You don’t have to settle for being dependent on a sick society that despises your God and your values. And neither do you want to give in to the kind of fear and hate that might make you withdraw from your duty to be a witness for Jesus to that same society.

You do have an option.

You can become part of a Christian nation called Upadaria. Pronounced yoo-pah-daria, this is basically a virtual non-territorial nation of which you can be a participant wherever you live right now.

But the long term vision of this nation is to build local fraternal Christian communities as extended family groups that support one another in a shared national vision to reach the nations for Jesus. You come into an online or virtual community and then you eventually get the skill and help needed to form a local freewill covenant association with other Christians for mutual support and encouragement based on a shared national vision.

This is important because it is God’s provision to help you right now escape the negative impacts of a godless society gone mad without giving up on reaching that society for Jesus. Through the agency and provision of a stateless Christian nation, organized as a fraternal Christian society, you will walk in the blessings of a nation whose God is the Lord. And to do that, all that is needed is to understand and adhere to a common standard or freewill covenant association with other people, beginning online.

You can be part of a temporal nation whose God is the Lord. By doing so you can enjoy the temporal blessings of such a nation of people, no matter where you live, and without giving up your citizenship or your mandate to reach your neighbors for Jesus.

This nation’s virtual homeland is styled after a political state, albeit one without territory, for efficiency and ease of organization. It is called The Christian Commonwealth Of Upadaria. It is only a virtual homeland, as we do not embrace anything along the lines of a Christian political state. But the idea behind the model is to demonstrate right principles of governance and to use something with which people are familiar.

You can join the virtual homeland and as we gain members, we can begin the process of planting and nurturing the seeds of a new temporal Christian nation of people. Through the agency of this nation you and many others will be able to become less and less dependent on a godless society and more effective as witnesses for Jesus to that society.

The provision for escape from the control of this godless society is here. It is called Upadaria. And you should get involved.