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You’ll learn-

upoflagThe concept and power of a nation of people whose God is the Lord, and how to utilize that spiritually, as part of the eternal nation of the God’s Elect (the Body of Christ), and temporally as a temporal Christian nation not defined by political boundaries.


upadaria social media buttonThe vision for this new nation of people, upon which our fraternal society will be based, along with the principles and practices, many of which you can utilize for self-empowerment in Christ even if you do not join our Society


business poeple groupThe core ideals of Christian governance which are both America’s spiritual (and unfulfilled) Constitution and the ideals for Christian civilization in general, and by which any group of Christians can find common unity and work to extend the influence of the Kingdom of God among men!


simple common house designThe concept, theory, principles, and practices of a multi-family extended covenant household as a means of mutual support and shared missional activity that will liberate you from the control and influence of a godless culture and empower you to be a witness for Jesus.


America needs jesusThe Round Table will begin as one on one sessions and then, as more people get involved, group virtual gatherings aimed at imparting the vision and concept of this “nation” and answering questions. At the end of the process the Candidate as well as the leadership of the Society will determine whether or not to proceed to become a provisional Peer in our Society by going on to learn the national freewill covenant association of our Society and choosing to “make covenant” to uphold such values, pursue the shared mission, and advance the overall vision in your life and relationships.

While we will not restrict membership on the basis of church affiliation, for those who do not wish to be participants in a traditional church, we will provide spiritual fellowship and meet spiritual needs beginning with virtual and eventually local gatherings for such purposes. In other words, we will serve both those who attend traditional churches and the 20% or so of Christians who desire a less traditional mode of fellowship. ALL CHRISTIANS are welcome to apply!

To begin the process, submit your information and I will contact you via email to arrange a Skype meeting where I will explain the free Candidate’s Round Table, ask you some questions, answer your questions, and determine if you wish to proceed. The actual content and order of information will be tailored to your needs and circumstances, it is meant to help you even if you do not go on to become a Peer in our Society.

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Join a FREE Candidate's Round Table Now- be empowered to be a witness for Jesus and fulfill God's best for your life!! CLICK HERE!

About Upadaria

Upadaria is a place for Christians who seek to freely live and share the Gospel in the midst of a fallen world. .

The Blue Book of Upadaria

This is an “emergent book” being provided through our community that details what Upadaria is all about. This includes our Vision, our Way of Life, our Philosophy, the Christian Universals, and some details about our Organization and Structure.

The Meaning of The Word, Upadaria

Upadaria is pronounced “you-pah-dare-e-ah.” It stands for the initial UPDR which symbolize our Four Core Ideals– U for Unity in diversity, P for Popular sovereignty, D for Democratic equality, and R for Rule of law.