourself and the collectivism of a corporate powered state. The individual human being, exceptions excluded (exceptions prove the rule) is a SOCIAL being and REQUIRES collaboration, accountability, and cooperation beyond themselves. So the real choice is between a social safety net through a local free association that acts as the lost extended family OR what we have now- subordinate dependence on the corporate powered state as our “safety net”, with all the loss to our freedom that entails.

But at times, people respond to these things by saying they are creepy, or some such thing, sometimes without even reading fully what is said and without asking questions.

What I mean is that the social conditioning (socialization) of our culture is deliberately designed, via curriculum and art and the media, to make us prejudiced against any way of living that looks like the now vanquished institutions of the local community church and the local extended family that used to quite literally act as one extended household.

These institutions, which require more cooperation and daily interactions and relationships, protected the lone individual from the outside world ruled by governments and corporations, and protected individual rights, marriage, and the family from interference. By losing these kinds of local, connected institutions we lost our social safety net and now we have to depend on socialism, wealth redistribution, which empowers government and dis-empowers us.

So the Progressives, beginning long before almost everyone alive was born, engineered a systematic plan to purge the West of these life and freedom affirming institutions. This conditioning is so pervasive that even people who loath progressivism’s centralized collectivist approach have a knee-jerk, hostile reaction to anything and anyone who tries to propose a way of life that involves you being connected to a local group of people who have very close, and daily, ties for mutual support and encouragement.

I call it “creepy conditioning” because it makes us view a restoration of the very KINDS of institutions that will help us regain our personal freedom at the local level as something “creepy” because they propose that being a lone ranger without any support or even mutual accountability to anyone but yourself is “creepy.”

What is CREEPY to me is how we eschew cooperation and connection on a close-knit basis that is akin to the lost extended family or the neighborhood church while becoming every day more and more of a prey to the meta-collectivism of the super state, against which our “lone ranger lifestyle” is helpless.