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To become a member of our virtual community, which we refer to as “The Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria“, a virtual micronation, a membership application will be required. The first step is to simply register with the site.


We offer four types of membership: General Members, eResidents, eCitizens, and Peers. Also, member Micronations which you can join will have their own memberships.


Registration with this website is free and open to everyone. This is general membership and is akin to being a visitor to a foreign country.

Candidates for our eResidence or eCitizenship will gain access to special member-only areas. Such levels of membership are only available to people who will RESPECT our Creed, our Pledge of Common Unity, and our National Covenant within this virtual space. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO AGREE with everything to have a membership in the CCU, other than the PLEDGE OF COMMON UNITY. You simply have to respect these things. There will be free and paid levels of membership.

Becoming a Peer of Upadaria: We will also provide an application to become a “Peer of Upadaria” as a “nation of people whose God is the Lord”, also based on the Crown Commonwealth of Upadara platform. This will be different and additional to the eResidence or eCitizenhip application. Regarding the Peerage in our Society, ALL Christians, regardless of age, ethnicity, or denomination who can agree to and abide by our Christian Universals and our Pledge of Common Unity are eligible to join for free as REFUGEES. You will find more information on this after you register for free with the site.

Before proceeding, please review the following documents and ensure that you can agree with and abide by them as a condition of becoming a member of our virtual community, “The Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria.”

Our Creed (Christian Universals)

Pledge of Common Unity (Our shared convictions)

Our National Covenant (Governance)


REGISTER FOR FREE then you will be invited to a Candidate’s Round Table Group and asked if you will respect and abide by our Creed, Pledge of Common Unity, and National Covenant (you are not required to AGREE with these things, only to respect them within this community.)

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About Upadaria

Upadaria is a place for Christians who seek to freely live and share the Gospel in the midst of a fallen world. .

The Blue Book of Upadaria

This is an “emergent book” being provided through our community that details what Upadaria is all about. This includes our Vision, our Way of Life, our Philosophy, the Christian Universals, and some details about our Organization and Structure.

The Meaning of The Word, Upadaria

Upadaria is pronounced “you-pah-dare-e-ah.” It stands for the initial UPDR which symbolize our Four Core Ideals– U for Unity in diversity, P for Popular sovereignty, D for Democratic equality, and R for Rule of law.