upadaria social media buttonThe Christian web community of Upadaria is a virtual Christian safe haven meant to empower Christians to find and fulfill God’s best for their lives. We use and follow the UPDR Ideals for a new Christian civilization and the concept of a nation of people whose God is the Lord to impart the standards and principles for success in fulfilling God’s best for our lives.

Through the framework and structure of something sort of life a non-territorial state, modeled on a fictional “country” distributed around the world as a commonwealth of individual political bodies and city-states, and a national people whose core values guide those states, Upadaria (as a virtual community for Christians) is, all at once, a learning and exploration community, a place for collaboration and connection among Christians, and a virtual to local gathering place to help promote Christian community.

houses_M1H6_8t_As such, the Upadaria is a virtual Christian community created by the Upadarian Society of America. The Upadarian Society of America is dedicated to spreading the concepts and practices of a Christian governing philosophy as a governance and lifestyle discipline, of reaching the nations for Jesus, and of giving rise to a coming new “nation of people whose God is the Lord” based on a restoration of Christian marriage, family, extended family, and community.

Through participation, users will learn the fundamentals of what it means to be a nation of people whose God is the Lord, what a just and equitable political state based on Christian virtues might look like, and what it means to restore the neglected Christian institutions of marriage, the family, the extended family, and Christian community as a spiritual city-state.