Overcoming The Anti-Christ Spirit of the West

Taking Refuge From The Christ Haters- The Birth of A New Christian Civilization

A local chapter facility for the Society, a Common House- I envisions these all over the world!

A local chapter facility for the Society, a Common House- I envisions these all over the world!

By Bill Collier- Satan and all who are under his spell are at war with Jesus and His People. In fact, it is obvious that the West has been overcome by an anti-Christ spirit!

This truth that the anti-Christ spirit of the West is at war with Christendom is not something worldlings without Christ can ever fathom. The end goal of this war is to eliminate any Christian witness.

When a whole civilization falls under Satanic influence, as the West has, the end goal of its institutions is to eliminate any Christian witness. This is not a human goal. The people pursuing this goal will deny it as their goal because they are spiritual slaves and don’t know any better. But, in the end, the final result will be for God’s Glory: the birth of a new Christian civilization!

This spiritual war manifests itself in culture, economics, law, and public policy. The method is to make all Christians choose between adhering to the Bible and being punished or disobeying their conscience and being rewarded.

For now this attack is aimed at the rights of freedom of conscience and free association. The enemy knows that the Bible prescribes that we Christians not participate in or condone anything sinful. The Bible shows us that “evil company corrupts good manners” and not to welcome into our fellowship anyone who claims to be a Christian but who practices heresy or immorality. We are not to materially or in any way be part of, condone, or support, even for pay, anything immoral nor to bind ourselves to immoral people.

The worldlings for whom the Bible has no meaning or value, “think it strange” that we do not “run with” them in their wild excesses. Indeed, things we count as immoral they consider to be normal and healthy.

(It must be noted, Christians are not the sole target, freedom itself, for everyone, is the target, but I am speaking of this from a Christian and Biblical perspective, not a political or secular perspective.)

There is no greater power than God. So then why is God allowing the enemy to so deceive the worldlings into trying to deny us any space or freedom wherein we might exercise our faith and lifestyle in liberty? It would seem that as the worldlings work to deny any space wherein we can choose to not associate with acts or persons we consider immoral the real object is division. What I mean is that if God allows this, as He has, then it seems the objective is to cause a division between Believers and worldlings in this Civilization.

What finally drove Lot from Sodom? The worldling perverts wouldn’t even leave him at peace in his own home! The fact he refused to let the crowd have their way with his guests was scandalous to them! And now we see: from how you raise your children, to who you choose to serve, and to who comes into the privacy of a restroom, there is no place that is sacred. There is no area of your life that isn’t subject to invasion. If you do not embrace, condone, participate in, associate with, or give access to your children to things and people you find immoral you will be punished. Or at least that is the plan.

America needs jesusTHERE IS NO ESCAPE?

If you teach your child the Bible’s rules and standards for morality and the kinds of things and people not to be associating with, then you will be punished. America, once a haven for religious freedom, has now become a dangerous place for the Christian who wishes to practice a Biblical lifestyle discipline. Satan controls the institutions of Western Civilization through his human puppets who have no idea who and what they are serving. Right now, God is allowing that to happen.

There is no easy answer. Even if we find some legal way to create a space where a Christian cultural structure prevails, it would only be a matter of time before the worldlings come at us. They’ll change or ignore the laws and try to make it impossible for us to prosper unless we submit to, and admit into our closest fellowship, people and practices the Bible urges us to avoid. (But God is mightier than their unjust laws!)

Why do the worldlings dismiss this claim of ours of a war on Christianity and Christians? They dismiss this claim because they cannot see the spiritual dimension. They dismiss it because they cannot see the trajectory of demands moving from rights and toleration to a denial of our rights and intolerance toward us. Finally, they dismiss it because, for them, everything we believe is a fairy tail.

What then is the answer?upadaria social media button

In a word, for some, the answer is Upadaria. Now, I’m talking about temporal relief from the onslaught of the worldling freedom takers. The ultimate answer is Jesus and everything flows from that.

I hope you are not dismissive of what follows because it seems strange or hard to believe. I appeal to the truth we all believe: that with man these things are impossible but with God all things are possible. I appeal to the witness of God in your spirit to open your eyes to these things, and to show you that a future of glorious opportunity awaits, not a future of fearful retreat and surrender.

This all comes from what what I call “the vision of Upadaria.” (Yoo-pah-daria)

castle background

Upadaria is a vision for a future reality that was first seen by myself in 1982 and that is fast being made the reality of today. Upadaria is pronounced “yoo-pah-daria.”

Upadaria (yoo-pah-daria) is five things, all at once, but not necessarily all together:


1. It started for me as a vision for a worldwide “empire” of political states called “The Upadarian Empire” and a future history from 1982 until into 2200 A.D. (a “Upadarian Commonwealth” of diverse states distributed all over the world)- I was 13 when I had a large fictional future history downloaded to me following a supernatural waking vision


2. As I feverishly wrote in a passionate desire to get everything on paper, I discerned a Christian governing philosophy as the basis of a new lifestyle and governance discipline that would empower Christians to fulfill God’s best for their lives and be witnesses for Jesus to the nations- I called it upadarianism after the name of the “empire” in the future history


3. As a result of understanding the “commonwealth” and the governing philosophy I deduced the vision of a nation of people organized globally as a fraternal and missionary society centered on distributed intentional communities that revived and modernized the ancient Roman multi-family extended household


4. Digging deeper into the future history and governing philosophy I saw the eventual emergence of a new Christian civilization based on the UPDR Ideals (Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law) with many different and additional Christian nations and even free political states falling into the spiritual-cultural sphere of that civilization- later in life I found a prophecy from 1840 exactly aligned with my vision for this new civilization


5. The idea of a new Christian civilization pointed to an even deeper realization that Christian universals, the church as a spiritual city-state, and the Body of Christ as a universal and eternal nation of people would manifest the Kingdom of God among us as never before- the UPDR Ideals being the basis of “Kingdom Governance”

So what is Upadaria?

It is a future in which some political states adopt the UPDR Ideals of Governance and act as places of refuge for Christians and others. This could evolve into a globally dispersed “Upadarian Commonwealth” of cooperating “Upadarian” states.upoflag

It is a Christian governing philosophy as the basis of a lifestyle and governance discipline that empowers Christians to be God’s best as witnesses to the nations and to develop new structures and arrangements to overcome increasingly anti-Christian policies by the worldlings.

It is a new “nation of people” with its own unique customs and traditions promoted and supported by a globally distributed fraternal and missionary society. People become “nationals” through a covenant bond made by freewill and form “extended households.” You don’t have to join a Upadarian society to adopt the Upadarian national covenant as your way of life. The Upadarian nation has a national covenant (the Kha Yasa), a path of merit-based advancement to leadership (the Karygama A’ Regita), it’s own alphabet, and even its own emergent language.

It is the emergence in the future of a new Christian civilization that will rise as the West declines and empowers many to live out their faith and be witnesses to the nations- this will be made possible by many Christian “nations” and by many free political states and through the dispersement and adoption of upadarianism and the UPDR Governance Model and/or the upadarian form of government.

It is the governing discipline for Christians who recognize we are in the Kingdom Era and who use the UPDR Ideals to keep the peace and promote Christian unity. A global consensus and awareness of the universal Christian nation and the church as a spiritual city-state will lead the way forward in this epoch.


For different people “Upadaria” will be different things, and that is in fact as it should be. For some Upadaria will be all of these things, as it is for me.

The first part of the vision (the Commonwealth), the starting point of understanding, is the second to the last thing that will occur, and it is the part of the vision that is in God’s hands. Events occur which make these political states emerge, and those events cannot be easily orchestrated.

The last part of the vision is its broadest application, as a mode and means of governance among and between Christians who recognize that we are living in the Kingdom Era. This is the easist part of the vision to promote and some have felt it is the beginning and the end.

The actual starting point, however, is the philosophy which leads to both the eventual creation of the “nation” and the eventual dissemination of the governance discipline within the Christendom.

The final thing that will occur is the emergence of the new Christian civilization. Often I present these things with that end result in mind, hence “The Blue Book of Upadaria- The Future History of the New Civilization” and “Common Sense for the New Civilization.”

If you understand the future history as both representative of deeper truths and broadly but not specifically inspired by a prophetic insight then you can discover all the other elements of the vision more readily.

While I do not present the story as prophecy, others who have seen its outline and timeline note that many of the events have occurred in the order written about around the time they occurred in the future history: but I have never claimed this as a prophecy, though I can see it is prophetically inspired in the broadest sense of the term.

The future history was my key to unlocking what seemed like mysteries to me back in 1982. The prescriptions for a governance and lifestyle discipline, a specific national covenant, a new civilization, and Kingdom governance were all “hidden” in plain sight within the future history laid out before me in 1982. These things not only explained why and how events in the future history took place, they began to reveal how best to deal with real events that have so closely paralleled the future history in an uncanny way.

You see, the tension now between the Western culture and Christendom was all revealed in a fictive future history and the path of escape was also revealed. That path is Upadaria, for many, or something like Upadaria. I see that the enemy is trying to drive Christians out of the mainstream culture in the West, I see God is allowing this, and I have already seen that Christians will ultimately benefit from all of this.

How will we benefit?

1. Christians will HAVE TO come together- the new structures needed will empower them to thrive without the favor of the world but they will also make them highly influential and draw others to Christ


2. Spiritual warfare will take the lead- as everything fails to stop the worldlings, Christians will lose their crutches and be compelled to engage the real enemy- Satan and his demonic powers of darkness


3. Christian community will replace “religion”- services, buildings, and clergy will take a back seat to the simplicity of community fellowship and seeing the church as a spiritual city-state in its own right (clergy will not go away, it will become apostolic in mission and structure, recognizing all believers as a Kingdom of kings and priests unto the Lord)


4. New Christian “nations” will emerge- the blessings of a nation whose God is the Lord will be activated as Christian nations (of people) emerge with their own unique shared callings or covenant all rooted in the New Covenant of the eternal and universal Christian nation


5. The worldlings will fail and cry out for our help- the worldlings are going to go bankrupt and as we develop new structures and institutions of our own we alone will be standing tall as they cannot even keep the lights on or their children fed


6. Wealth will be transferred- wealth will be transferred as God blesses Christians who are forced out of the public marketplace, no matter how much the worldings try to freeze us out, our efforts will bear fruit, theirs will not, and more and more people will buy from or support us


7. Politics will be changed- as political states under the thrall of this cruel satanic agenda fail, new political systems and arrangements rooted in the UPDR Ideals will emerge, empty land devoid of any government will develop new states and some old states, to save themselves, will adopt the “UPDR Governance Model” or a “upadarian form of government”, paving the way for a global “Upadarian Commonwealth”

upadaria badgeWhere does this begin?

It begins with understanding the future history and then the governing philosophy of upadarianism. Even if this is all you catch, it will help you, on your own, to start living up to God’s best for you as a witness to the nations. You may develop your own ideas or be led to join our virtual nation for mutual encouragement and support, and to help, ultimately, find local people who take this path of liberation with you.

The future is challenging, and it doesn’t have to unfold as I have seen it: repentance by the nations of the West could prevent many bad things. But come what may the people who follow this vision, because God has revealed it to them through these words, will be sowing the seeds of liberation and spiritual revolution that will benefit generations to come.

Yes, the worldlings will give us no peace. And for that reason you must prepare yourself spiritually, mentally, socially, and economically right now. A starting point is through the lense of a possible future history which has, since its first inception in 1982, already started to take place.

Imperial Translation and Christendom

PHILOSOPHY- “Imperial Translation And The Unity of Christendom”

An Essay By Bill Collier- Imperial translation and the unity of Christendom are two concepts abandoned by modern Christians mostly because they focus on their flawed application by mere mortals rather than retaining the truth and rejecting only the error.

(Note: I am sticking with the terms “empire” and “imperium”, as referenced in the Middle Ageas, fully understanding that modern readers have their own negative assumptions of these terms, as this is an academic essay and not a sales pitch. I prefer to preserve the original language and terms and explain them to “moderns” in a way they can understand rather than lose their punch and value by substituting modern terms that are equally flawed as vehicles by which to convey these ideas.)

In the Middle Ages the Papacy and the Empire agreed that the ancient Roman “Imperium” had been translated, via the Pope, to the “Holy Roman Empire.” This was fueled by a misreading of Daniel’s prophecy regarding the last 4 empires, with the Romans being the last, and by the ideas that there could only be one single Empire at any given time and a last-days view that the final Roman Emperor would go to Jerusalem and hand his throne to Jesus Christ. However, truth is truth, and there was substance to this idea which did not need to rely on a flawed eschatology (view of the end-times).

All of this revolved around the concept of Christendom which saw all Christians and the institutions, even states, they controlled, as being an indivisible whole which must have one supreme secular leader (the Emperor) and one supreme temporal spiritual leader (the Pope). The concept of Christendom also carried the idea of a form of nationhood shared equally by all Christians with their political and ethnic national affiliations and identities being of far less significance. Today more and more Christians are sensing a need for a unified shared identity that is transcendent of race, denomination, and ethnicity and that equates to a universal nationhood as the nation of ALL Christians and a universal and eternal citizenship as citizens of the Kingdom of God.

We can toss out the errors of a thing without losing its value. The strength of these ideas was born out in time, literally, as the Holy Roman Empire lasted for 1000 years while its last manifestation, under the Austrians, remained essentially relevant until the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire after World War One! There is much then to be learned from these ideas: of “imperial translation” and of “united Christendom” which we can embrace without accepting elements that we know to be false or in error. In essence, the core truths, which may have even eluded the people of the Middle Ages, were so strong that they bore good fruit despite being shrouded in errors of human intperpretation and the parochial interests of those who executed them.

The general principle of imperial translation is that God ordains a political state as a sort of “empire” to be the champion of His People and their freedom to practice and share their faith as well as to school the nations in God’s righteous standard for the nations. This “empire” is a continuity, even if there are lapes in between, of the first Empire to be so ordained, the Christianized Roman Empire. If we stick with the PRINCIPLE and not the specifics that are less important, we can see that this “empire” doesn’t even have to BE an “empire” at all!

So we see the Holy Roman Empire gives way to the British Empire which gives way to America. The “imperium” of secular or regal power as the champion of Christians and their liberties was translated from one to the other. America became then the translated manifestation of the Christianized Roman Empire while the United States remained an imperfect champion of Christian liberty and of God’s righteous standard for civix and civic law.

Never has more than one “empire” acted as the dominant political or regal agent representing and protecting the Christian virtues and Christian liberties. The translation of the imperium from Rome, to the Germans, to the English, and to the Americans has meant that the regalia of Christian secular authority is unbroken, lapses notwithstanding.

We have endured an age in which the notion of Christian secular authority is denied by Christians and non-Christians. This authority includes the sovereign rights to administer regal affairs according to Christian virtues and to enforce all matters reserved by God to this imperium in a most Christian manner. The refutation and denial of this authority has led to a predictable outcome: the secular political authority is becoming a hazard to Christians. To be blunt, without an imperium controlled by Christians the world’s political powers become a hazard to Christians.

The errors of the Christian imperium stemmed from the second aspect of Christendom- the notion of a temporal supreme spiritual authority, i.e. the Pope. The Papacy exercised force to enforce BELIEF AND FAITH, and in so doing violated the boundaries of the sacred authority and the imperium. The imperium cannot meddle in matters of personal belief, nor punish those whose beliefs are not favored. When the Papacy deigned to wage physical war on heretics it both went beyond any spiritual mandate and it compelled the imperium to step into the realm of the spiritual by punishing people who were deemed heretics or infidels by the Papacy.

The imperium CAN impose a righteous standard based on Christian virtues found in Scripture as relates to man’s relation to man and his treatment of the physical creation, but as to man’s relation to God, this remains always and purely God’s direct provenance. In other words, God delegates physical salvation from harm and abuse to an imperium of men within the boundary of His Righteous standard, but eternal salvation is delegated to no human being or agency.

I would propose that this “imperium” cannot make Christians, but it can protect them, as well as non-Christians, from temporal/physical harm and hazards based on the core ideals of Biblical governance- Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law. These ideals and the governing philosophy that flow from them are Christian but they are materially and politically liberating to anyone who uses them, regardless of their religion.

Another aspect of Christendom that was in error was that we needed a supreme temporal spiritual authority. The very idea of Papal supremacy over all Christians removed Christ as the head of Christendom and replaced Him with a Pope as His spiritual vicar. Between man and God stand no priest or Pope. It can be argued and demonstrated that the translation of supreme imperium as the secular Christian authority has occured and requires one secular head, albeit one very accountable secular head, but in matters spiritual and personal only Christ is the head. But this secular head of an empire need not even be one person, and nor can this empire claim to be supreme over all political states.

The “imperial translation” is not about a person. The translation isn’t from “person to person” but from “empire to empire” with each being a translation of and improvement upon the original Christianized Roman Empire, which was deeply flawed but which was used by God despite its flaws.

This “empire” is not global, it is no one-world scheme! It signifies, rather, the pre-eminent position of that “empire” as the dominant champion of Christian liberty. There may be many constituent states within that empire and many states outside that empire whose governments might be called just toward Christian liberty (even if the governors thereof are not Christians). It is not a matter of hegemony but of demonstrable prominance by virtue of the vastness of resources able to be pooled for the defense of Christian liberty. (As noted: the “empire” need not even be an “empire.”)

All of this is gratingly out of sync with today’s conventional wisdom, but the ideas of imperial translation and a united Christendom are truth and if they are truth the abandonment of these ideas will provide such severe consequences as to render them desirable again. Already we see that the consequences of the loss of a Christian imperium have been grave. Despite the mistakes and flaws of men who have tried to live up to these ideas, we are worse for the fact these ideas have been temporarily abandoned. Again, the hard truth here is that Christian liberty in the temporal rests with political states advancing Christian virtue as it pertains to civil law and adhering to God’s righteous standard within the LIMITED sphere of the “imperium” (really, the civil, civic, and regal powers, or political states).

It is not our task or right to advance the Kingdom of God by force. But it is our right, as we have seen God confirm in history through His Blessings, to use political power in defense of liberty, including Christian liberty, and to enforce God’s righteous standard for the political state and civil law. As long as the spiritual matters of pure faith and worship are inviolate, we have every right to seek our own “imperium” as a translation of and improvement upon the first and proceeding “imperiums” which have come before us. As long as the imperium is just and fair and protective of all, Christian and non-Christian alike, then it will be blessed.

In due time God WILL raise up a new “empire” since America has surrendered its “imperium” and has become a hazard to Christian liberty. (Unless America repents and a spiritual revival leads to a return to limited government that protects liberty for all.) As for the spiritual unity of Christendom, this does not come from an “organization” or a “pope”, it comes from the heart. The ideals of spiritual governance and the tenets of Christian universals will spread and multiply adherents until, one day, a kind of spiritual unity emerges that is totally unorganized by man.

In 1982 I foresaw this imperium: a global distributed “empire” of diverse constituent states animated by the core ideals of Biblical governance, respecting God’s righteous standard for the nations, refraining from regulating or controlling matters not assigned the political state, and championing not only Christian liberty but the liberty of all persons within its “imperium.”

Whether that vision is literal or figurative is not important, what is important is that something LIKE it is inevitable, should the Lord tarry. And when Christians seek freedom from oppression they will run to where this “empire” has political or other legal standing in order to find refuge, as they once fled to America (and still do). Only in the future I foresaw those “islands” of safety were distributed here and there all over the world so that nobody was ever to far away from one of these places.

The spreading and broadcasting of the vision associated with this “empire”, of the core ideals, and of the governing philosophy with its governance and lifestyle discipline, will be coupled with choices, relational and lifestyle changes, and new organizations, structures, and institutions which make the future emergence of this foreseen reality possible and inevitable. We stand before the beginning of the ultimate emergence of something ennobling, new, and powerful that will help millions of Christians survive and thrive in a world that is suffering from bad choices.

Christendom’s Retreat In The West


W. R. Collier Jr. – When I first had the vision of what I refer to as “Upadaria” (yoo-pah-daria) in February of 1982, Christendom was assertive in every arena. Today, Christendom is in full-fledged, panicked, retreat. All the while our leaders hold the door to the church open to secular invaders who are trying to hijack Christianity itself to justify their godless doctrines and invalidate Christians who oppose them. (more…)

Finding Gaps For Freedom

It is true that Western society (in every country where Western European-American or “Western” Civilization prevails) the masses of people and the ruling elites have swallowed the poison of a godless, amoral, materialistic “world as spoil” utopian fantasy. It is also true that this culture cannot and will not tolerate the open and public expression of the Christian lifestyle if its elites have their way. Finally, it is true that the elites of this society are actually powerless to prevent us from finding gaps of freedom even within their increasingly un-free system. (more…)

What Is A Nation?

W R. Collier Jr. What is a nation? This is a basic question. Of course to ask the question it is necessary to believe that you do not know the answer. But if you think you know the answer, you won’t ask the question- and therein lies the heart of the problem. Most people already think they know the answer. (more…)

What Will Change If You Become A Peer In Our Society


As a Peer in our Society you will become part of a virtual and eventually a local community of people that acts as an extended family. While not every member will live in a co-housing community, like the one pictured, the spirit of our community and family lifestyle is more like a co-housing community than a social club or a religious organization.

There are three key ways your life will change if you follow this way of life together with others- you will have an intentional extended family of people, your economic life will be redirected, and you will more consciously and daily work to live and act as a missionary and help refugees recover.

Having an intentional extended family means that you will spend time in fellowship with these folks. It means that the welfare and safety of each member becomes the care of everyone. (This does not mean people lose individual responsibility!) It means you recreate and socialize together on a fairly regular basis. So, instead of spending dozens of hours every week just watching TV, you would spend some of half of that time “hanging out” online or in person with people in your intentional extended family.

Your economic life would be redirected. Through your local chapter you would participate in “buying cooperatives” to make bulk purchases as a group and save money. You would use a labor-exchange trade scrip to trade goods and services with other members, always “buying first” from fellow members, then from fellow Christians. You would participate in mutual assurance fund to cover your medical and health needs and emergency needs.

Your commitment to be a witness for Jesus to the nations might change. First, you would act as a missionary to the lost around you and in your neighborhood.  You would participate in or support local missionary outreach with a clear focus on converting sinners. You would support missionary efforts in other communities abroad: you might even go on excursions to help new efforts get started in neighboring communities or even abroad. You would directly help refugees who are being cared for by your local chapter and you would support efforts to help refugees abroad.

If you are adhering to Christian morals then the moral standards we follow will not be a major change for you, although our customs and how we celebrate those ideals, virtues, and the such might be different in outward form in substance, our moral standards are orthodox Christian morals.

Our Society will call on its members to LIVE MISSIONALLY, because our nation is a missionary and refugee nation, designed to spread the Gospel and convert the lost. Not only do we seek to HELP refugees, we also have the heart of refugees, recognizing that this is not our home- for we look for a city not made with human hands, a city whose builder and maker if God.

You should know up front that if you go beyond merely learning our concepts and practices and wish to become a Confirmed Peer Member in our Society that a change in lifestyle is most definitely contemplated. But that change in lifestyle is, we believe, the “radical necessity” of the age in which we live. To have an extended family as a social safety net, to redirect your economic life toward independence from a godless system, and to live missionally as missionaries and in helping refugees, all based on orthodox Christian moral virtues, may in fact be the primary way that Christians thrive even in these trying times while remaining witnesses for Jesus to the nations.

If you become an Associate Member or even just a subscriber to our virtual community, you may decide to pursue such changes or not pursue such changes with vigor.

If you choose to become a Confirmed Peer Member, however, you do so in order to receive the training, support, and social safety net from fellow Peers to empower you to pursue such a lifestyle. But even then, we cannot and will not ask you to make changes suddenly, to break previous agreements, contracts, or commitments, or to do anything rash and hasty that would be impractical and disruptive to you or your family. The idea is to move ALONG a pathway from where you are toward where you want to be, and to do so with the love, care, and mutual support of fellow Peers.

Here is the key thing- you do not follow “The Upadarian Lifestyle Discipline” in order to become a Peer, you become a Peer so that you be equipped and empowered to live this lifestyle discipline as much as is practicable, getting from where you are to where you want to be over time- and you do this in order to be a witness for Jesus to the nations.

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