The concept of an autonomous familial cohousing mission estate includes the concepts of self-sustainability technologies and living lightly on the land (AUTONOMOUS), of an extended multi-family household (FAMILIAL), of cooperative housing (COHOUSING), of living missionaly for Jesus (MISSIONARY), and of creating physical space (ESTATE) where all of these concepts can become daily practices for fulfilling God’s best for us with excellence.

A Mission Estate, such as we envision being established in locales with enough Peers to support their development, is not simply a set-aside community where Christians of a similar conviction can live together: these communities are meant to be missions and they are meant to model and impart these key concepts which society at large might profitably adopt.

One of the key concepts, “autonomy”, centers on the ideas of living lightly on the land, of separating developed land from nature’s preserve, and of the use of sustainability as a means of both prserving God’s Creation and enabling people to live more independent lives from the surrounding society with its centralized systems that exert undue control and influence over people’s daily lives.

Autonomous living is not based on living “in harmony with nature”, it is based on separating “human space” from “nature” and creating self-sustaining systems that provide for human needs with minimal impact on nature and with clear separation between that which is developed and that land which is undeveloped. The idea is to create a Land Trust which sets aside 4 acres of undeveloped land for every one acre of land placed under development and that sets aside developed land for the creation and support of these Mission Estates which would be planted all over, here and there, to be a witness among the general populace by word, deed, and example.

Autonomous living is a way of life that is simple, less stressful, preserves God’s creation, is healthy, and leads to greater freedom and independence. Autonomous living is one of the key socio-cultural convictions that characterizes the Upadarian way of life.

Even if it is a way off before we see the first “Mission Estate”, members of our Society are committed to doing whatever is possible now to pursue personal and cooperative autonomy. Members (Peers) will share and receive information about autonomous living and, beginning from virtual “Round Tables” to local “Round Tables” and “Shireholds”, make obtaining greater and greater degrees of individual and cooperative autonomy a conscious, daily goal for which they strive together.

If you are a Christian who has a heart to reach the lost, who wants to experiene authentic Christian community, and who desires to obtain the benefits of autonomous living, register for free with this site and stay tuned for more information as opportunities to turn these ideas into action are made available.

Come and explore autonomous living for Jesus!