castle backgroundAre you are pioneer or a prisoner? Are you ready to deliberately create a just and virtuous society rooted in Christian faith and doctrine, or are you such a prisoner to the current Antichrist culture that you can’t bother yourself with such things?

We are facing an entire civilization, Western Civilization, that suffers mass delusions regarding the morals and virtues needed to sustain society. While leaders assault the truth, rewrite history, and imagine they can overthrow the laws of creation to suit their own fancy, most people just don’t care. Some who might care thing there are more important meat and potato issues to worry about. Most think this whole “culture war” is over and is not worth fighting.

It is true that if you want to win elections you can’t do so while fighting to restore and extend Christian moral and civic virtue in the societies within Western Civilization. Voters care about wealth and prosperity. Whoever can give them that AND focus on selling that will win. It is a reality of our current, and dying, civilization that morals do not really matter. The public will have no others gods, or God, before the gods of materialism and profit.

knights of upadariaSo what if I told you, the remnant, the few, who recognize that morals matter, that you had a new job, that moving expenses were paid, to go to a new country founded and guided by the true freedom principles of moral and civic virtue, or personal and local independence, and of personalty and shared liberty all rooted in the Judeo-Christian moral ethic and worldview? Why, you might leap at the chance!

But, you see, America’s Pilgrim and Puritan founders didn’t have such an offer. They saw a society rejecting truth and moral virtue and they desired something different for their sons and daughters. Not being free to live out their convictions in freedom while in England, at first the Pilgrims fled to Holland where they soon discovered that their children were drawn into temptations by the equally corrupt culture there. And so they sold all they could, gathered supplies, and hired a ship, the Mayflower, to traverse the ocean. Having secured a grant in the New World to settle a “Plantation”, 53 brave souls made the journey. Only half survived over the next few years, though more came to bolster their ranks.

You see, creating a new culture is the proper response to the death of an old culture. The culture of the West is morally and spiritually dead. We can be a witness to that culture, but if we want a Christian culture for ourselves and our children it is a fool’s gamble to pin our hopes on this current culture’s revival or reform! We have to become pioneers!

So where is our New World, where is our Mayflower, and what is the new culture?

Fortunately for us, there are ways we can create our new culture where we live, starting with gathering and connecting online and creating local gatherings and free associations based on our new Christian culture and way of life. The “New World” is wherever you live and the “Mayflower” is a book called The Blue Book of Upadaria, a guide for how to implement the lifestyle and governance discipline of a stateless Christian nation right where you live, right now.

This is a ready-made alternative culture you can adopt and adapt to your life. You could of course try to explore and discover your own alternative and brand it yourself, but do you really think we have time for that? It took me over 30 years from the time God first revealed this new “nation” to me until I was truly ready to start sharing it. That’s over 30 years before I could recruit people to implement these ideals and principles within the context of a culture that transcends and is an alternative to Western Civilization’s culture.

The Blue Book of Upadaria addresses virtually every arena of life. It is based on the framework of Christian universals. It provides a concrete and practical framework for organizing your life, relationships, and associations to be part of a new nation of people who are the vanguard of a new Christian civilization. It is a Revolution Within that is transfigurative because its deepest roots and its highest yearning are the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Do you know how the culture of Western Civilization became corrupted? Worldlings created their own counter-culture that rebelled against and overthrew our old culture. If you have any hope to save the countries and nations locked in the corrupting embrace of the current culture of Western Civilization, now is the time to become a pioneer for a new CHRISTIAN counter-culture: that of a new Christian nation that is distributed globally via the internet into local multi-family “extended households” of people who embrace and live by its national covenant.

Like I said, you can choose to try and discover or explore your own cultural alternative, this one was revealed and “distilled” by God beginning in 1982 and, while some exploration and discovery will be needed by the first pioneers, it is essentially ready for use. This is what I bring forth into the world, that which God has planted in me, the seeds of a NEW Christian nation that is itself the vangard of a new Christian civilization.

I am looking for PIONEERS who are tired of being prisoners of a worldling-led dead culture, men and women of faith and courage who are ready to invest time and resources to plant a new Christian nation, first virtually and then locally, that will have “outposts” all over the world in every country.

The idea is to first learn and adopt, as much as possible, the new culture as is. Then to understand and be able to explain the concepts and principles which underlay the culture and way of life. Once this is achieved, and not before then, the idea is for the first 120 or so early pioneers to go through a process, via consensus, of confirming or modifying aspects of the “National Covenant” for this new (and stateless) nation until it is fully ratified. Thereafter all leaders will be confirmed or replaced.

Of course you could continue trying to reform the current culture of which you are a prisoner or you could start from scratch to create your own version of an alternative Christian culture. That is your choice.

To be considered in the role of one of the first 120 Founders as pioneers of our virtual colony, please email me direct: and we can talk via video on Skype.

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To establish the genesis of a new Christian society…
For “A NATION OF PEOPLE” Whose God Is The Lord

When you understand how a nation is not synonymous with a  political state….

When you grasp the blessings for a nation whose God is the Lord…..

When you realize you can choose to be part of such a nation wherever you live, right now….


That being part of an intentional VIRTUAL CHRISTIAN NATION could dramatically change your life in powerful ways!

This nation was predestined by God to emerge in our lifetime as the vanguard for a new Christian civilization!

It is not a political state.
You don’t even have to join an organization- you only have to learn and adopt a Christian governing philosophy as a lifestyle and governance discipline you apply to your life and relationships.

Politics, armies, and traditional religious organizations are not the solution, because the problem is a heart and soul problem and it relates to nations as people, not political, military, and religious hierarchies. It takes nations to show nations how to make the Lord their God: and that is not anything political.

Explore and register for free at to learn more. If you register there then, when a book I have written to explain all of this is published, it will be available to your for free as an eBook. Even if you don’t join any organization, if you apply what’s in that book to your life and relationships you will begin a sort of “Revolution Within” that aligns your life with spiritual truth and empowers you to find and pursue God’s best for your life.

You see, adopting a nation is about your worldview, your lifestyle, and your life-goals. It is your personal and real culture and the standards by which you live. You can choose to adopt a Christian nation, starting with your eternal Christian nationhood, and yet remain an effective witness for God to the political state and the nations of people around you.

You can also choose to become a pioneer and support the genesis of a Christian society that will promote and promulgate the seeds of this new Christian “nation of people”- a nation not defined by border, boundaries, race, or denomination.

Go to and register for free….now.