The Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria was a distributed Christian national state I envisioned in 1982 and described through a set of fictive future histories. This national state was a regal confederal union that included The Upadarian Commonwealth of America, the the Upadarian Crown Confederal Union (in Europe), 17 member Kingdoms, and dozens of city-states attached to the member Kingdoms. Within the UCCU the rebirth of a Prussian Kingdom and of the Bavarian Kingdom represented a remnant of the German population.

When I envisioned this I never thought the exact locations of parts of this national state or its territory were important: I believed that I had seen a new kind of Christian national state, one distributed in spots all over the world, with its own form of governing philosophy as a lifestyle and governance discipline. (I didn’t use this language as a 13 year old writing this stuff, but that is what I saw.)

I eventually abandoned the notion that a Christian national state crusading for the rights of Christians around the world was possible because I adopted a set of theological assumptions, including dispensationalism.

Having been liberated from those false doctrines, as I see them, I have had recourse to the more original understanding of Upadaria as envisioning a future Christian national state, and a broader nation of people bigger than the state, which would rise on the ashes of the collapse of Western Civilization.

I am not so crazy as to believe that the creation of such a state is right around the corner, and I am just as convinced that I should actively work against the collapse of my own country, America, but with a focus on instilling the ideals of America as a union of popular and democratic republic by which America as a country could be a “upadarian commonwealth” as envisioned but only including all of the US, not a remnant.

Upadaria is a nation-building vision. Those who call it “utopian” or “world building” do not understand two things: I am drawn to this vision because God showed it to me AND there is no attempt or desire to create anything approaching perfection.

This firm inner conviction that Upadaria is a real thing in God’s eyes, yet to be made physical on this earth, has never left me. Indeed, in 2013 God showed me clearly that to escape the possible coming collapse in the West I would need to “go to Upadaria.” (At the time this confused me because I was still focused on Upadaria as an idea and a metaphor, not a place, and have repeatedly said it is not a place based on my theological assumptions.)

But just as with my vision, people will go to PLACES which are connected sovereignly to “Upadaria”: Upadaria is not one place, but every place that is going to be connected to that nation’s dispersed “homeland” with parts planted here and there all over the world.

Obviously, I am neither going to be disloyal to America (which I love) nor run out, plant a flag, and declare my independence. My aim would be to gather people around the idea (which God shows people to be real and legitimate) that one day Upadaria will exist. And these “founding fathers and mothers” will build the spriritual, social, cultural, and economic structures using the legal forms of Societies and the conceptual form of a virtual non-territorial state which can imitate the future physical entity in cyberspace. It may be that it will take generations before God supernaturally aligns events and opportunities to make the creation of this Christian national state, supported by a much larger nation of people, a living and breathing physical reality.

But one day such a Christian nation and Christian national state will exist, should the Lord tarry, to help millions of Christians find shelter and refuge and to be a light to the nations during a coming time of troubles. It is this simple statement, that Upadaria will be a national people with, eventually, a dispersed national homeland under its own state and states, that I have resisted and that, really, many Christians have a hard time digesting.

What I prefer is that Upadaria emerges as a commonwealth of states which adopt the upadarian philosophy as their governance discipline, that they will welcome both Upadarian nationals (people who adopt the upadarian lifestyle discipline) and Christians (and all freedom seekers), and that they emerge in a peaceful process of willful acceptance of these ideas which prevents the chaos and upheavel I envisioned in 1982 from ever happening. I could see American, German, and West African states taking the collective lead in adopting these ideals and creating such a globally distributed commonwealth.

The national People will emerge as Christians adopt the governing philosophy of upadarianism as a lifestyle and governance discipline and by making covenant to adopt the upadarian model for family and community as an alternative to that of modern Western Civilization. While I believe other Christian Peoples will emerge, including the Prussians (whom I have seen), I cannot say much about them.

Yes, lots of things within Upadaria will be different than what exists today, but they may not come all at once, and they are not meant to undermine, invalidate, or reform what exists. For instance, if what I saw is accurate, Upadarian families will be bigger and more extended than the nuclear family, though the husband and wife with children is the basic unit of these families. Upadarians won’t do church like is done today- their congregations will look more like fraternal socieities and communities, albeit missionary communities, than religious clubs centered on a building, services, and clergy. Neither of these things is an effort to undermine or replace what exists, because what exists is a socio-cultural system rooted in Western Civilization and its nations, Upadaria is not in that camp and so has a different socio-cultural system.

I speak of Upadaria as if it exists. It does. I have seen it and felt it and know it as if I was in it. Not all my “memories” are perfect, I’ve been going through a process of clarification through prayer and study, to remember lost things and correct things I misunderstood. For instance, the Upadarian “household” almost feels like a place I left and deeply miss. I believe as people read about the “fictional” Upadaria they’ll be shown the “real” Upadaria and that will compell them to invest themselves in this effort.

There are some who have seen Upadaria as being both less a physical reality (now or in the future) but also as representative of the emergence of a global consensus and consciousness of the unity of the whole Body of Christ as citizens of the Kingdom of God and members of a universal Christian nation. Their counsel has been that if Upadaria is “only” a vision of a specific nation and/or national state that it cannot represent this broader vision, e.g. of “upadarianism” as the unifying governing philosophy for the Kingdom era.

It seems logical that if Upadaria is “branded” a “nation” it cannot represent upadarianism as a governing philosophy of the Kingdom of God being made real among us. But I just don’t agree that it is an either-or thing, for starters, and, secondly, the only real question for me is “what is God’s intention?” I think people will make of upadarianism and Upadaria what they will, in fact even in 1982 I sensed that many more people would use upadarianism than would claim to be part of Upadaria as a nation of People and even fewer would actually live in and be citizens of a upadarian state.

So upadarianism as a governing philosophy is broader than a Upadarian national People, and this national People is broader than any upadarian states which, by the way, while “upadarian”, would not include ONLY members of the Upadarian national People. So, some might argue that upadarianism cannot be considered universal in its potential use if a Upadarian national people exists. Some will argue a stateless national People cannot exist if upadarian states exist. I know, I have had these arguments in my head many times!

But for me it has come down to this: I will show YOU what I saw. If you see upadarianism as a governing philosophy use it as such. If you see Upadaria as a new Christian national people with its own unique way of applying upadarianism as a national governance and lifestyle discipline, pursue that. If you see Upadaria as a future national homeland dispersed around the world and governed by upadarian states in a global commonwealth, then pursue that. Or pursue them all.

Upadarianism is a unitary Christian governing philosophy that points to a coming new Christian civilization rooted in a larger and deeper understanding some refer to as the Kingdom era, based on the UPDR ideals and derived principles and practices. This is the deepest, broadest, and most long-term manifestation of the Upadarian vision for the whole Body of Christ and the whole world which will outlast the national people called Upadarians and any upadarian states.

The Upadarian Society will be a global organization that will represent the Upadarian national people as a stateless and global dispersed nation of people whose God is the Lord who are formally organized based on a shared national covenant that defines a new way of life they can pursue in the midst of their own physical communities.

The Christian Commonwealth of Upadaria (CCU) will be a virtual “version” of the future Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria, which will be a global commonwealth of upadarian states that govern parts of the distributed Upadarian national homeland whose boundaries will be established by God. I should add: I believe that my own country (the 50 states and the territories of America), Germany, Liberia, Ghana, Biafra, Equatorial Guinea, Suriname, Belize, Cape Province in South Africa, northern Lebanon, Hainan Island, Kawthoolei (in Burma), and Prussia (a new Prussian Kingdom) could adopt the UPDR governance model and upadarianism and thereby become members of this future commonwealth.

If these nations and states reject the call to adopt this system, then the process of God raising up this new Christian civilization will look like the upheavels I saw in 1982.

But I leave the results to God and do not consider myself to be infallible. If I show you the thing I saw, I start with the Upadarian Empire in Europe (the Upadarian Crown Confderal Union), the Upadarian Commonwealth of America, and Crown Commonwealth of Upadaria through a future fictive history. Then I show you the Upadarian Nation as a larger globally dispersed and stateless nation of people whose God is the Lord with their own unique way of life. Finally, I show you the deeper, broader, and more universal upadarian philosophy which points to a coming new Christian civilization rooted in the UPDR ideals and looking toward the emergence of a new Christian era called the Kingdom era.

It will be up to you to “run” with that vision.