Can Minorities Be Racist?

The argument runs like this: since a minority group that has no power cannot really discriminate against the majority group that has power then the minority group cannot be racist. The other side says that racism is a belief that people are defined by their race in terms of their moral or other traits and qualities, and even their worth. Therefore, if you assume that all members of one group are morally or in any way inferior or bad BECAUSE of their race then you are a racist.

Our aim in this virtual community is to have a color-blind society of equals that embraces and celebrates the inherit dignity of every human being.

The technical truth is that racism is not merely having power to discriminate, it is not an act but a belief. Whether or not you have power to do something doesn’t define your guilt. As Jesus noted, looking on a woman to lust makes you guilty of fornication and/or adultery.  Looking at other people and seeing them not as an individual person but as a race, and then judging them according to that, makes you a racist even if you have no power in relation to them.

But while those who say minorities cannot be racists are technically wrong, the deeper truth they may be pointing to is lost on us. The fact is minorities who have no power cannot be a threat to society even if they are racists, but majorities who have power and who follow racist policies are a threat to civil society. 

But America and Europe are not a centralized dictatorship…yet. In different spheres of society and locations within the political state the groups who hold real power may or may not be the “majority” as calculated on a national scale. And this doesn’t even include ideological or religious identities and groups.  We are just talking about the fictional identity people call “race.” 

If a white man lives in a city where he is a minority and he is shunned or discriminated against by the majority who hold power, then it is not legally or morally different than any other case of discrimination.  

And so even in a case where one might argue that being white, as in Europe and America, typically has its privileges, it cannot be said that it always has its privileges everywhere. Moreover, it really doesn’t justify any person being judged or made to apologize for anything other than what has been proven to be their crimes or wrongs against society. If you decide to shortchange 10 people and yet you treat me fairly then I owe nothing to those YOU shortchanged, only you do. 

And so while it is morally and logically wrong to say minorities cannot be racist, it is also wrong to pretend their racism is on par with racism enacted against them. While it is true that if you look on a woman to lust you have engaged in adultery (if you are married), we all know there is a difference between thinking it and doing it.

In the case of minority racism, most of the time it is not something they can act on. So it isn’t like when someone in a poor position is racist who then acts on that racism.

I see racism more than I care to see it. I look around and I see so many times that few minorities or women have power, not even in proportion to their percentage of the population. Not even close. This does not mean all or most white people are racists and it doesn’t mean some white people don’t suffer racism in places where they are the minority. But it is not true that black or brown racism directed at whites is somehow as bad in its effect as when whites have racism toward blacks or others. 

So then if blacks and other minorities have no power then why is there such a mantra in the popular culture against the white man? Indeed, the mantra is actually produced by institutions that are…dominated by white people. Black people don’t run the Universities, white people usually do, and they are producing the most virulent racist hate directed at whites, making all white people guilty for every bad deed done by any white person!

In reality this is not racism in the classical sense. White men and white culture is a totem, a stand in, for culture and ideology. The objective is to use feelings for shame and guilt to compel people to abandon their core values and beliefs in order to not be shunned. In other words, the aim is to undermine traditional values by mislabelng them as the ideas of “the white supremacist culture”, while avoiding debating their merits on logical grounds.

But there is more to this white -one white hate. The underlying assumption of the left is that minorities cannot make it unless they have advantages and unless other people have disadvantages, none of which have anything to do with merit. The idea that black people cannot succeed UNLESS white people suffer is actually rooted in a subconscious belief in the inferiority of black people.  

The utopian aim of the left is UNIFORMITY in the most extreme sense, which is an equality of condition without differentiation and diversity. There is no difference in results or even in sexes or age. There is no difference in opinion, either, and to be different is to be alienated. But if the underlying assumption is the racist notion that black people cannot naturally compete unless they have advantages, while others have disadvantages, then you have to work toward the suppression of white people….even by white people. 

So then the most dangerous anti-aging racism is not coming from black people or minorities, who generally, except in a few areas or locations, have no real power. No, the most dangerous anti-white racism is coming from  the leftist ideologues whose quest for extreme uniformity in every way is hindered by their belief that white people are superior to all others and therefore must be suppresed. The bogeyman of white supremacism is used to suppress traditional values and culture without having to justify that suppression on moral or logical grounds. 

So what is the answer?

Truth has to be followed. Right principles must be obeyed. We must stick to who we are. 

There is no such thing as race, we are humans. Period. We all deserve to be, and should expect to be, judged solely on our own individual merit. We should neither have favor nor face disadvantage because or our skin color. If we are given favor AND WE KNOW IT we should speak up for the people being wronged. If we are given favor and we do not know it, then we are innocent. We should fight to free the oppressed and disadvantaged without taking on any guilt for anything we ourselves have not knowingly done, but we should also remember that if we knowingly use an unjust advantage then we are guilty also of that injustice. 

It would be wrong to say minorities have the same power as most white people most of the time.  It would also be wrong to say they never have lower. It is wrong to say minorities cannot be racists, but it is right to note the difference between racist sentiment and racist actions. It is right to note the difference in being a racist with power and being one without power. 

Race is a fiction. Every person is equal before God in value. The blood of Christ makes us one. That is our bond and kindred. We have different talents and abilities and we’ll get different results, but something like our ancestry or our complexion must never be the basis of judging us or determine our value and standing in society.

While racism is real and anybody can be a racist, in the West the racism of powerful white ideologues directed at minorities whom they see as inferior in capability and against whites whom they see as moral inferiors to their ideology is in fact the most dangerous form of racism with which we struggle. 

True, minorities can be racist, but they generally have far less of an opportunity to act on that than rich, white liberals, whose racism is the worse form of all.

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