But you can only do it with other people…

It is almost certain that if you are a Christian who adheres the moral and theological Christian orthodoxy that you are totally turned off by the state of affairs in most of Western Civilization. Indeed,  if you are not alarmed and offended at the sad state of affairs that prevails then it is reasonable to question the depth and sincerity of your confession.  Put more bluntly, true Christ followers must be alarmed at  and want no connection with, the current culture that prevails throughout Western Civilization today.

The NATIONS of people in their societies and homelands within Western Civilization are almost wholly following doctrines and practices that are in opposition to the ancient and eternal truths of Christian orthodoxy. The Lord is not their God but, rather, they have chosen other false gods and they have betrayed the God of their own ancestors. Neither the nations nor the kingdoms (states) of Western Civilization are blessed and nor can they expect much more from God than to be corrected,  chastised, or even destroyed due to their sinful ways.

Not only does the West fail to punish the evildoers, for instance,  but the nations and kingdoms of the West positively protect and applaud their behavior against all scrutiny and criticism. 

But the Bible says that blessed is optional nation whose God is the Lord. One can fairly assume that the blessings that come to nations whose God is the Lord are exclusove to those nations. As we have noted often here, national blessings are as unique as marital blessings and do not come to the unmarried. The arguments that national blessings come to all Christians because we are part of soiritrial Israel are true, after a fashion, in the same eternal sense of the marriage of Christian to the Bride, which is the Body of Christ. But we are talking about temporal nations and therefore the blessings of temporal nations which always and only apply to temporal nations of people whose God is the Lord.

Herein lies the rub. National blessings fall to people who are part of a nation whose God is the Lord. Even if you are a Christian and therefore under the eternal blessings of God, come what may in this life, you cannot gain possession of national blessings of a temporal nature if you are not part of a temporal nation of people whose God is the Lord. This is true exactly as it is true that unless your temporal marriage is centered on Christ you will not enjoy the blessings of such a marriage though you enjoy the eternal blessings of your marriage to Christ.

To be totally clear: the eternal national blessings of being part of spiritual Israel under the government of the Kingdom of God are no more the same as temporal national blessings for nations on this earth than the eternal marital blessings of being married to Christ are the same as having an earthly marriage centered on Christ. The eternal blessings supercede and are far more glorious than the temporal blessings BUT THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING. We should never put the temporal on equal footing with the eternal but neither should we deny ourselves the temporal if it is within our power to obtain those blessings.