wpid-fb_img_1436104601897.jpgWhat I propose is simple: if you want to enjoy the blessings of a Christian nation, you can do that, and you don’t have to change the country in which you live. You don’t have to somehow make your country “become Christian” and you don’t have to leave the country where you live.

Countries (political states) will come and go and rise and fall, but nations are people who revolve their daily lives around the same set of values, beliefs, and lifestyle choices and these often outlast entire civilizations. As an example, the German “nation” has existed in some form via a tribal and cultural expression for upwards of 2500 years! That’s older than Western Civilization which truly flowered in the 8th century into a distinct new Civilization in the western lands of the Roman Empire of Classical (Greco-Roman) civilization.

Nations are not states, although the 18th to 20th century dream of “nation-states” in which all nations of people had a corresponding state, has muddied the waters, spreading much confusion. This despite the fact that less than a handful of “states” are “nation-states” and despite the fact there are 9900 plus “national peoples” (nations) versus around 200 or so “states.” The idea of a nation-state can in fact be racist, jingoistic, and the cause of no small amount of wars and simmering conflicts.

A proper state ought to be limited to serving COMPATIBLE national peoples, as, clearly, national peoples who have very different values and beliefs cannot have the same civil laws (because civil law is and always must be reflective of moral standards and ethics as held by the peoples involved). But nations can exist within one state alongside other nations and even within multiples states, or countries. Their populace can be all together or dispersed all over the world. Nations are defined by a shared identity rooted in morals, often religious beliefs, values, a shared way of living or lifestyle, a shared sense of origins, and a shared sense of destiny.

In a sense the Kingdom of God is an eternal and universal nation encompassing ALL Christians, but its doctrines and beliefs are very broad and, while every question can be answered by studying the Word of God, the diversity of convictions, priorities, and preferences one might exercise is vast and multi-faceted! When everything but the essentials is stripped away, we have the eternal Kingdom of God which is in us, which manifests through us, which has been established, is being made manifest, and which is yet to come.

So then every temporal CHRISTIAN nation, with its shared detailed convictions, preferences, and priorities, and its own unique origins and God-given purpose, is of the same “blood” as the eternal nation of God’s Elect within the Kingdom of God. All Christians belong to that eternal nation, it is (or should be) their core identity, and in the eternal world to come, it will be all we have or need. But just as we who belong to the eternal and universal Family of God also need a temporal family in this life, I propose than many of us also need and crave a temporal nation in this life.

So then comes the VISION of Upadaria (yoo-pah-dare-ee-ah)- a missionary and refugee nation of Christians dispersed like seeds of grain all over the planet and centering around freewill covenant “households” as locally distributed “missional refugee communities” of a couple hundred or so families with attached single adults, all practicing the same lifestyle and all focused on being witnesses for Jesus to the nations.

These local chapters, which might be called “Shirehold Communities” (combining Shire and Household), of 120-240 or so local Christian families with attached single adults, would be the chief local manifestation of this globally dispersed “Christian missionary and refugee nation.

People might live on or near “Estates” with 5-10 families and a few attached single adults per Shirehold, 10 or so refugees, and facilities for non-resident members, or they might not, and the center of each “Shirehold Community” would be a Manor with 10-20 resident condos for members and common facilities both to serve members and conduct the ministry of the whole community as a missionary and refugee community, and as a witness to the people in the region being served.

But to be a member of the nation, a Peer of Upadaria, one can live anywwhere and even if you have no local “Shirehold Community” or “Shirehold Estate” of which you can be part, you would be able to be connected to fellow “nationals” through the internet- hence, Upadaria is meant to be a “virtual to local” missional Christian refuge and “nation of people whose God is the Lord.” It will be a nation founded in the “universals” of the Kingdom of God with its own God-ordained unique way of life (centered on multi-family freewill covenant-based “households”) and mission (centered on being a Christian missionary and refugee nation as a witness to Jesus to the nation.)

Through the practices and disciplines of becoming a Peer and earning “Noble Standing by Merit” within Upadaria, Christians will be free and empowered to act effectively and powerfully alone and together as witnesses for Jesus to the nations. Wherever you LIVE you can become a “Upadarian” by learning and practicing our way of life and mission as a nation, to the best of your ability and power, according to your present circumstances. In fact, as you take even small steps by seeking to pursue this “national shared calling”, I believe God will begin to open new opportunities and release favor and resources for you to take further steps among a path of honor toward complete liberation.

Yes, wherever you live, you can become a Upadarian, a Peer of Upadaria!

A Upadarian is Christian who wishes to discover and practice the ancient form of householding as an alternative to a radical and isolated individualism that makes you easy prey to a godless society’s centralized control over the masses. A Upadarian is a Christian who, through this lifestyle, is free and empowered to act as a missionary and to help refugees (knowing we are a refugee People) as a witness for Jesus to the nations.

Upadarianism, the governing and lifestyle discipline of Upadaria, is not a doctrine or a denominational theology: it is the core ideals and practices of a unique and Christian “missionary and refugee nation” that will, should the Lord tarry, one day have its “Shireholds” (as locally distributed missional and refugee communities) be distributed like seeds of grain all over the world. By becoming a Upadarian you commit to this way of life and national calling, and you become a part of a Christian nation, regardless of where or in whichever country you live.

Your country may be a godless mess and you may either wish you could leave or wish you could reform it and make it Christian. Neither of these options provider for a certainty of outcome regardless of how hard you try to make them happen. In fact, both of these options are extremely expensive in terms of your time and resources. Put simply, neither is a direct way to achieve personal spiritual and then temporal liberation from a godless system of control and manipulation.

There is a better option: When you adopt a temporal nationality that IS IN FACT Christian and that is rooted in our eternal Christian national identity then you take an immediate step out from under the spiritual and then the social and cultural dominion of a godless nation of people and a godless country which has rejected Jesus Christ. The decision is yours, it does not require you to uproot your life or convince your neighbors of one thing! YOU HAVE THE POWER to change your national identity, your national blessings, your shared national calling, and your national destiny.

Of course you pick other Christian nations or form your own, IF God leads you. Upadaria holds no monopoly on Christian nationality. You might even focus on your eternal nationality, which transcends everything else in your life, and how you can, and must, appropriate that in service to God. (In fact doing will be part of the process of becoming a Peer of Upadaria).

I am not proposing a Upadarian COUNTRY that is only for “Upadarians”, in fact any state that adopts the Upadarian governance discipline would be contradicting Upadarianism (as a governing and lifestyle discipline) to make a “national political state.” I am proposing and searching for the FOUNDING FATHERS AND MOTHERS of a stateless, globally dispersed, missional and refugee, “nation of people whose God is the Lord”, which will begin its life as a “virtual to local missional Christian refuge.”

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